Sunday, 31 July 2016

Black Library Newsletter

A Black Library Newsletter looking back at July's book releases...

The Beast Must Die
by Gav Thorpe

– Book 8 of The Beast Arises –

A united Imperium takes the fight to the orks on their own home world. With the biggest army since the Horus Heresy and a primarch, how can they lose?
Hardback | eBook | MP3 audiobook

Mortarch of Night
by Josh Reynolds & David Guymer

– Book 9 of the Realmgate Wars –

The Hallowed Knights seek the Lord of Death, but find an untrustworthy ally who will haunt their future…
Hardback | eBook

Lord of Undeath
by C L Werner

– Book 10 of the Realmgate Wars –

Sigmar's Stormhosts make a last ditch attempt to recruit Nagash to their cause. But can they trust the God of Death?
Hardback | eBook

The Either
by Graham McNeill

– A Horus Heresy audio drama –

The Sons of Horus hunt the infamous loyalist warleader Shadrak Meduson

CD | MP3
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