Wednesday, 13 July 2016

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Well...I do like card games...

First Demos of Shadow Games at Gen Con

We'll be demoing our new Card Game 'Shadow Games' at Gen Con 2016. Come to Booth 3025 to be the first to try it!!

Tickets are limited so get yours today!

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In Shadow Games you play the role of a guild official trying to obtain the talents of a star player for your team. Other guild officials have also latched onto this plan and intend to lie, bribe and steal their way to obtaining this amazing player too.

You start the game with a small amount of Favour; one with the Guilds, the Union and the Team itself. You are then dealt two cards and the game begins.
Cards can represent one of two things; either a Plot or an Agent. During your turn you play a Plot (if you have one) and then an Agent. 

When played, Plots generally improve your plans or change your opponents whilst Agents are the cards that deliver results. Agents can either generate or steal more Favour (usually from the other guild officials). Once a guild official has gathered [5] Favour of any one type (Guild, Union, or Team) then they have enough to secure the star player and they win the game.
Of course its not this simple, the political landscape in the Empire of Free Cities is very much one of lies and deceit. During your turn, you don't need the actual card you are claiming to  play...just nerves of steel and a good poker face. Beware, the guild official caught in a lie or a bluff will lose a great deal of Favour but the rewards of a successful bluff are vast. Each card has a Bluff Bonus which you gain in addition the stated card's benefits if no-one challenges your lie.

Shadow Games is a game of bluffing and counter-bluffing; full of trickery, lies and deceit. Only the courageous will survive and thrive.
Excited? We are!

Visit us at Booth 3025 at Gen Con and experience Shadow Games.

Time is running out! Tickets available here:
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