Monday, 4 July 2016

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some new releases and other news from Hasslefree Miniatures...

A Small Follow up and Reminder
Well the UK economy still teeters halfway down a cliff, and our international fans have been having a field day with it :)

As we had a few new images to pop out, thought we'd remind you of some stuff, throw in a new Kickstarter tease and pimp a friend's KS to!

Before the reminder about the whole Brexit thing we have a lil freebie announcement!
Merry July 4th!
July the 4th is the day that Americans weirdly celebrate the French winning one of the many, many battles in their 1000yr game of 'Tug of Very Real War' with the UK. We don't ask them why, they seem happy so we just let them carry on with it ;)

To help celebrate then 'everyone' who makes an order between now and around midday on July 5th (When it stops being July the 4th in some wid timezone somewhere) will get a free 'Statue of Libby'* figure!

Painted version above by Matt 'Solid 7' Lucas :D
I wonder if he'll read this.

Right, on with the Brexit disaster reminders!
For our Foreign Customers...
With the current crash of the British Pound, our exports are currently cheaper than they have been in quite some time (pretty much ever). No idea how long it'll last, could be months or years or could start going back up tomorrow.

(At time of writing the above info is wrong, as the pound has fallen further, making our basic price point around $5.50 in the US, plus 10-20c for card/paypal messing about. Bonkers prices! And remember the exchange rate works on postage too!) 

Either way, enjoy! :)
For our British Customers
So what are we gonna do for you guys eh? :)
Well, for the next week, every order from a UK based customer that isover £50*, will include a random free mini.
*That's £50 after VAT but before postage.
We'll see how things are going next week again, we can't do it forever but something to ease the pain a little at least :)
For Red Box Fans
Unfortunately, in a reverse of the above, unless a miracle happens and the pound hits some kind of hidden trampoline, then the next restock from the US-based Red Box Games will have to come with a price rise, and probably a significant one.

We are now working on a way around this for further down the line but that's the truth of it for the moment.

However we thought we'd give you fair warning and we won't be raising the prices 'until' we arrange that restock so if you were interested in anything we still have in stock (Some people already worked this out for themselves so we're out of a few things) then now would be the time to grab it!

(To a lesser extent it may happen with Gamezone too but as we're still behind on the images of those we aren't making any decisions until we've filled those empty pic spots)
Resin Master - Smith Skyclad
Smith Skyclad is another of Kev's finished male dollies, a couple of mm taller than Colt Skyclad he represents the norm for our taller males.
Resin Master - Sgt. Quirion
As Kev only has one pair of hands we have commissioned a new sculptor to help expand our Sci-Fi and Zombie/Mutant lines.

This is the first of those commissions, we think it holds up to Kev's work very favourably and will be going ahead with the expansion :)

This is Sgt. Quirion, a squad commander of the One-oh-Nine. This is more of a test piece to check for size and compatibility. Future minis will be more action-oriented and will also include some females and special weapons.

(We were told off on Facebook for making it look odd by using the angle of photography so we're trying again with a darker resin example and a slightly lower camera angle)
Kickstarter Tease!
Well we're coming up to our first toedip into the waters of the giant mysterious Kickstarter waters.

But don't worry, we don't have huge juggernaut plans to take over the world. Just a small, themed, Kickstarter that we'd like to know interest in before it taking over Kev's sculpting time for months.

The images above each represent a few small sets of miniatures, themed around a particular clothing type (or lack thereof) and based on the work of a particular artist.

That's all ya get for now, follow our FB page for more updates and make sure to catch next week's newsletter!.

(Yes, I know we altered the image! Duh! ;) )
Share the Love - Dark Dwarves
Here's another Kickstarter from our friends at Macrocosm.

For those of you wondering where some of our fantasy miniatures went, well here's your first clue :)

Macrocosm aproached us with a great idea for expanding some of our oldhammer miniatures and it was something we'd always planned on doing but never had the time or manpower to get around ot. So, we let Macrocosm run with the ball and they have ourdone themselves.

A huge selection of Dark Dwarves for all you oldhammer fans out there. They've already funded and are onto stretch goals, if you do happen to pledge for something, feel free to say Allo from HF in the comments. We always like to see some feedback from our Share the Love segments :)
And Finally...
Up to my neck in image work right now. For the website, for the Kickstarter, for everything! :)

Time to get some rest and get back into it. oh, and 'Sing Street' is a fantastic movie, if it shows up at some small cinema near you I highly recommend it.

'til next time,


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