Tuesday, 12 July 2016

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Tuesday 12/07/16

Try this one on for size, you big hippie! 

Over the last few months, we at River Horse have had a lot of fun talking with Labyrinth fans, promoting our new board game and generally geeking out. One thing that we have heard from all sides whenever someone sees Johnny Fraser Allen's awesome 3 ups (larger versions) of our playing pieces is the phrase "I really really want that!" and once Labyrinth fans decide they want something, Labyrinth fans get something.

That's right, River Horse are now looking at production options for the Jumbo playing pieces so that you can collect all of the team in 3 times the size of the original pieces, perfect for playing the Labyrinth board game (available for pre-order here) and collecting and painting to show off on a mantlepiece.
The Hunt for Red October continues as River horse's new board game undergoes development. Thanks to John's Toy Soldiers for the sneak peek!
Who's this Pony? Find out more on our Tails of Equestria facebook page!
Join the Hunger games board game page hereto join in the discussions and get the latest Hunger Games news.
Completed the Terminator Genisys scenarios in the starter rulebook? Then check outmission six, Power Up, out on the web for the first time!
Terminator Tournament at the Black Dragon in Hinkley. 500 points, beginners are welcome, mercy is not!
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