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Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Lots of new releases from Hasslefree Miniatures...

Summer Slumpbuster!
Alright, as per usual I will head up the newsletter with whatever's wrong, get that out of the way, so we can wash it away with the ridiculous amount of awesome we have this week :)
I have been at half speed, at best, for a while now due to an ongoing throat condition. It is affecting emails the most as they are primarily my domain. To add to my woes I attempted to go on a nice walk with Jenn for her bday las week, on the way to the walk I cracked a tooth and my filling fell out. Completely distracted by trying not to let the pain in my jaw ruin the day I managed to only remember that sunscreen might be a good idea, about an hr onto a coastal trail under a clear blue sky with a big yellow ball in the middle. So I also badly burned myself.

If I still had homework it would be firmly in the dog's stomach about now! I am a total mess :)

Right, on with the good stuff. We have a 'lot' of releases this week, time to break the back of the hottest month and get back on with things. Lots of nudity in the resin section followed by some of our most requested miniatures making it to metal.

First up, let's start with a random one...
Resin Master - Daev
Daev Arnor, ex-Prime of the High Legion, current nomadic adventurer. After leaving the Legion due to a small .. disagreement with a superior, Daev has since embarked on a fast moving adventurers life. The fact that he still wears his old armour and carries a Legion sword however indicates he hasn't quite put his old life behind him.

Right, prepare yourself for star overload!
Resin Master - Unnamed Concubine
We're running another naming contest over on our FB page. This is our fourth 'concubine' figure, so she needs a name as we're slowly trying to remove all (b), (c) type naming :)

She has been put up for sale in the meantime though, so don't think you have to wait ;)
Resin Master - Langley
We have a bunch of finished dollies, Langley here is the first of this particular bunch.

You'll see what they are for soon enough, although most of you can probably guess by now :)
Resin Master - Amara
Amara is the second of this new bunch.
Resin Master - Sabine
Sabine is the third of this batch of nudity :)

No idea what she's pointing at.
Resin Master - Leilani
Leilani makes 4.
Resin Master - Shayla
Aaaaaand Shayla is number five!
Resin Master - Naomi
And the final one of this batch of finished dollies is Naomi :)

Not done with the starsyet though!
Resin Master - Male Orc Skyclad
Not content with all the human nudity, Kev also did some anatomy practise for Orcs (or maybe half orcs), we're just calling him 'Male Orc Skyclad' for now until Kev has decided what to do with him, and also...
Resin Master - Female Orc Skyclad
.. this one. Again, just Female Orc Skyclad for now. 
Resin Master - Contentment Skyclad
Same as the guys above, just a temporary name (unless it sticks) for now until Kev gets the rest of the vision outof his brain :)
Resin Masters - Mystic Kids
To fix the, regularly out of stock, Mystic Warrior Family Pack we have now had all of them remoulded as resin masters.

You can already get LibbyKev and Panda, so now you can also get....

Top Left - MW Jen
Top Right - MW Kieran
Bottom Left - MW Meg
Bottom Right - MW Luke
Ace, MT Minigunner
'Ace' is the heavy backup bad boy for the Modern Troopers.  He's the oldest of the group, by some way, but that doesn't slow him down.
He carries a heavily modified (by himself) M134 minigun and is never seen without his Aussie style boonie hat.
Rowen, Merc with a Quiff
Rowen is another of our modern assassin/spies. An on/off frenemy ofEkaterina, they work in the same mercenary circles and regularly find themselves on both equal and opposite sides of a job. Works regularly with an eccentric merc who goes by the name of Ryan.

Armed here with twin MP5Ks and a small arsenal of other weapons and gadgets and sporting her trademark 'quiff'.
Iona Starkiller, Sleiti Survivor
An outcast from her people, Iona is both a powerful psychic and accomplished hand to hand fighter. She comes with a choice of an electro-sword or electro-spear an is seen here in the middle of harnessing her psionic abilities.
Cpt. Nee Sun, Galactic Symbol
Captain Mila Nee Sun of the 58th is one of the few non-Terrans in the squad. Born in a human-colonised outlying world she joined the Galactic Navy following a Druuschan attack on her planet. Rising quickly through the ranks she has become something of a poster girl for non-Terran recruitment. Sporting a half-shaved head and seen here in the standard 'Lobo' class powered armour and carrying a KW10DU/F  'Shard' Assault Rifle.
Dynamic Boudi, Icenian Heroine
Queen Boudi of the Iceni, seen here charging into battle with her trusty spear.

A dynamic variant of the original Boudi, a miniature made for the Diceni trade show from original artwork by Matt Dixon.
Dynamic Boudi, Skyclad
Queen Boudi of the Iceni, seen here naked as the day she was bornbut charging into battle with her trusted spear anyway.

A variant of the original Boudi, based on artwork by Matt Dixon for the Diceni trade show.
Red Box Restock
So, Good News and Bad News.

The Good News is we've had a Red Box restock at last, the bad news is that, as previously mentioned at length, the Brexit related pound crash means that US imports are now significantly more expensive, which means single figures have taken a price increase. Where possible with multipacks and larger figures (plus some of the smaller ones) we have tried to maintain the price as best we can.
Crowbiter, Goblin Boneback Shaman
Long thought lost, Crowbiter is a Boneback Shaman. Bulkier than the regular RBG goblins, the Bonebacks normally rely on brute force but sometimes one finds an affinity for the Magicks.
Goblin Bonebacks (c)
We have resurrected some long lost Boneback reinforcements as well as Crowbiter.

The 2 with the clubs are single piece, the other 2 have separate weapons.

Height 20-25mm
Restock - CDA Paints
Big Coat D'Arms paint restock is in, I believe we are now only missing 3 colours (Next restock shoudl see us fully stocked again :) )
Restock - Etched Brass
Our Etched Brass Foliage section has been restocked, thearchitectural section is en route :)
Kickstarter Tease!
Behold the glory! :)

We're finally alomst there, behind the scenes we've hit some completly unavoidable snags but we are back on itnow.
And Finally...
The pound is stil in the toilet, so it's still prime buying time for you Yanks, Aussies and pretty much anyone outside of the UK!

You may notice some pre-order minis around the website, they are en route from the casters and expected this week but as I know it really annoys some of you to have new releases but have to wait to purchase we have put the stock in early ;)

I am now absolutely knackered so there is no more 'and finally', I would only typo it so badly you'd need an Enigma machine to understand what the hell I'm wibbling about, so
'til next time,

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