Sunday, 7 August 2016

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Not long left now if you were waiting to see what got unlocked before pledging...

12 Hour Warning
With just 12 hours to go, we are spending the final moments of the DreadBall 2 Kickstarter hunting down our backer goal and a new team...

Elmer and Dobs - now going into pledges of Jack, Striker and MVP

We need a little over 100 backers to unlock Elmer and Dobs – a Kickstarter Exclusive Commentary Team and Event Card Holder.
Elmer and Dobs
This characterful model will be included free in Striker and MVP. The Jack pledge needs a little love too, so we'll now include Elmer and Dobs in Jack if we beat the backer goal too.

The Jack pledge level - $45 (approximately £35 or €41) is designed especially for existing players who want the essentials to upgrade their existing games. It contains:
  • Core Rulebook (MSRP $25)
  • Team Guide (MSRP $25)
  • FREE 2nd Edition Card Deck
  • FREE Hard plastic Counter Set: 5 Home, 5 Visitor, 1 Special, 1 Eye in the Sky Rush Track Marker, 1 'The Embers' Score Track Marker (MSRP $15)
  • FREE RefBot MKII (MSRP $11)
  • FREE Balls
  • FREE Digital Core Rulebook and Team Guide
Jack is just one of our great-value pledge levels - check out the project page here to find out more.

New Team

It's not just Elmer and Dobs we're chasing down today as we've got a new team of cyborgs to catch: The New Eden Revenants.
Coach Abominava, a biochemist with outstanding arrest warrants for ‘unconscionable biological experimentation’, has been stealing the corpses of Dreadball players for years, re-invigorating the tissue and synapses, and ‘improving’ the bodies until he has a team of players only seen in the Hall of Fame. This is, of course, against numerous laws, but in the GCPS laws are often written by the victor, and so far the Revenants have not lost a game…
The New Eden Revenants are a mixed team of cybernetically reanimated DreadBall players, and a team ($30 MSRP) of 10 players plus 2 prone markers will be included in Striker and MVP when we break $200,000, in addition to their captain at $180K.

With your help we'll be able to get these locked in before the campaign closes!

Final 12 Hours

Note that there will be no late pledging, so if you want to snap up a pledge level or get in on the Pledgemanager (just pledge $1 on the No Reward option), you must do so now - the campaign closes at midnight BST TONIGHT!

And finally…

With the end of DreadBall in sight, normal service will resume next week. We will have more on the release of the Warpath Universe sets and The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game comes to the Mantic Website too.

Thank you!
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