Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Mantic Games Newsletter

Some GenCon 2016 and Dreadball 2 news from Mantic Games...

Get a Free Walker at Gen Con
Hey Guys, we hoped you could share the stories below for us please.

Gen Con is the largest event in the Tabletop Gaming Calendar and this year, the Mantic stand won't disappoint, with the reveal of one of our most anticipated games ever - The Walking Dead: All Out War!
We'll be running exclusive demos of the game and anyone who swings by the stand can get their own Plastic Walker figure, completely free! These are strictly limited in quantity, so spread the word so that anyone who wants one has time to make it to Gen Con Stand 833 and claim theirs!

If all of this isn't enough, we'll also have loads of great games and models on the stand, including all of the new releases for Deadzone and Kings of War available to pick up!Get all the details here.
Final Days of DreadBall
There's only six days left on the DreadBall 2nd Edition Kickstarter. Normal programming will resume next week, but for now, we want to push this as much as we can!

1) There's a new Pledge Level - Most Valuable Player ($160) - that includes everything new for second edition. That's over $200 worth of goodies (at an already substantial Kickstarter discount) and a massive 50% off MSRP.

Check out the full contents here.
2) We've completely funded a third new team - the Sci-Fi Sumo Matsudan!
With both the core team and subs unlocked, these hulking players are ready to be unleashed on the DreadBall pitch. They're the third new team after the Draconis All-Stars and Ninth Moon Tree-Sharks. These are included free in Striker and MVP and there's also a Kickstarter Exclusive Captain on the way.
3) There are two Backer goals running. At 1,500 backers (43 to go!) the Yndij will be expanded with new players and prones. At 1,750 backers, we'll unlock the commentator's stand/Event Card holder (below) - my favourite model!
With awesome pledge levels, amazing teams and more on the way, we want to make this last week of the Kicskstarter spectacular. Please, spread the word, get people involved and enjoy DreadBall!

The Kickstarter campaign is now on and finishes midnight BST 7th August.
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