Monday, 22 August 2016

Marvel Universe Miniatures Game - Nightcrawler

Knight Models are continuing to expand the range of miniatures for both their Batman Miniatures Game and their Marvel Universe Miniatures Game and after my recent acquisition of their X-Men Starter Set I decided to expand my options with a few more members of the X-Men/Mutants faction...

Nightcrawler - Blister and Insert
The individual models come in blister packs which also contain the models stat card.

Nightcrawler - Stat Card
I've taken a picture of the stat card so you can see the quality and overall look as well as including a picture of the official version downloaded from the Knight Models website in case any of the info is obscured on the card version.

Nightcrawler is affiliated with the 'X-Men/Mutant' faction and is a  'Hero'.
All of the current Knight Models 30mm based range come with a textured base. These bases are all identical so if you're looking for some variety then you may want to remove the tab from the models base and attach it to something else.

Nightcrawler - Unassembled
Here's pictures of both sides of the unassembled model.

Nightcrawler - Assembled
This model has a number of challenges. The two main body halves were not a great fit so required a fair bit of filing and a tiny bit of filling and subsequently that made aligning the left arm with both the body and the base a bit of a pain. The tail is also quite flexible so may require bending back into shape though on the bright side this does mean you can bend it in a different way if you feel the need. The model will also need some mould lines removing and this can be simply done with either a sharp blade or a decent file though be careful not to remove any detail while doing so.

Given the pose I had to raise this up slightly in order to photograph the detail. This also made the multi-angle picture further down a bit jump...sorry about that...

Nightcrawler - Other Views
Here's an alternate view of the model including a multiple angle view.

Nightcrawler - Comic Outfits
If you happen to be looking for colour scheme inspiration then Kurt Wagner has had a fair few outfit changes for you to pick from...

Should you be interested in this set or any other models from the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game factions then this page here will let you know what models are available for each faction.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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