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Ronnie's Mantic Takeover!
An important announcement from the Mantic Bunker...
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New Tasters!
Packed with models from across our ranges these taster boxes are designed to give you a few models from every army - perfect for small scale games, Mantic Fanatics and those new to Mantic!
The Fantasy Taster has something from every Kings of War army from Forces of the Abyss to the Empire of Dust as well as LOKA, Dungeon Saga and more...
The Sci-Fi Taster takes models from accross all of our Sci-Fi ranges, including brand new Hard plastics like the Veer-Myn, Enforcer Pathfinders and Forge Father Steel Warriors!

Enter the Warpath Universe

As we prepare for the release of Wapath, we've started selling individual units - usable in games of of both Warpath and Deadzone or any Sci-Fi Miniatures game!
The Forge Father Steel Warriors are the heavily armoured line troops of the Star Realm's armies. Equipped with Hailstorm Rifles and able to mount heavy weapons, they can to take on any foe.
Vicious and cruel, the Veer-Myn Night Crawlers make up for their lack of skill and strength with sheer numbers. Their weapons are fuelled by noxious chemicals, melting flesh and dooming their victims to an agonising death.
The enigmatic Asterians enter battlezones and fight for their own mysterious motives, deploying in sophisticated bio-mechanical contructs to avoid harm. Find out more about them in the Warpath Asterians Dossier.
The Enforcers are humanity's greatest warriors - or their opressors. Enhanced well beyond the abilities of humans they ensure that the Coucil's will is law. Find out more about them in the WarpathEnforcers Dossier.

Empire of Dust Painting Competition

To celebate the release of the Empire of Dust for Kings of War, we're running a painting competition!
Paint one of the four Empire of Dust heroes released this month. Our favourite will with £50/ $80/€80 of credit for the webstore! The deadline for submissions is Friday 30th September.
In order to enter, email You will receive a reply with your entry number, which must be displayed clearly in any images you post – such as on a slip of paper next to the model
You must send at least one WIP image and one final image before the deadline. All entries will be featured on the Mantic Blog during and after the competition.

Good Luck!
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