Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Mantic Games Newsletter

A unsurprisingly Dreadball 2 Kickstarter themed newsletter from Mantic Games...

6 Days Left of DreadBall
As the title suggests, there isn’t long left of the DreadBall mini-kickstarter. We’ve long since achieved our goal of funding the new edition of the game and for the last few days it’s all about unlocking freebies to make those pledge levels super sweet value – and with the progress we’ve made over the weekend they are looking great!
There are three ways to get involved with the DreadBall Kickstarter, including our new Most Valuable Player level – a silly deal at a silly price:
MVP ($160)
Get all of the new stuff for DreadBall, including:
- DreadBall core game
- Ultimate Expansion
- DreadBall Team Guide
- FREE Bonus Robot and Yndij players
- FREE Matsudan Team
- Deluxe Ultimate Pitch
- Dice and Shaker Set
- FREE Azure Forest 2 Expansion, with deluxe standard pitch
- FREE Decal Sheets
All-in-all, you save $40 off Kickstarter prices, and a massive 50% off MSRP – with all stretch goals getting added to it!
STRIKER ($100)
JACK ($45)
New to DreadBall or an existing player looking to get the revised rules and new teams? Striker includes 3 teams and everything you need to play DreadBall and it’s multiplayer expansion, DreadBall Ultimate.
Are you an existing DreadBall player looking to get the essentials to upgrade to 2nd Edition? Then Jack is for you. It includes the revised Rulebook and Team Guide, all the rules, stats and background you need, plus the updated card deck and the plastic counter set.
There are just 6 days remaining of DreadBall on Kickstarter. Please pledge your support here - the campaign ends midnight August 7.

Catch up with all the latest DreadBall News!

DreadBall on Board Game Geek
Help promote the game by taking a moment to visit the DreadBall page on Board Game Geek. Your visit will help boost the game's "hotness" and hopefully, we'll get some new eyes and new pledges for this awesome game. Thanks!
DreadBall Rules Sneak Peak
Being given the task of working on the Galaxy’s Greatest Sport is a privilege and a responsibility, and one that every member of the Rules Committee takes seriously.
Here is a sneak peek at the changes and tweaks you can expect in DreadBall V2.0
Your Guide to DreadBall Teams
Don’t know the difference between a Mutant and a Mechanite? Unsure whether it’s culturally insensitive to call a Forge Father a Dwarf? Are all Zees really actually named “Zee”? Fret not! This quick spotter’s guideto all known DreadBall teams is here to help you get on your feet!
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