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Hawk Wargames Newsletter

Some Dropzone and Dropfleet commander news from Hawk Wargames...

Newsletter #43 - 05/08/2016
Welcome to the Hawk Wargames Newsletter
1) Gen Con 2016
We’re excited to once again be attending Gen Con this year, this week and weekend in fact, and are looking forward to showing off all our new work and up-coming releases. There will be members of the Hawk Wargames Team on hand to answer questions about Reconquest: Phase 2, our new releases, and Dropfleet Commander. Gen Con 2016 runs from Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th August in Indianapolis, Indiana, and we look forward to seeing you there!
We are located at Stand 2113. Click here for a Gen Con 2016 Map >
2) Reconquest: Phase 2
We will have our brand new rulebook, Reconquest: Phase 2 available at Gen Con! This book goes out on general sale this weekend (6th August). This expansion book includes rules for the last few waves of models that previously experimental rules online, as well as new Famous Commanders and scenarios. A key new feature of this book are rules for playing environmental games along with specific environmental scenarios for Dropzone Commander. Reconquest: Phase 2 also reveals some of the dangerous and exotic Fauna that are seen in the Reconquest, that can interact with your games of Dropzone Commander...
Order your copy from your FLGS or from the Hawk Wargames site >
The Reconquest's progression as it enters its second phase
Environmentals and Fauna that affect your games
A new Famous Commander for each faction
All the finalised rules for a range of recently released units
3) Dropfleet Commander at Gen Con
While we will be running demonstration games and talking about Dropfleet Commander, we will not have Dropfleet Commander products to sell. This is because, as we have always maintained, our aim is to fulfil the rewards for our Kickstarter Backers before the game goes on general release, and we are strongly committed to this. We are aware of the huge level of backing and support that so many of you have given us since the game was initially announced. We will be offering intro games, and also have the full painted studio range for Dropfleet Commander on display. David J Lewis and our playtesters will also be on hand to talk about the game and answer any questions you may have.
PHR Battleship
Scourge Battleship
Shaltari Battleship
UCM Battleship
4) What else do we have at Gen Con 2016
As well as Reconquest: Phase 2, a selection of new blisters, and the full range of Dropzone Commander, we also have our show only models for this year. We have also created civilian vehicles, which can be bought in a variety of packs. But first of all...
The PHR Aegaeon Dropship – Hawk Wargames Show Only Model
Our Show Only Model for this year is an alternative sculpt for the PHR Neptune Medium Dropship, and has the same rules as this unit, (so the Aegaeon can be used in Tournament games). Come by the Hawk Wargames stand (#2113) to get your hands on one.
The Civilian Vehicle Packs
The Civilian Vehicles offer a selection of Cars, Trucks, Lorries and Busses to use as scenery or for scenarios within your Dropzone Commander games. The Civilian Vehicles come in 3 pack options:
  • Cars and Trucks Pack – 6 Cars and 2 Trucks
  • Lorries and Busses Pack – 2 Lorries with Trailers, and 2 Busses
  • The Mega Civilian Vehicle Pack – 52 vehicles (including Lorries, Busses, Cars and Trucks)
Come by the Hawk Wargames stand (#2113) to get yours.
5) The Limited Online availability of Show Only
The show only models will be making a very brief appearance online after Gen Con 2016 this year, to allow all those who cannot make it to shows we attend or those who just miss out, to buy a show only model. We may even be putting up a limited number of previous years show only models (as we have had a lot of requests to do so due to people missing out, or not being able to make it to shows). Another update will go out on social media about this as soon as these units go up on the site.
6) Updates on Dropfleet Commander
As was shared recently by one of our proactive Talons, we are indeed planning to send out the majority of the pledges soon, and are just waiting on a few printed items but are currently packing pledges to the best of our ability until these arrive. The Scourge Space Station add-on packs will be shipped at a later date (from the rest of the pledges and just those kits) due to these falling a little bit behind on schedule. We don't want to hold the rest of the pledges or the majority of the contents of the pledges for this one item.
We will have another update and progress report on packing soon, and come back with further details of shipping very soon.

Thanks a lot, and we look forward to seeing many of you at the show over the next few days, afterwards in the UK in Cardiff on the 20th August, or at Autumn Invasion 2016, which is building up to be a fantastic Tournament. (Tickets for Autumn Invasion 2016 can be purchased here)
Kind regards
The Hawk Wargames Team

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