Wednesday, 24 August 2016

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Tuesday 23/08/16

Labyrinth shipping dates confirmed and added pre-order bonus!

We would like to start this newsletter with a thank you, a huge sloppy thank you that comes from the heart. The frankly overwhelming support that you have given us through your pre-orders has allowed us to push the boundaries of miniature quality with these materials and make the labyrinth board game as truly special as we knew it could be!

As you know, we have been working hard to produce the Labyrinth board game. We have just received confirmation of the order from our manufacturers who will be getting it onto a boat in the third week of September. This means that it will get to our distribution centres to be sent out end of October/early November and all of the excited fans can get their grubby mitts on this beautiful game!

To put a little more weight behind our thanks, and to thank you for your patience as well as your support, I have some more awesome news for all of you who have pre-orderedLabyrinth: We will be sending an exclusive poster of the game board as a stunning piece of art (below), drawn by artist Johnny Fraser-Allen for the game and fantastic in its own right. No need to sign up for anything, we will be sending this out to anyone who has or will pre-order the game. This wonderful poster will not be available anywhere else at any time, it is our gift to you.

In other exciting news, one of you lucky fans have won £50 of Truffle shuffle goodies! Congratulations Wayne Rambo Groves, I hope you enjoy the loot, something tells me you will!
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More silly shell pics here! These inflatable shells are available forpreorder and will be shipped out early September.
Terminator Tournament at the Black Dragon in Hinkley (UK), beginners are welcome, mercy is not.
Terminator Resins back in stock: Command and support set,2017 set,1984 set!
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