Friday, 26 August 2016

Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games usual end of week feature round-up...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter, featuring all this week's hobby and other wargaming news.
Find out more about Bolt Action Second Edition
Konflikt '47 German Schreckwulfen terrorise the battlefields.
Find out more about the Schreckwulfen
The German Nachtjӓger Assault Squad sweep in to your Konflikt '47 battlefield.
Find out more about the Nachtjӓger
Konflikt '47 German Wehrmacht Heavy Infantry with LMG's.
Find out more about the Wermacht Heavy Infantry LMG's
Table Top Battles Weekend Video:
Bolt Action battle report - 1943: "Depot at Wolchansk" 1000pts RUS vs GER.
View YouTube Battle Report
Battle Ready, Pre-Painted, Tank Platoons roll across your Bolt Action battlefields.
Find out more about the Battle Ready Pre-Painted tanks
Incoming! Full size, blow up, shells heading your way:
Find out more about the Inflatable Shells
Find out more about the Band of Brothers Starter Battle Set
Find your nearest Hobby Town USA store
Upcoming Events - September
See Events
Required: Freelance sculptors
The Warlord Games design studio is looking to further add to its stable of freelance sculptors. In particular we’re looking for more capacity for sculpting our Doctor Who and Beyond the Gates of Antares range digitally although top notch traditional sculptors are also welcome!
View the latest Warlord Games releases
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