Friday, 17 March 2017

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The latest 'Regiments' releases from Anvil Industry...

Over 40 New Parts in the Trench Fighter Range 

At long last they're out, and bravely marching to a tabletop near you!

The new Trench Fighter range combines familiar WW1/2 design with a sprinkle of Sci-fi, to create the ultimate modular infantry. All parts are available separately or as part of the custom 'build your own' squads.

There are too many to list in an email, so we've put them all on a page on our website, check them out!
Trench Fighters
Or jump straight into building your custom squads, with over 100,000 combinations across the whole Regiments range!
Custom Squads

Assembled Examples

Parts list: Ushanka head, trench irregular greatcoat torso, trench melee set, phase carbine, long greatcoat legs, command arm sprue, maxim gun.
Parts list: Trench officer head, open greatcoat torso, heavy weapon arms, officer melee weapons, long greatcoat legs.
Parts list: Beret gasmask head, light armour torso, armoured mortar arms, long greatcoat legs static & kneeling, Howitzer and trench field gun platform.
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