Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Petersen Games Newsletter

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PAX South!

We had a great time at PAX South in January, where we showed off Orcs Must Die!Theomachy and, of course, Cthulhu Wars. If you click the image, above, it'll take you to the trailer we posted on our YouTube channel. After hours, we retired from the booth to run demos in the open gaming area. Good times were had by all. Here's a photo of Lincoln running a seven-player Cthulhu Wars game:

Some Advice: Don't leave any valuables in your vehicle at night. In the middle of the night, someone broke the window of our van and tried to make off with 'some stuff'. Luckily, the hotel clerk was on the ball and saved the day. Watch him talk about it here...

OMD: Game of the Week

The fine folks at Geek10 recently selected Orcs Must Die! as a Game of the Week! Read what they had to say, here...

Theomachy as Art

Board Games as Art recently posted some nice photos of Theomachy... as art. We love the way the game looks. It's always nice to know others agree! You can see all four photos hereherehere and here. If you're an Instagram user, go give them some love!

Planet Apocalypse: Pulgasaur

Work continues on Planet Apocalypse. Here's a preview of one of the models: Pulgasaur. Above is the concept by Keith Thompson. Below... a 3D render of the sculpted model - what it will look like when you're holding it in your hand!


Cool Air

Bryan Moore is a friend of mine who happens also to be a terrific horror-themed artist. He did a fabulous full-size bronze bust of H. P. Lovecraft, one of which I own, and has done lots of other work. Recently he has focused on a film version of Lovecraft's "Cool Air" story, which is of course one of his most cinematic. You can check it out at on Kickstarter and see what you think!
Don't forget the the Pledge Manager is still open for Glorantha: The Gods War. You can place your pre-order here.
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