Saturday, 18 March 2017

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A special offer from Spartan Games...

Great Value Offers For This Weekend
Special Web Only 2-Player Box
Following the success of the Corsican Incident 2-player set many of you asked for more, so we've created a new set for you that we're testing as a web-only offer to gauge interest prior to a general release.  This is a chance to get the set at a very special low price!

Bull in a China Shop - fantastic value at only £50
Royal Australians engage a Chinese Federation force in the South China Sea.
Tensions over the rights to certain gas rigs have boiled over, with the Kingdom of Britannia, based in Singapore and Sumatra, and China posturing over on the status of contested gas fields. The Chinese Federation, striking from its base on Hainan isattempting to dislodge the Kingdom of Britannia foothold in the region. Royal Australian forces however, tipped off after a Chinese official got into a drinking contest in a bar in Hong Kong with two men claiming to be Free Australians working for the Empire of the Blazing Sun (actually Royal Australian officers on shore leave), are on the way to intercept!
Models included are shown above - click on the image to see more information

The Bull in a China Shop 2-Player Battle Box which features 25 highly detailed models plus 20 SAW Tokens, TWO full colour rulebooks (Dystopian Wars 2.0 and Fleet Action), tokens, templates and dice. All a gamer needs for countless hours of fun and excitement. Two Dystopian Wars Oil Rig models and three A4 Punch-out Island Scenery sheets are included.

This set brings together two of our coolest Dystopian Wars Alliance Nations in an action-packed Naval encounter!
Tempted but need more persuasion?  How about this Hanger absolutely free?

While we are in deal mode if you spend £80 on Dystopian Wars products we will throw in one of our awesome Massive Hangars for FREE. Made from MDF and highly-detailed the Hangar is large enough to accommodate just about any flying model in the Dystopian range.
Free Hangar will automatically be added to all qualifying orders placed between Friday 17th March and Monday 20th March.
But spaceships are more my thing, we hear you say!
That's great - they're our thing too.  Spend £100 on Firestorm Armada, Firestorm Planetfall, Halo: Fleet Battles or Halo: Ground Comand
(or a mixture) and get one of our stunning Daedalus Space Station (worth £27) for FREE and also qualify for FREE worldwide shipping.

Free Space Station will automatically be added to all qualifying orders placed between Friday 17th March and Monday 20th March.
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