Monday, 27 March 2017

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Historical Miniatures Gaming at the upcoming UK Games Expo...



Deploy a miniature tank or charge with the cavalry at UKGE

This year at UKGE, as well as our usual roster of board, card and roleplaying games, for the first time we will also be hosting one of the UK's largest and longest-running tabletop wargaming tournaments - The BHGS Challenge.
Organised by the British Historical Games Society, this year will be the 15th annual edition of the BHGS Challenge, and the first at UKGE. With competitions in almost a dozen different tabletop historical gaming systems running across the weekend, Expo visitors will be able to see literally tens of thousands of tiny warriors from all eras of history in action on the tabletop at this year's UKGE.
All of the events are now open for booking on our website, so if you are already a historical gamer why not sign up and join in? Otherwise, if the idea of recreating historical battles on the tabletop has always interested you, make sure to drop in on the BHGS Challenge during your visit to this year's Expo.
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