Saturday, 11 March 2017

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 A new offer from Warlord Games...

Spring into a New Game!

Grab a fantastic game plus FREE box - dive deeper into the table-top world and explore our other game systems!

Traders among the stars

Trading contracts can give you access to the best technology that the Antares universe can offer, allowing technological advances so your Freeborn Vardos can take on even the most advanced races.
The Freeborn are ready to bring their latest weaponry to bear with deadly Skarks, Heavy X weaponry, and Misgenic Rejects...

Skark squad

The skark is a lithe and lightly-built winged creature, but nonetheless deadly...


Vast magnetic artillery pieces that shoot explosive bombs or various kinds of special munitions...

Mag cannon

Able to take out tough targets such as weapon drones and heavily armoured vehicles...

Misgenic Rejects

Not a human morph but the tragic and sinister consequences of inhuman experimentation...


Take your feudal Japan to a whole new level - then onto another level!

Test Of Honour

Prove your worth or face dishonour! Time runs short for pre-orders with special miniatures, don't miss out...

The Frostgrave Folio

Adventure into the fantasy world that promises action, glory and immeasurable treasures.
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