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Photo of Frostgrave Folio - Supplement (BP1562)Photo of Failing Wretch and Chilopendra (FGV324)The Frostgrave Folio Nickstarter pre-order campaign ended a couple of weeks ago. Thank you to everyone who got involved. The book is now on general release, as are some of the new Frostgrave miniatures.
Photo of Gothic - In Her Majesty's Name (BP1568)The Ministry of Gentlemanly WarfareGothic, the new supplement for In Her Majesty's Name, the Steampunk skirmish game, is with us now.
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FROSTGRAVE Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City
Photo of Frostgrave Folio - Supplement (BP1562)Frostgrave FolioSupplement
The Frostgrave Folio is the complete collection of all previously released Frostgrave mini-ebook supplements in one printed volume. This includes Hunt for the Golem, a three-scenario campaign in which the warbands hunt down a rogue golem, Sellsword, which introduces rules for experience-gaining captains to help lead warbands, Dark Alchemy, which expands the rules for potions and potion brewing, and Arcane Locations which gives additional options for bases and base upgrades.
The book also includes a completely new mini-supplement, The Ravages of Time, new artwork and new photos.
Collecting nearly two years' worth of Frostgrave material, this collection is a necessary addition to any wizard's library.
The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare
BP1568 - Gothic - In Her Majesty's NameThe Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare
Photo of Gothic - In Her Majesty's Name (BP1568)GothicIn Her Majesty's Name
This is the third supplement for the game and has been produced by The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare, authors of In Her Majesty's Name, Daishō andBlood Eagle.
New weapons and equipment, talents and powers, and creatures both normal and supernatural. New companies to fight or, bring on, the darkness that threatens to engulf the Old World.
New scenarios and landscapes will take your companies into dark forests, mist shrouded castles, ancient ruins, pagan altars and grim, fortified villages the length and breadth of Transylvania, Wallachia and the ever-forbidding Carpathian Mountains.
Photo of Rogue Stars - with free Rogue figure (BP1551)Rogue Stars
Rogue Stars is a character-based science fiction skirmish wargame, where players command crews of bounty hunters, space pirates, merchants, prospectors, smugglers, mercenary outfits, planetary police and other such shady factions from the fringes of galactic civilisation.
Photo of Maniple Command (II) (AGEMA19)
GO TO Crusader Miniatures
Crusader World War II - French
French Motorcycle Troops
Photo of French M/C Troop Rifle Grenadiers (WWF055)
WWF055 - French M/C Troop Rifle Grenadiers
Photo of French M/C Troop Hotchkiss HMG (WWF060)
WWF060 - French M/C Troop Hotchkiss HMG
North Star Africa!
North Star Africa!
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Welcome to North Star Military Figures. We are a UK based company that stocks thousands of model soldiers and wargames rule books, as well as various accessories to go with them.
Frostgrave is copyright Osprey Games 2017. Miniatures are all copyright North Star Military Figures Limited & Osprey Games 2017. 

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