Monday, 27 March 2017

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

More Salute news from Hasslefree Miniatures...

Still All Steam Ahead for Salute!

Ok, there was a slight cock-up with tonight's newsletter. The person at fault shall not be named, becase it's me, so we're letting them off with a stern warning.

(I forgot that I hadn't added the Red Box new releases to the site, which made linking to them a bit difficult, so now I've added them all but therefore run out of time to do the rest of the newsletter stuff!)

Seeing as we'd advertised a newsletter on Facebook repeatedly then I'm throwing out this pre-newsletter newsletter for those of you who like doing their buying/pre-ordering on a lazy Sunday. The proper newsletter will go out on Tuesday now (I hate Mondays).

The new metal releases, TomokoMolotov Rose, Danica, Ryan, Alex H and the GID Alpha multipack of mercs are all up on the site and available. As are all of the Red Box restocksnew releases and pre-orders. I'll be working on the images all evening.

There 'are' a few new Resin Masters also being released. A New concubine/naked dolly, a werewolf skeleton, Dain and Francis, a modern/sci-fi civilian. Those will be added tonight/tomorrow in time for the newsletter so keep an eye on the relevant new releases pages.

Right, below is just a few sections of the newsletter that might be useful. The rest comes in a couple of days!
Salute Pre-Order Code
As always there's a nice freebie on offer for those of you who order your Salute goodies in advance. You can pick from an extensive list of items (35 different codes from across our entire range!)

The code this year is the highly original 'SALUTE2017', and please remember you enter it on the 'confirmation' page, which is the last one before payment details. There's a box at the top of the page.
(Every code we get people writing it in the comments box, other than making me smile, that does absolutely nothing! :) )

Also if your order is over £60 then the chosen freebie will be dropped into a lil HF goodie bag, if you order over £120 it'll be a double sized bag and so on!

The code wil be active until Tuesday the 18th of April!
We aren't packing any pre-orders after that date, you'll just have to bring your lil scrappy piece of paper with you and we can both struggle to read your writing ;)

This is 'not' a free delivery code, this is a 'collection' code. If you use it to try and get free delivery it won't work as we do 'not' see your address. Collection codes blank that for us so we couldn't even accidentally send it to you :)

Any orders coming through this way will sit in a box until we get back from Salute and then we'll email you to invoice for postage, it's really not a good idea :D

There is a secondary code 'SALUTE2017B', you'll have to select the collection gift and say in the 'comments' box' the order number of your existing Salute pre-order, so we can make sure they are together.

Why Pre-Order?
Well, it's a good idea in general, you get a freebie and your particular goodies won't sell out, but there are two specific groups of items that you really should consider pre-ordering if going to Salute.
1. Resin Masters. We do 'not' take Resin Masters to the show* unless they are in a pre-order bag.
Don't turn up looking for a Foster or an Immortan Drumpf, they won't be there!

2. Red Box (or other non-HF items). Our retail stock is far more limited than our HF stock. If you don't pre-order and you aren't one of the first to reach us then you could easily find yourself out of luck for that special Njorn Ravager or Aenglish Thug!

*See the one exception in the 'And Finally...' section at the bottom of this newsletter.
Metal - G.I.D. Alpha
The Alpha Team of the international mercenary outfit G.I.D. consisting of Ekaterina and Rowen plus the above mentioned Ryan, Danica and Alex H.
Red Box - Restock & New Releases!
Restock, New Releases and re-orders are up, Just using the nice big image to draw attention :) Which is ironic cos currently none of them have any images, will be back to that as soon as I hit send on this :D
'til Tuesday,

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