Friday, 17 March 2017

Warlord Games Newsletter

The usual end of week newsletter from Warlord Games...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Friday Newsletter, featuring all this coming week's New Releases and other wargaming news.
PS. Keep your eye's open for a little Leprechaun mischief!

English Civil War

The English nation is torn in half...
Parliamentarians and Royalists wage war for the right to govern England!

Test of Honour

The war for Japan has begun. Wave 2 pre-order is now live due to ship late April!
Do you see the emperor being unfit to rule? Or do you feel the traitorous clans should be wiped out? Make your move, the fate of Japan is now resting in your hands...
The first wave of Test of Honour starter sets begin shipping to reach your Friendly Local Gaming Stockist from Saturday 25th March!
The Pre-Order Bundle with the full collection of sets has now completed and is about to start shipping. The individual sets of troop types are scheduled for release late April.

Pre-Order Bundle Update

Our great new samurai miniatures game ‘Test of Honour’ is proving incredibly popular.
So popular in fact that we are staggering the release to make sure that we have enough stock to fulfil the demand for our pre-order bundle deal offer with which includes all the individual expansion sets plus the 2 FREE bonus models.
Traders and mail order customers in the UK and US will receive their products for the 25th of March. Traders and mail order customers in the Rest of the World and Europe will all have their orders sent before the 1st of April.
Thank you for making Test Of Honour a hugely successful release and thank you for your patience as we fulfill your orders as quickly as possible - Warlord Factory Team.

Wacht Am Rhein

Battle of the Bulge Digital

Germany's last major offensive of the war with the Allies desperate attempts to stave them off, now available as a digital ebook or PDF downloads.

Wargames Illustrated 

Germany's last major offensive of the war with the Allies desperate attempts to stave them off, now available as a digital download.
In this tutorial The War Gamer shows us how he paints a WWI Renault FT17 from Bolt Action...

Coming Soon

Jon Russell has been busy over in the USA and next week it's a big one for all heading to Adepticon!
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