Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Privateer Press Weekly Digest

More Hordes and Warmachine news from Privateer Press...

50-Point Army Box Construction Insights

Each of these Army Boxes contains a ready-to-play 50-point army, designed by the Privateer Press Development team to provide a solid foundation for new players or for veterans interested in diving into a new Faction. In this Insider, we’ll take a look at the Army Boxes for Skorne® and Protectorate of Menoth®, each of which takes a combined arms approach, utilizing both battlegroups and infantry to create powerful combos. But what better way to learn about these lists and the intentions behind them than hearing from the people who created them?
Print on Demand: Wrath of the Dragonfather Starts Us Off!
Ever since the release of Zachary C. Parker’s action-packed novella Wrath of the Dragonfather in 2016, readers have clamored for a print edition of this climactic battle between dragons to add to their Skull Island eXpeditions’ library. But up to now, the printing costs of a book under 200 pages have presented a challenge….
…but not anymore! Amazon.com now has a special print-on-demand service that allows us to offer shorter novels to you at a solid price, and we are starting with Wrath of the Dragonfather because we know it’s one you’re waiting for.
Crossroads of Courage Season 3 Has Begun!

Crossroads of Courage: Season 3 began 3/1/2017! This year’s narrative league has been a rollercoaster thus far, with your reports directly influencing the fate of the league’s central protagonist (antagonist?), Holden. If you haven’t heard, the Crossroads league is culminating in a huge narrative event at Lock & Load GameFest 2017, in which Holden’s final fate (and rules) will be decided. Why does that matter? Because Holden is going to get released as a full model for WARMACHINE & HORDES sometime after Lock & Load 2017!
Lock & Load GameFest 2017 Event Schedule Coming Soon!

March 15th will be the day we get to unveil the schedule of events for Lock & Load—when you’ll get to see what we have been working on behind the scenes to set up. Many new specifics have been added to the lineup, and a number of favorites mark their return. The second date, March 29th, is the day event registration goes live. You may wonder, why the gap between events being revealed and registration going live? Well, that way, everyone has time to plan out their show and make arrangements to get in on the events they want to. And as we get closer to the March 29th deadline, we will also make sure everyone has the exact time the events will go live.
Formula P3™ Presents: Fixing Your Mistakes (with Dallas Kemp)

If you haven’t had the chance, take some time to view our new painting series with Dallas Kemp. Just click the image above to go straight to the video! In this installment, Dallas shows you how to fix mistakes you might have made while painting. These videos are designed for anyone looking for a starting place when it comes to painting miniatures. Anyone can do it! All it takes is patience, practice, and perseverance.
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