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Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

New releases and Salute 2017 news from Hasslefree Miniatures...

Still All Steam Ahead for Salute!

There was a little confusion last week with a few of our non-Native English speaking customers. Just to be clear, all of the releases in last week's newsletter 'and' this weeks newsletter are available for regular order :)

This week we have some 'more' new releases, both resin and metal and the Salute 'B' code for those of you who decide to make more than one order cos ya can't make up ya damn mind! ;)
You can keep up with events on a more regular basis via our FB page as usual, but there'll be weekly newsletters for the next month, just to keep track of happenings and releases.
Salute Pre-Order Code
As always there's a nice freebie on offer for those of you who order your Salute goodies in advance. You can pick from an extensive list of items (35 different codes from across our entire range!)

The code this year is the highly original 'SALUTE2017', and please remember you enter it on the 'confirmation' page, which is the last one before payment details. There's a box at the top of the page.
(Every code we get people writing it in the comments box, other than making me smile, that does absolutely nothing! :) )

Also if your order is over £60 then the chosen freebie will be dropped into a lil HF goodie bag, if you order over £120 it'll be a double sized bag and so on!

The code wil be active until Tuesday the 18th of April!
We aren't packing any pre-orders after that date, you'll just have to bring your lil scrappy piece of paper with you and we can both struggle to read your writing ;)

This is 'not' a free delivery code, this is a 'collection' code. If you use it to try and get free delivery it won't work as we do 'not' see your address. Collection codes blank that for us so we couldn't even accidentally send it to you :)

Any orders coming through this way will sit in a box until we get back from Salute and then we'll email you to invoice for postage, it's really not a good idea :D

There is a secondary code 'SALUTE2017B', you'll have to select the collection gift and say in the 'comments' box' the order number of your existing Salute pre-order, so we can make sure they are together.

(It only has 1 gift to select, so don't think you can split your order ya cheeky monkeys!)
Why Pre-Order?
Well, it's a good idea in general, you get a freebie and your particular goodies won't sell out, but there are two specific groups of items that you really should consider pre-ordering if going to Salute.
1. Resin Masters. We do 'not' take Resin Masters to the show* unless they are in a pre-order bag.
Don't turn up looking for a Foster or an Immortan Drumpf, they won't be there!

2. Red Box (or other non-HF items). Our retail stock is far more limited than our HF stock. If you don't pre-order and you aren't one of the first to reach us then you could easily find yourself out of luck for that special Njorn Ravager or Aenglish Thug!

*See the one exception in the 'And Finally...' section at the bottom of this newsletter.
Where are We?
If you've been to Salute at the Excel before, then you know where we are :)
Once again we are in 'Hasslefree Corner', with the new queueing and entrance system in the next hall (represented by the two arrows on the right) then we are at the back left corner after entering the hall.

Our stand number is TM02 and we are also running two participation games (1 Sci-Fi, and 1 Fantasy), in concert with the Random Platypus community, ably manned by Matt 'McFonz' Canning and 'Wait, What', on GM01.

One of the two games is Fantasy, and you can follow the progress on the gaming board HERE.
The other is sci-fi and you can follow the progress on that gaming board HERE.

As you can see, they are pretty damn fun looking :)

If you click on the map, it'll pop-up larger, in case you can't see the red circle at the bottom left ;)

As with previous years, you may want to make a beeline for us early as...
Salute Pre-Release Metals
I'm afraid we are at the mercy of our, most excellent, casters as to how many of our April, May and June releases show up in time to be pre-release metals for Salute.

What I can tell you is..

a) You can't buy them through the site or pre-order them, you have to come see us and pick them up in person,

b) They will be limited in stock, so first come, first served and...

c) We will be 'trying' to have the following available...

Apprentice Raisa
Archmage Raisa
Seren a Delyth
Pilot Hannah
Larran Jax

.. and maybe even more! Whatever we can get moulded we will have with us at the show and some of them will not be available through the site until June.
Resin Master - Francis
This is a 'one and done' opportunity to grab some very limited castings of the one-piece unarmed version of Francis.

We haven't yet decided what weapon options etc to give him in the future so you can either arm him yourself or use him as an interesting civilian for modern or sci-fi games.
Resin Master - Werewolf Skeleton
Here's an interesting one. Again, very limited.
Basically Kev fancied doing a Werewolf, so we came up with the idea of doing an undead one and a living one. So, of course, Kev took it one step further and started doing an anatomy study from the skeleton upwards.

We had some interest in us releasing this, so here it is. It's four pieces, both arms detach at the shoulder blades and the head/neck is a separate piece. 42mm as posed.

We'd be interested in seeing what you guys end up doing with these :) Here is an example of Kev having cut and reposed it.
Resin Master - Dain
Dain is a revered Dwarf captain.  Armed with a great axe and a separate shield he can be used as a leader alone or as a commanderof any of our Norman-style Dwarf units.
Long out of stock, Kev dug out and checked the green so we now have a perfect Resin Master of him :)
Metal Re-Release - The Rose's
Rose's original mould was an issue. So we had her remoulded and as a bonus also remoulded her variant, Molotov Rose.
Molotov Rose was available for a short while through a licensing agreement with another company but is now available here again :)
Metal - Alex H
Alex H is the fifth member of the mercenary group also containing Ekaterina, Rowen, Ryan and Danica. His preference is for edged weapons but he's never shy of a good gun battle.
Metal - Ryan
Ryan is an eccentric and dangerous mercenary. He regularly partners with Rowen and operates in the same group as Ekaterina, Danica and Alex H.
Armed with twin MP5Ks and seen here mid firefight with his flamboyant 'gun-fu'shooting style.
Metal - Danica
Danica is another member of the G.I.D. Alpha group that contains Ekaterina, Rowen, Ryan and Alex H.
While she can handle her pistols fairly well she has a soft spot for a pretty unique set of weapons that are essentially electrified tonfa.
Metal - G.I.D. Alpha
The Alpha Team of the international mercenary outfit G.I.D. consisting of Ekaterina and Rowen plus the above mentioned Ryan, Danica and Alex H.
Shiny! - The Jynx's
Ginnifer 'Jynx' Monroe is one of the modern breed of Thaumaturges, using the Veil to reshape reality to their will.

The lower variant has her 'literally' doing that :)
Jynx is a little bit of an odd mini for us, it delves into modern fantasy in a way that we don't normally do. She came about after a conversation on the Hasslefree Facebook page about miniatures for games like Shadowrun which are modern but also use magic and psychic powers etc.
(Shiny! means we have a new studio paintjob to show off :) )
Shiny! - 40mm Lilith Skyclad
An artist friend of HF has graciously allowed us to recreate her work as a 40mm sculpture. The finished one will be along shortly but for now we have the skyclad' version.
42mm to top of horns, can easily be used as a larger demon/creature in regular 30mm scale.

(Shiny! means we have a new studio paintjob to show off :) )
CDA - Paint Restock
Nice Big Paint Restock, and another on the way.
You can also find some empty pots for mixing your own colours in there now :)
Red Box - Restock & New Releases!
Ok, the restock is in, everything has an image 'but' I still have't had a chance to do thumbnails of everything, so you'll have to explore! 
With the restock has come a number of new Red Box releases 'and' there's some pre-orders in there that 'should' arrive by Salute.
Kickstarter News
We will have all the finished sculpts (as resin masters) and painted studio copies of the Kickstarter Minis at Salute.

The pledge manager will run through April (We had a final skype meeting with Backerkit this coming week) so if you'd like a look in person before late pledging then feel free :)

Fulfillment is expected around late July but any last minute issues with the final remaining sculpts or moulds will of course affect that. We'll keep everyone updated via the KS page.
And Finally...
Even more metal restocks have arrived, mostly of our older minis but a lot of those are still popular (As I can tell by the constant badgering of when they are coming back! ;) ). So if you were waiting for something then best to have another check, it might be back in.

In the run up to Salute, Resin Masters will be the most last-minute releases. If you want to keep up to date with any of those last minute creations, then keep an eye on Kev's artist page on FB. Anything he gets finished before the show stands a chance of showing up, and in fact these last minute minis will be the 'only' Resin Masters we bring!

I may have spoken too soon about Iron Fist, the last two episodes were very disappointing. What's next? Started watching Legion, seems interesting. The Flarrowverse is still fun and I have the Musical Episode crossover of Flash/Supergirl to watch before the next newsletter so that'd better be as good as it sounds :D Logan was great and this week I hope to watch Kong Skull Island and possibly Beauty and the Beast too.
'til next time,

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