Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thoughts on Vulkan - Part 1

Vulkan as a special character breaks what used to be (as far as I was concerned anyway) one of the fundamental rules of army enhancing special characters, namely that they improve your army in a single way that then by default forces you to design an army in a certain way to compliment that speciality.

Vulkan breaks this truism by improving both your armies anti-tank (re-rolls to hit with Melta weaponry) and anti-infantry (re-rolls to wound with Flamers) as well as being a fairly potent assault unit in his own right. Of course it could be argued that both those types of weaponry are relatively short range which admittedly does force you to design a relatively short range army if you want to get the best of these benefits. In addition the fact that he makes Thunderhammers Master Crafted which makes an already impressive unit (Thunderhammer + Storm Shield Terminators) even further reinforces that 'short-range' theme.

As for Vulkan himself he has an impressive 4x, WS 6, S 6 attacks on the charge at an initiative of 5. Having both a Master Crafted weapon (one re-roll to hit) and Digital Weapons (one re-roll to wound) he's doing a consistent 3 to 4 kills a turn unless he (well you. I suppose) rolls atrociously. He has a 2+ armour save and a 3+ invulnerable save which makes him fairly survivable against most anti-infantry though his lack of 'Eternal Warrior' can be a concern against certain weapons (Power Fists/Klaws being the first thing that leaps to mind). Against anything that doesn't insta-kill him he has the standard 'Captain' compliment of 3 wounds.

Lets turn to Mathshammer briefly to see how much of a difference his 'Chapter tactics' actually make.

Lets start with every Marine players favourite anti-tank weapon, the Meltagun.

Probably not a Meltagun if I'm being honest...

A standard Marine (BS 4) has a 67% chance of hitting his target. With 'twin-linking' that becomes 89% which is a significant improvement to hit. Obviously your chance of destroying a vehicle after it's hit stays the same but taking into account all the benefits of the 'Melta' rule, Strength 8 and an AP of 1 that's pretty good odds. Of course, against infantry that changes the odds of a kill against most none MC's from 56% to 74% with the benefit of causing instant death to any character of Toughness 4 or below who's unfortunate enough not to have the 'Eternal Warrior' rule and fails his Invulnerable save.

Flamers are slightly different as they hit automatically we then move onto a higher chance to wound instead.

...This is definately a Flamer though.

Vs. T4 this ups the chance of a wound to 89% from 67% and makes a wound against T3 pretty much a certainty ( 97% if were being picky). As most T3 units have an armour save in the 4+ to 6+ range this means anything it hits is pretty much toast ;-)

Master crafted on a Thunderhammer makes our average 2 hits from 3 attacks on the charge into 2.67 which more often than not is going to mean 3 hits each. 15 hits from a unit of 5 Thunderhammer Terminators is going to make a fucking mess of most enemies and even makes hordes think "what the fuck was that", lol.

So he makes the premier Marine anti-tank, anti-infantry and 'Death-Star' units more awesome than they were before. Seems like a no-brainer choice, right?

Well not all the time. The loss of 'Combat Tactics' can be a great blow to many standard 'Best-Of' marine builds and you've also got to find somewhere to put the bugger. In a standard 'Best-Of' Marine list the Rhino's are going to be already full of Tactical Marines and putting 190 points of combat character in with an objective holding unit is a bit of a waste. Putting him in a razorback removes your ability to do what my FLGS has affectionately named 'Drive-By's' where you shoot your Melta's and or Flamers out of the Firing point of the Rhino and also makes your opponents target priority pretty simple. The old stand-by of Character + Terminators + Land Raider is still there as an option but any decent player will have 'suicide' and or 'blocking' units to get in it's way.

So I'm basically saying that he's good but is tricky to reliably fit into a standard list. So is there an answer then?

Well in part 2 we'll look at what unit configurations he compliments best and then see where that leaves us from a list building point of view.

Thoughts and Comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Back to Basics - Space Marines.

Having grown a little weary of my Space Wolves 'Shoot missiles at shit till I win' list I have gone back to a variation of an old classic Space Marine list. It obviously works differently to my Space Wolves so I'm having to re-learn how to use it again.....

The list shouldn't contain anything that's a surprise to anybody but here it is anyway,

2000 Pts - Space Marines Roster - Ver 1.0

HQ: Master of the Forge (1#, 120 pts)
   1 Master of the Forge @ 120 pts (Converison Beamer)

Troops: Scout Squad (10#, 200 pts)
   9 Scout Squad @ 200 pts (Sniper Rifle x8; Heavy Bolter w/Hellfire Shells; Sergeant Telion)
      1 Sergeant Telion

Elite: Dreadnought (1#, 115 pts)
   1 Dreadnought @ 115 pts (Heavy Flamer)

Elite: Dreadnought (1#, 115 pts)
   1 Dreadnought @ 115 pts (Heavy Flamer)

Elite: Dreadnought (1#, 115 pts)
   1 Dreadnought @ 115 pts (Heavy Flamer)

Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 205 pts)
   9 Tactical Squad @ 205 pts (Flamer; Multi-Melta; Rhino)
      1 Sergeant (Bolt Pistol; Bolter)
      1 Rhino (Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Storm Bolter)

Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 205 pts)
   9 Tactical Squad @ 205 pts (Flamer; Multi-Melta; Rhino)
      1 Sergeant (Bolt Pistol; Bolter)
      1 Rhino (Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Storm Bolter)

Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 205 pts)
   9 Tactical Squad @ 205 pts (Flamer; Multi-Melta; Rhino)
      1 Sergeant (Bolt Pistol; Bolter)
      1 Rhino (Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Storm Bolter)

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron (2#, 140 pts)
   2 Land Speeder Squadron @ 140 pts (Multi-Melta x2; Heavy Flamer x2)

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron (2#, 140 pts)
   2 Land Speeder Squadron @ 140 pts (Multi-Melta x2; Heavy Flamer x2)

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron (2#, 140 pts)
   2 Land Speeder Squadron @ 140 pts (Multi-Melta x2; Heavy Flamer x2)

Heavy Support: Predator (1#, 85 pts)
   1 Predator @ 85 pts (Heavy Bolter (each side))

Heavy Support: Predator (1#, 85 pts)
   1 Predator @ 85 pts (Heavy Bolter (each side))

Heavy Support: Predator (1#, 85 pts)
   1 Predator @ 85 pts (Heavy Bolter (each side))

Total Roster Cost: 1955

The list is intentionally a few points short as I'm yet to finally decide on the Tactical Squads weapon loadouts. The default configuration listed above compliments the 'midfield' theme of the rest of the list though combi-weapons on the sergeants and/or Meltaguns for the special weapons guy are also viable options. Failing that I could go for the combat squad option and configure them like this,

Well I've already used all my other pictures of girls with Missile Launchers.....

Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 220 pts)
   9 Tactical Squad @ 220 pts (Meltagun; Missile Launcher; Rhino)
      1 Sergeant (Bolt Pistol; Combi-Meltagun x1)
      1 Rhino (Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Storm Bolter)

Giving me a scoring Missile Launcher sitting at the back but moves the bias from primarily midfield into a more 'suicide' melta configuration that I'm not sure fits the list idea at all.

At 1750 the Landspeeders become singles as opposed to pairs but everything else stays pretty much the same.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

House of Paincakes Article No. 31

Article can be found here. This week on the subject of whether it's okay to get a little bit pissed off during a game of toy soldiers...

But the bit most of you are interested in is I'm sure 'Tuesday Eye-Candy' which this week will be bought to you by the beautiful Olivia Wilde

As Quorra in Tron: Legacy.

As 'Thirteen' In House.

As Ella Swenson in Cowboys and Aliens.

A few Misc. pictures that caught my eye ;-)

And a couple of larger pictures for those of you who like looking at details. The 2nd of which would make a very nice wallpaper...

Enjoy ;-)

Monday, 25 July 2011

Games Workshop Fail at Sisters of Battle...

I have decided to do an in depth review of the new Sisters of Battle rules that have been released recently and here it is,

"What a load of pointless bollocks"

There I've finished.....

They're here if anybody wants to waste 5 minutes of their lives,

Sisters of Battle
Army Special Rules
The Acts of Faith system
At the start of your Movement phases you generate D6 Faith Points. Any Faith Points that are unused at the end of YOUR turn are lost.

Tests of Faith
An Act of Faith can be attempted immediately before a Sisters of Battle unit acts during a phase; e.g. before the unit Moves, Shoots (or runs) or Assaults.

Each attempt costs 1 Faith Point, if test if failed the point is lost.

To attempt an Act of Faith, select the unit and reduce your Faith Points by 1, then roll a D6 and add the following:

+1 if the unit is led by a Superior (Sister, Celestian, Dominion or Seraphim) or Mistress of Repentance.

+1 if the unit has been joined by a Canoness, Confessor, Saint Celestine, Uriah Jacobus or Arch-Confessor Kyrinov

+1 if the unit has taken at least 1 casualty

All modifiers are cumulative (so with 1 IC in a unit with a Superior that has taken at least 1 casualty only needs a 2+ to be successful)

If the total is equal to or greater than 5 the Act of Faith is successful, the unit immediately gains a bonus and/or special rules until the end of the phase.

Independent Characters and Acts of Faith

IC that have the Acts of Faith rule benefit from any bonuses received by the unit they are with when an Act of Faith is used, likewise the unit receives any bonuses from the ICs Acts of Faith when they are successful. Note you still have to perform 2 different Tests of Faith if you want to use both the ICs and the units Act of Faith.

Shield of Faith

Models with the Shield of Faith special rule have a 6+ invulnerable save.

Special Characters
Saint Celestine
7/7/3/3/3/7/5/10/2+ 4++
Special Rules: Acts of Faith, IC, Fearless, Shield of Faith
Miraculous Intervention: When killed remove model and place a token, from then on roll a D6 at the start of your turn. On a 4+ Celestine comes back with D3 wounds and placed within 1” of the token. If she would be within 1” of another model (friend and foe?) move her the minimum distance possible so she is not within 1”. She can act normally in a turn in which she resurrects. She does not award a kill point if she is alive on the battlefield at the end of the game.

Wargear: Frag, krak, jump pack
Armour of Saint Katherine: Confers a 2+ armour save and 4++ invulnerable save
The Ardent Blade: Power weapon that always wounds on 4+ (unless a lower roll is required). Can also be fired like a Heavy Flamer (Template: S5 AP4 Assault1)

Arch-Confessor Kyrinov
5/5/3/3/3/4/3/10/5+ 4++
Special Rules: Acts of Faith, Fearless, IC, Righteous Rage, Shield of Faith
Heightened Fervour: Counts as having both a Laud Hailer and Simulacrum Imperialis
Wargear: Flak armour, bolt pistol, frag, krak and rosarius
Mace of Valaan: Power weapon, any model that suffers an unsaved Wound is reduced to Initiative 1 until the end of the following player turn.

Icon of Chiros: All friendly units within 6” are Fearless

Uriah Jacobus, Protector of the Faith
5/5/3/3/3/4/3/10/5+ 4++
Special Rules: Acts of Faith, Righteous Rage, Stubborn, IC, Shield of Faith
Protector of the Faith: While alive you can re-roll the dice to determine the number of Faith Points you have each turn.
Wargear: Flak armour, bolt pistol, chainsword, frag, krag, rosarius
The Redeemer: His personal shotgun (24” S4 Ap4 Assault 2)
The Banner of Sanctity: Models in Jacobus unit have +1A and Feel no Pain

5/5/3/3/3/4/3/10/3+ 6++
Special Rules: Acts of Faith, IC, Stubborn, Shield of Faith
Act of Faith = The Passion – Assault Phase: Canoness and her unit receives +1I and Preferred Enemy special rule until the end of the Assault phase.

Wargear: Power armour, boltgun, bolt pistol, frag, krak

Sororitas Command Squad
Celestian 4/4/3/3/1/3/2/9/3+ 6++
Sister Dialogus 3/4/3/3/1/3/1/9/3+ 6++
Sister Hospitaller 3/4/3/3/1/3/1/9/3+ 6++
Special Rules: Acts of Faith, Shield of Faith
Act of Faith = Endless Crusade – Movement Phase: Unit gains Relentless and Move Through Cover special rules until the end of the turn.

Wargear: Power armour, boltgun (Celestians only), bolt pistol, frag, krak, Chirurgeon’s tools (Sister Hostpitaller only), Laud Hailer (Sister Dialogus only).

Battle Sisters
Battle Sisters 3/4/3/3/1/3/1/8/3+ 6++
Sister Superior 3/4/3/3/1/3/2/9/3+ 6++
Special Rules: Acts of Faith, Shield of Faith
Wargear: Power armour, boltgun, bolt pistol, frag, krak
Act of Faith = Light of the Emperor – Movement Phase: Unit immediately regroups, despite any normal restrictions (enemy within 6”, less than 50%).

Shooting and Assault Phase: Unit can re-roll any failed To Hit rolls of a 1 until the end of the phase.

This Act of Faith can be used in two or more phases if you choose but each attempt costs 1FP and requires a Test of Faith

Celsetian 4/4/3/3/1/3/2/9/3+ 6++
Celestian Superior 4/4/3/3/1/3/2/8/3+ 6++
Special Rules: Acts of Faith, Shield of Faith
Act of Faith = Hand of the Emperor – Assault Phase: +1S and Fearless until the end of the phase
Wargear: Power armour, boltgun, bolt pistol, frag, krak

Sister Repentia
Sister Repentia 4/4/3/3/1/3/2/8/- 6++
Mistress of Repentance 4/4/3/3/1/3/2/9/3+ 6++
Special Rules: Acts of Faith, Fearless, Feel no Pain, Fleet, Rage, Shield of Faith
Act of Faith = Spirit of the Martyr – Assault Phase: Models killed may make a single attack once all other attacks have been resolved.
Wargear: A Sister Repentia has an Eviscerator; a Mistress of Penitence has power armour, two neural whips, frag and krak

Ecclesiarchy Confessor 5/5/3/3/3/4/3/10/5+ 4++
Ecclesiarchy Preacher 3/3/3/3/1/4/2/7/5+ 4++
Special Rules: Acts of Faith, IC, Shield of Faith
Righteous Rage: When a model with this rule assaults the unit may re-roll to hit.
Wargear: Flag armour, laspistol, chainsword, frag, krak, rosarius

Ecclesiarch Battle Conclaves
Arco-Flagellants 5/3/4/3/1/3/4/8/-
Crusader 4/3/3/3/1/3/1/8/5+ 3++
Death Cult Assassin 5/3/4/3/1/6/2/8/5+ 5++
Special Rules: Feel no Pain (Arco-flagellants only).
Uncanny Reflexes: Death Cult Assassins has a 5++ invulnerable save
Wargear: A Crusader has flak armour, power weapon and storm shield.
An Arco-Flagellant has arco-flails (close combat weapon).
A Death Cult Assassin has flak armour and two power weapons.

Fast Attack
Seraphim 4/4/3/3/1/3/1/8/3+ 6++
Seraphim Superior 4/4/3/3/1/3/2/9/3+ 6++
Special Rules: Acts of Faith, Hit and Run, Shield of Faith
Act of Faith = The Emperor’s Deliverance – Shooting Phase: Re-roll any failed To Wound rolls until the end of the phase.

Seraphim Pistols: Any model in a Seraphim squad that is armed with two pistols can fire both in the Shooting Phase. If they do so, they can fire no other weapon that turn.

Angelic Visage: Seraphim re-roll failed Act of Faith rolls and failed Invulnerable saves granted by the Shield of Faith special rule

Wargear: Power armour, two bolt pistols, frag, krak, jump pack

Dominion 3/4/3/3/1/3/1/8/3+ 6++
Dominion Superior 3/4/3/3/1/3/2/9/3+ 6++
Special Rules: Acts of Faith, Scouts, Shield of Faith
Act of Faith = Holy Fusillade – Shooting Phase: All weapons in unit becomes twin-linked until the end of the phase
Wargear: Power armour, boltgun, bolt pistol, frag, krak

Heavy Support
Retributor 3/4/3/3/1/3/1/8/3+ 6++
Retributor Superior 3/4/3/3/1/3/2/9/3+ 6++
Special Rules: Acts of Faith, Shield of Faith
Act of Faith = Divine Guidance – Shooting Phase: All weapons in unit become Rending until the end of the phase
Wargear: Power armour, boltgun, bolt pistol, frag, krak

BS4 13/11/10
Special Rules: Shield of Faith
Wargear: Exorcist missile launcher, smoke launchers

Penitent Engines
4/2/5(10)/3/D6+1 11/11/10
Unit Type: Walker, Open-topped
Special Rules: Rage, Shield of Faith
Unstoppable Rampage: Penitent Engines ignore any crew shaken and crew stunned results on the Vehicle Damage tables.

Battle Frenzy: Every unsaved wound inflicted in close combat generates an additional attack. These extra attacks do not generate further additional attacks.

Wargear: 2 DCCW with built in Heavy Flamers. Note that the bonus for being equipped with 2 DCCWs is already included in the PEs profile

Dedicated Transports
BS4 11/11/10
Transport: 10 models, it cannot transport models in Terminator armour.
Fire Points: 2 from top hatch
Access Points: 1 on each side and one at the rear
Special Rules: Shield of Faith
Repair: If immobilised for any reason can attempt to repair instead of shooting. On a D6 roll of 6 the vehicle is no longer immobilised.
Wargear: Storm bolter, smoke launchers

BS 4 11/11/10
Transport: 6 models, it cannot transport models in Terminator armour.
Fire Points: None
Access Points: 1 on each side and one at the rear
Special Rules: Shield of Faith
Wargear: Twin-linked heavy flamer, smoke launchers

Gmorts Chaotica takes no responsible for any desire to punch GW design staff members that reading that crap may inspire.....

You can comment if you like but I'm unlikely to care enough to reply on this particular occasion ;-)

Friday, 22 July 2011

E-Mail In : Help with School League Orks.

E-Mail In :

Hey Gmort.
Just wondered if ou were up for a challenge and felt like helping me come up with a nasty ork list following the school league rules? The local group I play with has had an influx of gamers from a local school and as a way of helping them get themselves ready for the next season (next year I believe) we're running a few 600 point leagues. 
The FOC is as follows:
1+ HQ
2+ Troops
0 -1 Elites
Either 0 -1 Fast Attack OR 0 - 1 Heavy Support.
As you can see its a very restrictive FOC and I have had no problems designing lists for my power armoured forces but I want to run an ork list now. I would prefer an infantry based Goff list, though I'm not adverse to meching up the list. At the moment I'm thinking of the following:
Big Mek - 85Pts
Kustom Force Field
20 Boys - 180Pts
2 Rokkit Launcha's
Nob - Power Claw, Boss Pole
20 Boys - 180Pts
2 Rokkit Launcha's
Nob - Power Claw, Boss Pole
That leaves me with 155 points and I dont know where to spend them. I could go with stormboyz with a Power Claw Nob, Burna's or even a couple of units of 20 Grots. 
I've also designed a mek based dread mob list which fits the rules, basically 2 Meks, 2 Dreads, 3 Kans and 2 units of 10 Grots.
Can you help?

Reply :

I'll see if any of the Ork players who look at the blog can help you. If they can't then I'll give it a go myself.

Well any Ork players up for the challenge???

Thursday, 21 July 2011

'Young Bloods' Tournament - Belated Review.

So I took a trip down to Warhammer World in Nottingham a couple of weeks ago in order to give some moral support to a kid from my FLGS who was in the aforementioned tournament. As there's a chance that some younger people involved might read this I've refrained from swearing on this one occasion.

The event seemed to be well organised with a few minor niggles that I observed while wandering around.

The Positives.
The atmosphere seemed fairly pleasant, instructions were given to the kids in a clear and precise way and there were several judges on 'walkabout' making sure everybody was fine and that rules queries were answered promptly*

* Including on one occasion an almost embarrassingly completely incorrect overruling of something I told a kid which happened several seconds after I'd left the table.....more on that later ;-)

I don't really want to call the next section 'The negatives' so I'll instead call it observations...

Some Observations.

The kids were given two and a half hours for each of the three games and an hour for lunch sometime in the middle of the day. 
If we were talking about a bunch of kids playing 2000 point games then I could maybe understand the large time allowance for each match...However, these were 1500 point games so as I'm sure you can imagine there was a lot of hanging around which was imo completely unnecessary. Two hours would have been more than sufficient.

Rules Knowledge (the kids).
I was amazed at some of the gaping holes in the rules of knowledge of all but two or three of the kids there.
Were not talking about little kids here (the age range was 12-15) and as tournament entrants I would presume that these kids had been playing  for awhile so I was understandably surprised by some of the rules mistakes being made. Why these fundamental gaps in rules knowledge were so widespread is a mystery to me but I can only presume that they had been taught incorrectly, had only played against other kids and therefore didn't know better or were just very new to the hobby. There were some exceptions obviously, but in general the level of knowledge of even the basics was very disappointing.

I won't name names but here's a few of the interesting interpretations I heard during the day.

More than half of my unit is out of terrain so I can charge the full distance without rolling a difficult terrain test.
Your unit can't charge me because it's just got out of a vehicle (the vehicle in question hadn't moved).
Because I've got 'Line of Sight' you don't get a cover save (both the firer and the target were infantry units in terrain).
What's 'wound allocation' mean?

I won't go on...but I could if I wanted to...for a looooooonnnngggg time, lol.

Rules Knowledge (the judges).
I would expect the judges to have a good knowledge of the rules.
It would be wrong of me to pick on somebody because of a single messed up rule...but I'm going to anyway...

Child A fires his Vindicator at another Vindicator belonging to child B. Child A specifies a location smack bang in the middle of his opponents Vindicator and rolls a hit. Being quite good at estimating distances I mentioned that the specified point looked to be further than 24" away. On measuring the distance it turned out to be closer to 25" which would obviously be a miss. Child A then moved the template back an inch and a half and said "24 inch would still hit the vehicle so it's okay". I then pointed out that a shot at a target that was out of range is automatically a miss and what he was basically doing was either pre-measuring or outright cheating, neither of which are allowed ;-). A Judge then told him (after I had walked away and he'd gone to check himself) that it was perfectly fine to move the blast template to a location on the vehicle that was in range.....

Page 30, paragraph 3 of the main rulebook would seem to agree with my interpretation of the rules but then again I think I was one of only about three people present who had ever read the rulebook...

That might seem a bit petty but it's a fundamental and basic rule of 40K that somebody acting as a judge should have known.

One of my many pet hates at current 'Official' Warhammer tournaments.
The scoring system seemed to share the same flaws as those used at the 'Throne of Skulls' tournaments which I've moaned about in the past. The 'old' scoring system worked just fine and whoever changed it needs to learn more about competitive 40K before he interferes again ;-)

So for what it's worth it seemed like most people enjoyed themselves so I suppose that's a small victory but if GW wants to run 'tournaments' rather than 'hobby events' then it needs to do a bit more research to get it right.

Editors Note : Congratulations to the kid from Dudley who I believe was the overall winner and one of the few kids there with decent rules knowledge. I apologise to both him and his dad for completely forgetting both their names...

Thoughts and Comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

House of Paincakes Article No. 30

Tuesday article can be found here. This time rather ironically on the subject of blogging being hard fucking work.

In my continuing campaign to ensure that I never get onto the Blog Roll at the FTW blog network (because apparently 'real' hobbyists don't swear or like girls) here's some pictures of Devon Aoki.

I know I usually have some vague theme to justify 'Tuesday's Eye-Candy' but this time I don't. If you'd like to make up a theme then that's fine ;-)

As 'Suki' in 2 Fast 2 Furious.

As 'Dominique' in D.E.B.S.

As 'Miho' in Sin City.

As 'Kasumi' in DOA: Dead or Alive.

And a few as herself which are big enough to use as wallpapers should you feel so inclined ;-)

And just in case that wasn't enough to put off the FTW crowd.....Fuck, Fuckity, Fuck, Fuck, lol.

Back (But Not Necessarily By Public Demand)

Yes, I have returned.....Hip, Hip, Hooray!!! you all cry.....

Or maybe you just cry.....

Who knows?


My weekly House of Paincakes article will be appearing some time today. I pre-warn you it's a bit self pitying, lol. As I don't want to break tradition I'll have a linking article on my own blog that will also have pictures of some random hot-girl in it for no immediately justifiable reason other than I want to...

Tomorrow I'll be doing a (somewhat belated) article on the 'Young Bloods' Tournament that I went to in order to give moral support to a young gentleman from my FLGS and Thursday I'll try and catch up with some of the list assistance e-mails that I've yet to look at. After that, normal service will be resumed.

See you all soon, lol.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A Brief Break from Blogging.

I am up to my eyeballs in 'Real Life' stuff to do over the next few days so blogging will have to unfortunately go on 'standby' mode till Monday next week.

Though telling you all this will undoubtedly effect my blog 'hits' for the next few days it did seem the polite thing to do, lol. Hopefully I'll be back to boring you with the same inane crap and random waffling on (that you all seem to come back for repeatedly) early next week.

If your desperate for a blogging fix then you can try some of the sites in my 'Links' section or have a read through some of the old stuff that you might have missed. On a side note, thanks to the few of you who have clicked on the adverts that the resulting revenue of paid for the fuel I used driving to Nottingham to take pics of the 'Young Bloods' tournament (which I'll be doing an article on as soon as I'm back to normal output). If you could keep on doing that then it would be much appreciated. Also if your not yet a follower of the blog then you can always do that as well ;-)

Until then here's a picture of an attractive half-naked girl holding a Flame-thrower that will further guarantee that I never get approved for the FTW blog network......

I suppose I best use the word 'Fuck' at least once as well.....
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