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Burrows and Badgers: Rogues and Vagabonds Kickstarter (Part Two)

Oathsworn Miniatures recently went to Kickstarter in order to further expand the model range for their 'Burrows and Badgers' anthropomorphic animal miniatures range. This latest set of additions was known as 'Rogues and Vagabonds' in order to compliment their previous 'Fur and Feathers' and 'New Blood' Kickstarters amongst others.
The intention was to fund the creation of twelve miniatures, a bonus one as a freebie and a piece of appropriate scenery. This feature will be divided into two and will cover (roughly) half of the miniatures per article. The first part of this feature can be found HERE.

This was the level at which I pledged...

For want of a better way of dividing them up I'm going to do it alphabetically.
Let's get started then...
Jagrimm the Swift, Sparrowhawk

Jimmy the Beak, Starling Rogue

Miss Delphine, Cat Huntress

Rowley, Otter Ranger

Sister Primrose, Mouse Nun

Slisssk the Adder

Ruined Chapel

The other six miniatures and the freebie miniature were covered in Part One.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome
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Scale 75 - August Newsletter

Scale 75's August releases...
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Scale75 News AUGUST 2018


75mm - 1/24 scale

75mm scale resin figure. Liz Coppercotton & George Steelheart, Steam Wars series

SSP-015 Liz Coppercotton & George Steelheart

Will Liz manage to fix her beloved George? Maybe with your aid you can help her out ... Painting and steampunk mechanics in a single kit! 75mm scale and high quality resin.

Escenario no incluido.

¿Conseguirá Liz arreglar a su querido George? Quizá con tu ayuda puedas echarle una mano… ¡Pintura y mecánica steampunk en un sólo kit! Escala 75mm y resina de alta calidad.

Scenery not included.
EUR 115*
*Price VAT not included

More Steam Wars



35mm figure. Brigitte LaFayette. Wargames - Fantasy series

SWS-008 Brigitte LaFayette

Brigitte LaFayette is a bounty hunter who, accompanied by her detective cat, has malefactors looking for hiding places like crazy. Now you can paint her on a 35mm scale with great detail.

Brigitte LaFayette es una cazarrecompensas que, acompañada de su gato detective, tiene a los malhechores buscando escondites como locos. Ahora puedes pintarla en una escala de 35mm con todo lujo de detalles.
EUR 9,92*
*Price VAT not included

More Wargames figures - Fantasy series


1/48 & 1/72 scales

1:48 german tankers. Resin figures. Warfront series
EUR 12,40*
*Price VAT not included
1:72 german tankers. Resin figures. Warfront series
EUR 7,44*
*Price VAT not included

SW48-006 & SW72-006 German tankers 2

Crew for German military vehicles, with a complete figure and two torsos to be placed in hatches. They wear the typical armored troops uniform, used throughout the WW2 in different scenarios.

Tripulación para vehículos militares alemanes, con una figura completa y dos torsos para situar en escotillas. Portan el típico uniforme de tropas acorazadas, utilizado durante toda la SGM2 en diferentes escenarios.

More Wafront figures 1/35, 1/48 & 1/72 scales


1/48 & 1/72 scales

1:48 german tankers. Resin figures. Warfront series
EUR 12,40*
*Price VAT not included
1:72 german tankers. Resin figures. Warfront series
EUR 7,44*
*Price VAT not included

SW48-007 & SW72-007 Panzergrenadiers

German grenadiers with "panzertruppen cut" uniform in fieldgrey color. Used by both assault gun and armored vehicles crews and certain "panzer" infantry in Normandy 1944, Austria and Berlin in 1945.

Granaderos alemanes con uniforme de “corte panzertruppen” en color fieldlgrey. Usado tanto por tripulaciones de cañones de asalto y vehículos acorazados como determinada infantería “panzer” en Normandía 1944, Austria y Berlín en 1945.

More Wafront figures 1/35, 1/48 & 1/72 scales

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