Thursday, 31 July 2014

Shenlong Artwork for Malifaux M2E

I know that for most of these previews I've being simply updating the old post but this particular piece of artwork and the other previews of the plastics deserved a post of their own I thought...

Introducing (Courtesy of the Through the Breach Podcast) the Ten Thunders Master Shenlong...and some friends...

There's also been some sneak peeks at some of the upcoming plastics...

From Left to Right...Guild Guard, Hans, Desperate Mercenary...

...a couple of Executioners and Bete Noire...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Warlord Games Newsletter

Plastic Tanks...and 'Alpha' play-test rules for Gates of Antares amongst other things...

New Plastic Tanks!

Sneak Peek: New plastic kits on their way soon...

...check out which ones. View Article

Tank War:

Tank Platoon Organisation

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My Favourite Tank - the Winner

View Article

Gates of Antares:

Alpha Playtest Rules

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New Kingdom Egyptians

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Wednesday Gallery

Well I'm still working on my Rasputina Crew for Malifaux though my Judge Dredd Miniatures, Cryx army, Mutant Chronicles Dark Legion, Star Trek : Attack Wing Klingon fleet and about ten other distracting projects are making it tricky to stay focussed...

Given my usual 'current project' method of selecting a theme for the gallery that gives me a lot of options but I decided to stick with my primary project of Rasputina. As I've run out of pictures of bloodstained women that I can legitimately post without getting myself into all kinds of trouble I decided to go with something snow themed again...if you're bored of Gothic girls against snowy backgrounds then you'll be happy to know that I've now used every picture in that folder...if however you like pictures of Gothic girls against snowy backgrounds then you'll be devastated to know that I've now used every picture in that folder...

As usual if the above subject matter holds no interest for you then go look at something else and don't scroll down...otherwise I'll see you in  moment.....






You again?!?!?

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Forge World Bulletin #26

A bit more of a retrospective one this time...though the Contemptors are pretty cool...

In this week's bulletin, Chris has a look back at some recent events and takes a peek at two forthcoming Legion Contemptors.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

New Malifaux Artwork Previews - Updated...A Few Times in Fact...

We were getting a lot of reviews of Malifaux artwork and renders and then they slowed down somewhat...looks like they've begun to speed up again...

I've compiled them all here for your convenience and I'll update the post when more appear. So far we have the cover of the Wave 2 book (Crossroads) and Through the Breach as well as a page spread from the aforementioned 'Crossroads' and a single page (Bayou Gators), a picture of the new Ten Thunders Master Shenlong, four 'Riders' (Dead, Pale, Hooded and Mechanical), four Effigies (Arcane, Carrion, Lucky and Mysterious), two Gremlins (Rooster Rider and Taxidermist), Some Misc. art including Dust Storm, Kaeris, Lelu. Performer, McTavish and something new, six renders (Coppelius, Ikiryo, Nekima, Performer, Rami LaCroix and together with a Gif the Desolation Engine) and a slightly blurry picture of the upcoming Ophelia LaCroix Gremlin set.

Simply click on the pictures for larger versions.

Crossroads and Through the Breach.


Dead, Hooded, Pale and Mechanical.

Arcane, Carrion, Lucky and Mysterious.

Rooster Rider and Taxidermist.

Misc. Artwork.
Dust Storm, Lelu, Performer, something new and at slightly lower quality Kaeris and McTavish.

Coppelius, Ikiryo, Performer, Rami LaCroix, Nekima and Desolation Engine.

Ophelia La Croix.
Not sure where this one came from...sorry about the quality...

I'll add others if and when they appear.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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