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Unboxing Malifaux - Lucius 'Bound by Law' Starter Set

Let's have a look beneath the mask...actually, maybe that's not such a good idea after all...

The 'Bound by Law' box contains enough parts for seven miniatures...namely Lucius, his Totem The Scribe (2SS), Captain Dashel (9SS), two Guild Lawyers (6SS each) and two Guild Guards (4SS each). It also contains stat cards for each one and six upgrade cards four of which are for Lucius and one that can be given to either Lucius or a Guardsman and one that can be given to any model with the Mimic type.

This makes the Soulsstone value of the box...

Lucius (0), The Scribe (2), Captain Dashel (9), Guild Lawyers (6, 6) and Guild Guards (4, 4) Total (31) or (34) with a maximum Soulstone cache and (40) with maximum useable 'out of the box' upgrades.

The box has two main sprues in it as well as the aforementioned cards...

The Sprues.

Stat Cards.

Lets have a look at each of these in turn...should there be any assembly issues with any of the models then they will be listed in the appropriate section and you can view larger versions of the smaller pictures by clicking on them. Here's the instructions as well...just in case...

The Female Guild Guard part of the instructions appears to miss out her sword completely...luckily it's location is fairly obvious on the actual model.


The Sprue

His staff is quite thin but not as spindly as the one on the Guild Lawyer. You'll also have to trim a tiny bit of flash from the neck area or his head doesn't fit on properly.

A Comparison picture between the new plastic and original metal version.

The Scribe.

The Sprue

Mine came out slightly slanted so be careful when you attach the legs (I didn't dry-fit the parts first so that's my bad...) and as the hands are already on the tray but the arms are separate you'll need to test the alignment of these before gluing as well.

Captain Dashel.

The Sprue

The main part of the model consists of fairly large parts and has no assembly issues though there are a few smaller pieces that attach to the main part of the model that are a bit fiddly. You should be able to see where they go from both the instructions and the below pictures...

A Comparison picture between the new plastic and original metal version.

Guild Guards.

The Sprue

One of them is very easy to assemble...and one of them is less so...

Male Guild Guard - Assembled
This one has no issues at all though on a side note this one would make an excellent character model for any-one planning on a dual wielding gun-slinger for the Through the Breach RPG...

Female Guild Guard - Assembled
One part is particularly annoying and will get it's own section. Off we go then...you'll need to attach the 'chest' section to the main cloak part first as the legs align with that section. The rest of the cloak is in two parts though if you glue them together before attaching them to the rest of the model they're difficult to manoeuvre into place...and if you don't they're a bit fiddly to align...so dry-fit first and make your decision, lol. You'll notice that the sword/gun combo on her side isn't on the instructions however there's an obvious location recess that it plugs into. She also has a two-part head.

 This hand piece is separate from both the arm and holster to which it attaches. I assembled the rest of the model, put a small quantity of glue on both the arm and the holster and then slid the hand piece into place with a pair of tweezers...I'm sure there are other ways, but that's how I did mine...

A comparison picture between the new plastic and original metal versions from the Guild Guard pack.

Guild Lawyers.

Guild Lawyer 1 - The Sprue

Be very careful with this bit...mine came already broken...

Guild Lawyer 1 - Assembled
Other than the exceptionally thin staff and the small connection area that part has with the hand this model is issue free.

Guild Lawyer 2  - The Sprue

Guild Lawyer 2 - Assembled
Trouble free...well relatively. The model has a tiny finger (don't worry it isn't separate...) that could easily be damaged. There's also enough room to slide the book into place so you can put it into place last or glue it to the arm and then attach that arm. I used the former method though I know of others that have used the second...

A comparison picture between the new plastic and original metal version.

Here's a group picture.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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