Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Not a Weekly House of Paincakes Article (10)

I rather lazily didn't write a House of Paincakes article again this week. This was mainly due to the fact that I had nothing particularly to say and figured it was better to wait till I did rather than write a blatant filler article just for the sake of it...

I'm sure something will annoy and/or inspire me over the next fortnight...possibly...maybe I'm just not as angry as I used to be....

Lets have a Wednesday gallery then.

No specific theme this week...lets just have some steampunk (ish) girls...

As usual, if this sort of thing doesn't interest you then don't scroll down.....






Off we go then.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Warlord Games - Newsletter

Warlord Games Weekly Newsletter for those of you who are interested in such things...


Free Postage & Entry to the Pegasus Bridge Draw both Finish Today!


New: Bovan Tuk - Mhagris Mercenary Leader

Our second model release for Beyond the Gates of Antares is the fearsome Mhagris Mercenary Leader Bovan Tuk.

New: Hansa Nairoba - limited smoky resin version

Out today is a special limited version of our Hansa Nairoba model - cast in smoky resin. We have only 40 of these castings and once they're gone, that's it!

Beyond the Gates of Antares: Salute Round-up

Salute is the highlight of the year for many of us, and this year was special for Rick Priestley as we decided to preview all the work Warlord have been doing towards his Beyond the Gates of Antares game.

History: Sir Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington

Born in Dublin in 1769, this remarkable man had a very unexceptional life prior to joining the British Army in 1787 as an ensign in the 73rd Highlanders. Family influence and money eased his way through the ranks, as he took advantage of the Purchase system to buy one promotion after another.

History: Field Marshal von Blücher

Born in Rostock, Mecklenburg the son of a land-owning family, Blücher was destined for military service.

History: Sumerian & Akkadian Warfare Part 2 - Army Organisation

Last week Ancients wargaming expert Nigel Stillman provided a detailed account of Early Bronze age warfare and focused on military development in the region. Here, in part 2, Nigel explains how armies were raised and organised.
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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Crew a Week Project - McMournings 'Body of Evidence' - Part 1

Last weeks challenge was a Nicodem crew and some extra bits and pieces and was completed on time...the finished product can be found here.

This week (and possibly next...details to follow...) will be McMournings turn. I would also like to put somewhat of a dent in my backlog of other Resurrectionist models and as luck would have it many of them fit neatly under McMournings overall theme. My original McMourning crew was based on Wyrd's 'Morgue' bases as it seemed appropriate even though I put my Flesh Construct on the wrong base size and just never bothered to change it. As many of the models I wish to include in this challenge are already based using my cobblestone style bases (The tutorial for which can be found here) I decided to re-base my original crew rather than everything else for three reasons. Firstly it was less work, secondly I would have had to order about five sets of Morgue bases to do it and thirdly...I'm not a big fan of the Morgue bases...sorry Wyrd...I like all the other ones though...just not those...

So this is what I've got to start off with...

Firstly the 'Original crew' will need re-basing.

The Flesh Construct has already had this done as I did it as part of the un-boxing for the new plastic version but with the generous donation of the Alternate Flesh Construct courtesy of Martin at Titan Games I now have four versions of the aforementioned Flesh Construct to work least one of them is painted...

Of course I mustn't forget the actual core crew of the challenge.

I also have the limited edition 'Miss' version of the Nurse as well as another none Wyrd nurse model I liked the look of that I was going to use instead of one of the original metal ones. Both of these need re-basing on cobblestones...and have had very little work done on them at all...

In the area of other Resurrectionist models that have been patiently waiting some care and attention are the following model sets... well as a couple of Hanged and their pal Jack Daw. Though Jack Daw is now a 'Master' in his own right I doubt we'll be seeing that crew in plastic any time soon so I may sneak him into the painting crew as a Hanged.

There's also these models to consider as well.

The mathematically minded amongst you will have worked out that comes to...

6 models to re-base,
4 models to assemble and then paint from scratch,
13 models that are currently under-coated only
and 9 models that are assembled but have no paint on them whatsoever...

Which is why I may need to spread this challenge over two weeks, lol.

So far I've managed to do the re-basing part of the process...

The Guild Autopsies, and Alternate McMourning are also assembled and based...

What do you mean "Is that all?" It's only bloody Tuesday...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.
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