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Unboxing Malifaux - M2E Dead Doxies

'It's not only Belles that are rotten...'

The Dead Doxies box contains enough parts for two miniatures...namely the Dead Doxies. It also contains stat cards for them though there are no upgrade cards.

Dead Doxies - Sprue
The box has one sprue in it as well as the aforementioned cards. Here's pictures of both sides of it...

Dead Doxies - Stat Card
Wyrd Games didn't like my publishing pictures of both sides of the stat cards so you'll have to make do with this...

Should there be any assembly issues with the model then they will be listed in the appropriate section and you can view larger versions of the smaller pictures or instruction pictures by clicking on them.

Dead Doxies - Instructions

Some General Notes on Assembly.
Many of these models contain quite small parts so depending on how dexterous you are you might consider getting yourself some tweezers. Dry-fitting is also always a good idea in case a part needs a tiny bit of extra filing or filling as some of the fits are quite tight. Where the parts on the sprue are quite thin (chains, weapon shafts, cables and the like) then it might be better to remove parts with a sharp scalpel rather than cutters.

Dead Doxies

Dead Doxy 1 - Assembled
I found the head and hand alignment is a bit tricky and I had a fair bit of trouble getting the head sections to fit together flush partly due to the fact that the head can be placed on the neck area at a variety of angles that seem fine at first so dry-fitting first is heartily recommended. The rest of the model is quite simple in comparison.

Dead Doxy 1 - Comparison Picture
Here's a comparison picture between the original metal version and the new M2E plastic one.

Dead Doxy 2 - Assembled
The 'Bustle' parts are small and fiddly and quite difficult to align so they match the appearance on the box but to be fair they don't need to be exact to still look fine. She also has a fairly small two-part head and the hat in her hand is also in two parts. You'll need to be systematic with the assembly of this model as it's a bit fiddly...

Dead Doxy 2 - Comparison Picture
Here's a comparison picture between the original metal version and the new M2E plastic one.

Dead Doxies - Comparison Picture
Here's a couple of group comparison pictures between the original metal versions and the new M2E plastic ones.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Mantic Games Newsletter

Four hours left to get involved with Mantic Games's 'Walking Dead' miniatures game...

4 Hours Remaining
Thanks to the help of our backers we are able to make a great game even better, with four expansions and a host of characters and walkers that mean we can keep supporting this game for years.

We hope that you will join us for the last few hours (and get yourself a great deal and nearly everything there is for the game too).

To say thank you to everyone who has supported us we are giving away a very special Kickstarter Exclusive miniature - Negan comes free in every pledge level!
As fans of the comic series will tell you, Negan is a notorious villain and if you’re a fan of the TV show you have a lot to look forward to!
A retail-version of Negan won't hit stores for at least a year, maybe even 2, after you get him, making him a very special piece in your miniatures collection.

Negan is just one of the 6 Kickstarter Exclusives included in our pledge levels. If you’re looking at getting involved we recommend Something to Fear which in addition to the exclusives also gets a Collector’s Edition Starter Set, 2 expansions, over 80 finely detail plastic survivors, walkers and pieces of 3D scenery, over 140 cards and all the tokens, dice and templates you need to play, saving you over $200 at retail.
This will be the last email on The Walking Dead Kickstarter. Normal service will resume later this week.

However if you are interested in the game please pledge your support now to avoid disappointment. There will be no late pledging and we don't think you'll want to miss out on all of this:
Copyright © 2016 Mantic Games, All rights reserved.

Wyrd Games Monday Preview

This weeks preview from Wyrd Games is a look at the renders for the Neverborn 'Changelings'...

This week's Monday Preview is a look at the three renders for Changelings, Neverborn minions. Changelings have only one Action of their own, but what makes them special is the ability to use Actions from models around them.  This makes Changelings a bit of an unknown quantity in games, forcing opponents to consider just what they bring into range.
Come on over to our forum to discuss the renders!
And don't forget that there's only this week to sign up for the Iron Painter.

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

More new releases and other news from Hasslefree Miniatures...

Happy Leap Year!
Yup, tomorrow is the day we're not supposed to have. Here's a fact that's interesting to literally no-one but me, I was supposed to be born on the 29th February. That was my official due date, which I think means I would have been 10 tomorrow. Instead I will be 40 in 10 days time, because, much like for the rest of my life, I was quite late :)
I'm super tired while writing this, so it may get even more rambly than usual. I had to pull an all-nighter and, as mentoned above, I'm almost 40. They're not quite as fun as they were 20 years ago!

You'll notice below that the newsletter is more colourful than usual, We are in the process of trying out a new painting studio and, I hope you'll agree, I think it's gone well. We're hoping we can enter into an arrangement to bring you at least all new releases, in metal, painted from April/Salute onwards.

Right, before I go off on random tangents about the salivary gland stone I picked up recently or the pinched nerve in my shoulder and start whining about how fragile my 39yr old self has become, let's crack on and talk about little resin and  metal people!
Never Miss a HF Update again! :)
Before that though, a quick chat about FB metrics.
FB metrics determine what you see on your feed. It's based in part on what you like, what you click open or continue reading on etc. on what you comment on or share and, in at least some part, some kind of ancient sorcery based in a field of mathematics lost to time.

I.e nobody is quite sure how it works, including Facebook I'd guess :)

Suffice to say that if you 'really' wanna see HF Fb announcements (orKev's artist WIPs), you can in fact do somethign about it. Go to our page, see the 'liked' button (If you see a 'like' button then you are dead to me and I am definitely not inviting you to the net big get together)? On the right of the liked button is a little arrow, clik that and get the pop up above.

Click the little pen icon top right of the options on that page and it gives you some specific instructions to pick. If you choose to receive notifications, it means whenever we make an update you get the lil ding number at the top of your page, just to makes sure you don't miss it during a busy feed day.

Secondly, and I think less usefully but you may disagree, you can choose to put our posts at the top of your feed. I haven't tested this one to see how long they stay there or anything though.

So, if you've had a problem with missing our announcements, then those are the easiest bet for you to fix it :)

Ok,on with the Kevgasms!
Resin Master - Apprentice Raisa
Raisa was only 12 when she realised she could manipulate the magicks of the Veil, they rebuilt the barn later that year.  Her abilities to transform the magicks into burning energy drew the attention of a retired adventurer who lived by the family. He contacted an old friend, an Elementalist who specialised in the sorcery of fire. He took the young Raisa as an Apprentice (and also found her older sister, Cara, was a solid bodguard, whether he wanted one or not).
Resin Master - Cara
Cara is the older of two sisters who took different paths. While her younger sister Raisa was drawn towards the magicks of the Veil from an early age, Cara decided that someone needed to protect her and took up the sword. Despite her pleasant, peaceful, appearance, Cara is a skilled warrior and has proven quite capable of making sure trouble doesn't ever quite reach her sister's person.
Borax, the Lost Dwarf
Borax is a dwarf without a home. Having arrived through a tear in the Veil near the Riftlands, he wanders the Northern lands looking for a way home.  Seen here in his travelling gear with rune-axe covered safely, and with his entire life on his back.  This is the road trip version of him.

In case you are wondering where his plate armour is, see that small pouch on his belt, it's all in there. Seriously, if you've played D&D at all that's not even close to unrealistic :)

His life before the accident is unknown to most, you can find more information here though ;)
Dynamic Borax, Armed and Amoured
Borax is seen here in full magical plate armour and swinging his his trusty runeaxe.  This is the dynamic, combat-ready, version of the regular Borax above.

He comes with a choice both heads seen, armoured and unarmoured.
Adalheid, Dwarven Shieldmaiden
Adalheid is a Dwarven Shieldmaiden. No, she doesn't have a beard and yes, she will put a giant spear through some part of your anatomy should you suggest it.
Blanche, Enigmatic Champion
'Blanche' is a servant of the Dark Gods, a fearsome warrior with a magical power over men. Her face is so perfectly smooth and hair so bountiful that some argue her real persona is hidden beneath.  Bedecked in ribbed plate, accessorised with a horn and cloak from an exotic giant reptile and carrying a darksteel sword.

Made as a homage to the works of the artist John Blanche.
Etched Brass Restock
We just got a full restock of our etched brass foliage.

Our architectural etched brass, or specifically, the PK Pro items, will be restocked next week as the manufacturer is away at a trade show.
There should be another Newsletter next week. They always pick up the pace with only 6 weeks to go until Salute :)
Golgo Restock
Renato Ramirez, The Fist of Golgo and Colonel Zanzibar all now back in good stock!
And FInally...
3 of our friends have ongoing Kickstarters right now.

First up, we have Tre Manor of Red Box trying to fund a box of PVC Njorn - HERE

We have this 15mm kickstarter for a bunch of sci-fi soldiers from the man whom 'Bergil ' is named for.

And finally another friend is fundiing a group of oldschool dwarves.

Keep your eye on Kevs artists page more closely these coming weeks, he has been having a clearout and selling of old gaming stuff, dollies, half finished greens etc. Interesting stuff!
We will now definitely be switching over our emails as soon as we can, as mentioned last week, if you are having trouble with the admin@ one, try the info@ one.

Right, if that's not everything then tough, because I'm falling asleep at the keyboard here, quite literally.

'til next time,


Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sunday Round-up

Yet again I've actually managed to accomplish things during the last week...

...If this keeps up I may end up with a completely undeserved reputation for consistency.

So over the last week I've created three more Malifaux unboxings of the Gunsmiths, Sue and the Tengu as well as writing up the second part of one of our recent RPG sessions which can be found here. There's also a link to part one in there as well just in case you missed the first half of the epic saga.

I've also had a fairly productive weekend which should hopefully mean that you'll get a few more features next week on a variety of subjects. I've assembled my Infernal Kickstarter, the Malignancy race from Macrocosms game system and a couple more Malifaux models.

If all that wasn't enough I also received my 'The Devils Run' Kickstarter pledge which will get a feature of it's own at some point in the next few weeks.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Mantic Games Newsletter

You only have until Midnight tomorrow (Monday) if you want to get involved in this Walking Dead miniatures game from Mantic Games on Kickstarter...

Last Chance For The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead: All Out War Kickstarter closes at midnight GMT this Monday (29 February), meaning that there are only 48 hours left to get involved!

How to back The Walking Dead Kickstarter

To get everything for the game we recommend the Something to Fear pledge level and both the Prison and Woodbury expansions for a total pledge of $205. This will get youin excess of $450 worth of Walking Dead plus exclusives before the end of the campaign.

The Something to Fear pledge level makes it easy to get started

Includes 77 stunning wargames miniatures, 106 essential game cards and everything you need to play.

Check it out - you get absolutely everything you see in the graphic below, with more to be added before the end!
It contains:
  • A deluxe collector’s starter set with simple getting started guide, rules for solo play and campaign rules.
  • All of your favorite survivors from The Walking Dead comic to expand your faction
  • Equipment cards to customize your group for casual and competitive play.
  • 2 expansions introducing new gameplay and narrative scenarios, adding more replayability to your game, new mechanics and scenery like the RV and barn.
  • 26 individual walkers so you can build your own herd
  • Plastic scenery including abandoned cars and barricades
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Abraham, Michonne, Walker Ronnie, Sheriff’s Badge Initiative Counter and more to come!
Some of the miniatures will not be available at retail for at least 6 months to a year after you receive it giving you bragging rights with all of your friends!

Expand your game with the Prison and Woodbury

Introducing lots of new gameplay, The Walking Dead: All Out War expansions take key story arcs from the comic and represents them in game form with a series of scenarios allowing you to play out the events.  They each introduce a few new rules to add a twist to the core game and are an essential item for all you completionists.
Both the Prison and Woodbury are optional add-ons on the Kickstarter. They include 4 new survivors each, 2 walkers and a whole bunch of scenery, event cards, equipment cards and a new mat.
For the Kickstarter only there's a whole bunch of free characters included with each expansion – Woodbury gets you the Governor whilst the Prison gets youMorgan.
For all you completionists out there, don’t miss out; add them onto your pledge.
Remember – there are just 48 hours to go. Please pledge your support.
Let's Play Mantic Games' The Walking Dead: All Out War
How does the game play?
Games designed Mark Latham takes Warren and the guys at Beasts of War through a game.

Watch The Walking Dead Gameplay Video here.
With this Kickstarter we are committed to keeping things simple for shipping so that we can offer the best customer service. With this in mind there will be no late pledging, so if you want to get your hands on a great deal and all of the Kickstarter Exclusives then you must pledge during the Kickstarter. Note that pledges of No Reward will be cancelled and refunded.
Be sculpted as a walker and be added to the game! You will receive a copy of the figure, the game and all of the expansions.  But hurry, this pledge is limited to just 3 (though we may open a few more)

 Subject to Terms and Conditions, see FAQ at the bottom of the Kickstarter for details.
You can download The Walking Dead: All Out War playtest editionfor free. We’ve expanded the rules with new character cards and equipment cards for you to try bigger games. Please try out the game and give us your feedback!
Copyright © 2016 mantic, All rights reserved.
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