Friday 26 March 2021

Cyberpunk Red - Session Zero - "Spydar's Web"

A roleplay session in the world of Cyberpunk Red
This session was written up by our Gamesmaster Matt and formatted for my blog by me.

The Players
Our players were all started at Rank 4
Garreth as Avery Hicks, Exec
and his Crew Member 'Jasmine'
Phil as 'Holliday' Nomad
Martyn as 'Klink', Medtech

Matt as everyone else.

Scene introductions are written in Blue to distinguish them from the roleplayed parts of the scene

Session Zero - Spydar's Web 
2045, Night City. The world is recovering from the resolution of the 4th Corporate war and Night City itself is invariably in a state or repair and rebuilding. The middle of the city, the hot zone is a radioactive ruin home to only the desperate or the insane and hiding who knows what, abandoned after the Arasaka Tower bombing.

Night City and the Badlands

Elsewhere, there is a big difference between the lives of those in the urban zones, where resources have been spent to slowly regain former glories and those in the suburbs where overcrowded tent cities and slums house refugees from the city. Between these are the combat zones, brutal and dangerous, inhabited by outlaw gangs where the only law comes from the barrel of a gun. Comparisons could be made to the fabled Wild West but really, these streets have more in common with a horror than a western.

Holliday's Kombi Groundcar
Holliday sat, strapped into the driving seat of his ground car. The faint smell of CHOOH2 mixing with the ozone and the dust of the South Night City combat zone. Another driver had set off a few seconds before and he was next up, waiting at the start line. These rally stages were small time and judging by the poor turnout of spectators the takings were going to barely cover the fuel cost. He sighed to himself. At least it was something to do.

The ganger on the start line looked up from his agent and gestured with the dirty rag doubling as a flag. Holliday gunned the throttle and prepared, reflexes on a knife edge. The flag dropped and the car roared into life, screeching away down the straight. Plugged directly into the car, Holliday thought his way around the sweeping bend, at one with the car.

The short straight ran into a chicane that twisted around the rusted husk of an old silo. Flicking the wheel and feathering the throttle, Holliday expertly drifted through the complex, razor focused on the racing line.

Suddenly his agent chimed into life. The number displayed he recognised as belonging to Budget Arms, a corporation he had contracted for in the past but the  extension wasn’t one he seen before. He answered the call.


“Holliday? My name is Anya Metalik, I work in acquisitions at Budget Arms. We have a job that requires some heavy lifting and your name came up in relation to past work. The gig is on a timeframe so I need to know if you’ll take it now.”

Despite the distraction, Holliday threaded his way through the hairpin perfectly and accelerated back down towards the finish line. “What’s the pay?” He grunted. 

“It’s good, are you in?”

“I’ll just finish up and head over.” Holliday said. “Where do you need me?”

“Budget Arms Tower in the Glen. Get over here ASAP. Reception will expect you and send you up to the office.” Waving as he passed the finish line, Holliday smiled grimly to himself. The pay was good, that was a double edged sword. Still, a guy’s got to eat right? It was certainly going to be better than the 50eb wired to him for this race anyway.

'Boxer' - Solo, Budget Arms
The patient occupying the chair in Klink’s independent clinic had introduced himself as Boxer, a solo working security for Budget Arms. The corporation sent a steady flow on light work over from their building across the street that more or less kept the Medtech ticking over. It seems that a recent delivery had resulted in a scuffle between Boxer and an aggressive customer.

“It’s my arm, choom” he said “it don’t feel right.” Klink popped up the Medscanner installed in his cyberarm and cast it over Boxer’s arm. “It’s a torn muscle, no problem.” Klink sprayed the arm with a warming chemical spray and injected a painkiller. “You’re good to go choomba. Try take it easy.” “Preem” said Boxer, handing over 50eb “no doubt I’ll see you again doc.”

Klink walked Boxer out and saw that another Budget Arms operative stood in the waiting room.
“Are you, Klink?” He cut in before the Medtech could speak. “Y-Yeah?” Klink stuttered, taken aback.

“I’ve been told to come and collect you. The boss has a job for you. If you refuse it, you can kiss our custom goodbye. Let’s get going. Bring any gear you have, you’re gonna need it.”

“Err sure, sure, let me grab my bag and lock up.” Hurriedly scrambling to lock up, Klink wondered what the hell he was in for.

Avery Hicks
Harper Bascott - Exec, PowerNetic
Avery Hicks enjoyed the perks of being the top salesman at Budget Arms. This was his domain, this office his battlefield, his guile and cunning his weapons. He reclined in the high backed leather chair and smiled the smile of a man who knew with absolute certainty, that they were king.

On the screen before him was his mark, Harper Bascott. Bascott represented PowerNetic, a small time corporation that dealt with wind power. Avery couldn’t see PowerNetic becoming a major player but business is business and where there’s a sale to be made, he was going to make it.

“Mr Hicks,” began Bascott “Federated Arms say they can do 50 “Super Chiefs” plus 1200 rounds of ammunition for 2500eb. You’re going to need to come back with something better to get my business.”
Immediately, Avery recalled that Federated Arms a rival corporation also made weapons for the budget end of the market. The Super Chief was garbage, so clearly Bascott was trying to spend as little as possible.

“Mr Bascott, you are a valued customer and we want to give you the best service that the city can offer. I’m going to tell you straight, that you are paying over the odds for those super chiefs.” 

Avery drew his own pistol from his desk 
“I myself have my very own Budget Arms Auto 3. This latest model is a far better piece of hardware, its sleeker, more powerful and feels a lot more comfortable in your shooters grip and I can guarantee you a delivery of 50 plus ammunition for 2338eb if you take the offer right now. What do you say?”

GM's Note - I let Garreth to a d6 for a percentage he could add on and skim into his own pocket. He got a 6, lucky sod.

Bascott tapped his fingers on the desk, seemingly mulling over the offer but Avery could see right through him. This sale was as good as made.

“You have a deal. I’ll wire you the money. I need the delivery on priority though”

“Of Course” smiled Avery “I’ll put your order through now and get them dispatched tomorrow. It’s a pleasure doing business with you” As he registered the sale, there was a knock at the door and an attractive woman entered the office. “Mr Hicks, my name is Anya Metalik, I’m from acquisitions. I’ve been ordered to instruct you to come up to acquisitions for a project. You have been requested specifically.” Careful to cover his screen, Avery stood. “Hi there, do you need me right away.”

“Yes” said Anya “time is of the essence.”

“Very well,” said Avery, quickly closing down his terminal and hoping that this beautiful visitor hadn’t noticed the 138eb he had skimmed off the sale. “Please, lead the way.”
The Gig
Night City - Corporate Zone - The Glen
Holliday was the first to arrive at the office. It was spotlessly clean, a textbook example of utopian modernisation and a stark contrast to the view from the window. The corporate zone sprawled out below a pale red sky, a stark reminder of the 4th corporate war. The surrounding high rise towers were cast in silhouette, broken up with dazzling neon lights and brightly coloured billboards.

One wall was dominated by a large screen showing a live stream of Network 54 news channels opposite some comfortable looking seating. On the other side of the room, the reception desk sat empty. Ahead, was a door marked P. Garvey. Acquisitions. Holliday presumed this must be the client.

He turned as the door behind him opened, noticing for the first time the security camera above it. A large muscular man in a functional but professional suit entered, escorting a nervous looking Medtech.
“Wait here” commanded the bigger man gruffly before entering the office ahead and leaving the two men alone. Holliday vaguely recognised the scrawny Medtech as Klink, a local ripperdoc who had patched him up once. He nodded in greeting.

Almost immediately, the door opened again to admit a beautiful woman and Avery Hicks. Holliday knew Avery, as a fellow Aldecaldo who had taken a job here at Budget Arms a while back.

Anya Metalik - Exec, Budget Arms
Acquisitions Dept.
“Good afternoon, my name is Anya”
 said the woman “I will be right back momentarily.” She entered the office presumably to announce their arrival and then returned to say “Mr Garvey is expecting you, please go right in.”

Avery smoothed his suit jacket and held open the door, looking pointedly at the other two. Holliday sighed in resignation and walked through first, Klink, reluctantly followed.

The office was far larger than the lobby. Multiple screens showing the same Network 54 news stream, scrolling corporate messaging and up to date Screamsheets on the walls between cabinets and shelving holding display weapons and bottles of alcohol. In the centre of the room sat a low table with more comfortable leather seats like the ones in the lobby. The far wall was one huge window with a commanding view of the city. A tall lean man sat at an expansive desk surrounded by monitors with his back to the window. He wore an elegant and expensive looking suit and he watched with an air of stern authority as the men entered. He wordlessly gestured for them to sit on the chairs arrayed before his desk.

Avery noticed that behind the door he had just entered, sat Kilo Shamir, a known solo with a reputation as a remorseless killer, clearly employed here as Garvey’s bodyguard. Putting on an air of confidence, Avery nonchalantly strode up and took a seat closest to the door. Holliday followed suit while Klink skulked with far less confidence.

Garvey speaks.

Preston Garvey - Exec, Budget Arms
Acquisitions Dept.
“Good afternoon. Thank you for coming up. I have a job that needs taking care of and I’m always on the lookout for new talent to throw an opportunity too. This could be a real opportunity for you, do as I ask and this could be your ticket to really making it in this city.”

Neither Avery, Holliday nor Klink believed that for a second. They knew they were being taken for a ride. Garvey was covering his back with expendable assets in case the job went south.

“At the edge of the combat zone, here” He gestured to a map on the screen next to him “is the home of one, Terrence Tulcha,” he sighed “a netrunner who rather unimaginatively calls himself Spydar. This gonk wants to be a big fish, but he’s barely even pond scum. He went looking where he shouldn’t have and got himself caught. He’s holed up in a 4th floor shithole apartment with some no-named booster gangers watching his back. He’s on borrowed time now, one way or another he’s a dead man, it’s just a matter of who and when.

He leant forward. “That’s where you come in. You see, he stole some information and I want it. I want you to go down to that hovel, flatline him and retrieve that data. Here’s the catch. My contacts have told me that the NCPD are on this guy and are moving on him today, you’ve got just over a couple of hours before the law will be swarming all over the place and dragging him away where I’m sure he will have an accident but not before giving up what he took.”

Night City Police Department
“So yeah, you need to get in, introduce him to some of our products, retrieve the data and get out before Johnny Law gets there. “

He pauses for a second.

“You know, I’d like to pull the trigger myself actually, after we’ve had a chat of course. There’s a bonus in it for you if you can extract him and bring him back here. Use the back entrance when you arrive if you get me.” Avery remembered that there was a service elevator from the underground parking used for bringing in more delicate deliveries.

“Any questions?”

Avery cleared his throat. “What’s the score for the job?"

“500 eddies for zeroing that gonk” said Garvey “but I’ll throw you another 200 if you bring him back alive.” Avery pondered for a second, weighing up his expenses “This is obviously a job on short notice, do we have access to additional equipment to give us an edge? In the very least some ammo?" Garvey considered it for a second. “Time’s tight so fuck it, yes we’ll give you a few magazines to save you making any stops on the way.”

'Klink', MedTech
"Not happy to be here at all..."
"Why am I even here?"
Mumbled Klink nervously.

Garvey rounded on him “First and foremost, you’re here because if you refused you’re going to lose our business and I know how much you rely on us so it’s in your best interest. Secondly, if it’s necessary, you might need to patch these two or stabilise Tulcha if he gets hurt and you want to bring him back here.”

“I have a Netrunner on my staff.” Said Avery “If we’re hunting one, maybe we should have one of our own. It’s going to cost extra to pay her.” Garvey gave him a withering look. “That’s your staff not mine, paying her isn’t my problem. Now get going.”

GM's Note - At this point I started a timer just to add a sense of urgency.

As they left, Avery said to the others “We are going to need my Netrunner, We’re getting a decent wage for this If you want her on side, you’re going to need to chip in to pay her, 50 eddies a piece.” The others agreed “Yeah, I guess that’s fair” said Klink.

“We’ll talk about the price of gas after the job” added Holliday sarcastically. “Speaking of which, the windows in my ride are bullet proof, so wind ‘em down before you go shooting out of ‘em and nobody touch my fucking radio.”

Jasmine - Netrunner, Budget Arms
Avery Hicks Team Member
Meeting Avery’s Netrunner Jasmin at the carpark, they set off.

“I suggest we proceed with as much haste as we can without drawing attention to ourselves” suggested Avery. “You got it” said Holliday.

The drive took them through the bustling, rain slicked streets of the Glen urban zone. People went about their daily lives eating street food from kiosks and haggling over goods in the markets or gathering beneath the illuminated signs of the many luxurious clubs are bars.

As they got further from the centre, the businesses began to die out and the seedy underbelly of the city crawled out of the shadows. They passed local bodegas that remained busy even as night began to fall and dimly made out groups of people dealing out of the back of cars down gloomy alleyways and the odd Joy-toy plying their trade on the street corners.

Ahead of them, South Night City presented an imposing and depressing reminder of the fall of the city. Much of the zone was an industrial sprawl filled with old factories and warehouses converted into gang hideouts for modern day outlaws.

“Maybe we should try a drive by recon first” said Avery “See what we are up against”

Night City - Leaving the Corporate Zone
This far reaching end of the Glen was still under development and the buildings here were still run down waiting to be pulled down and rebuilt if not repaired and refurbished. The apartment block indicated by Garvey was little more than an upright slum. Many of the windows were boarded up though they could see that some rooms were likely still occupied judging by the few scattered lights. Other sections were completely dark.

A couple of cars were parked up outside. Though they weren’t identical, they were similarly designed long lowered affairs with similar but ultimately crude and amateurish graffiti art painted on them.

“That graffiti said Red Mandible observed Avery “I’ve never heard of them.”

“I’ve heard of them, sometimes they watch the racing. Garvey was right, they’re nobodies” said Holliday. “I’ll park round the block and we can walk back.”

“Do you think you can disable those cars?” Asked Avery “Save us worrying about pursuit if we make a hasty getaway?”

Night City - The Slums
“Yeah I reckon so,”
said Holliday, “if we plug the exhausts it’ll screw up the back pressure. Easy enough to do and though it’s not going to stop them working altogether they’ll run like shit. Serves our purpose well enough.”

As they walked back towards the apartment block, Avery changed his hair style and skin tone to better match the area. He figured if they talked to anyone, he’d need all the help he could get. While Holliday set about sabotaging the two cars, Avery cast a wary eye around looking for any sentries. Though there seemed to be nobody about, he did notice a Black SUV parked down an alley at the side of the block.
“That doesn’t look like a gang car” he said.

“I ain’t touching that” said Holliday “That’s going to have some sort of nasty security shit and I don’t feel like taking 50,000 volts to the grill.” He thought for a minute. “If we hide a load of debris in front the wheels we can probably rig it so they burst the tyres if they try to chase us.”

Quickly the three of them sourced suitably sharp debris from around the alley. Fallen masonry, broken glass and shards of metal that had likely fallen from the upper stories of the tower. With their improvised sabotage complete, they turned their attention to the apartment block itself.

Avery addressed the others.
 “The way I see it, we have two options. Either we go in under the guise of some sort of official, maybe a building inspector or something. Or we go in guns blazing, what do you think?”

Klink, obviously considering the least dangerous option piped up“Yeah blagging our way in is probably better right?”

“Yeah let’s try that first” agreed Holliday

Entering through the door, they found themselves in a lobby with a stairwell going up to the other floors near the door. There was another stairwell at the far end of the lobby past an elevator which seemed to be out of order.

Jasmin got Avery’s attention. “There’s an access point there, do you want me to jack in?”

Avery indicated that she should and quickly and efficiently, Jasmin jacked into the system while Holliday stood guard.

“Weird” she said “It looks like there’s a building architecture as normal but someone has built a private branch in.” She easily broke through the first password and mapped out the rest of the architecture. “I’m going to be a minute or two boss.”

“Ok” said Avery, “Good job, keep at it but don’t put yourself in any danger, ok?" He turned to Holliday and Klink “Shall we take the stairs then?”

“I’m ready when you are” said Holliday. He cocked his revolver and checked the safety was on.
“I’ll watch Jasmin’s back” said Klink

Avery and Holliday took the stairs one flight at a time, taking care to listen out for any clues about what was ahead. Though it was obvious that there were people living in the block, there was an atmosphere of trepidation. People here seemed to keep themselves to themselves as if they were afraid of getting the attention of someone unsavoury.

A message flashed up on Avery’s smartglasses. “First camera accessed, J” he messaged back “Disable it please.”

Ahead, they suddenly heard voices. Two men seemed to be shooting the breeze outside the stairwell. Using his amplified hearing, Avery listened in, hoping to pick out some details he could use. The impression he got, was that the gang were feeling confident and optimistic. There were no details of particular use but for whatever reason the gang believed that this gig was going to put them on the map in the zone.

Nodding to Holliday, he strode purposefully up the final stairs. He heard one of the men say to the other “Shh what the fucks that?” Suddenly, the door to the stairwell crashed open to reveal a slim but muscular guy in cargo pants and a leather vest emblazoned with a red fanged emblem on the chest. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” he said, flourishing a shotgun.

Avery Hicks - Exec - Budget Arms
said Avery “Building inspection. The new owner of this lot wants to see what’s up to code and what isn’t so he can get to the refurb” he moved to walk past “so if you’ll kindly move I’ll get on with my job”

GM's Note - Avery rolled high to persuade and really should have bluffed his way past these guys but I very uncharacteristically started rolling crits like I never had before. I saw more 10s in this scene than I have in months of playing VtM.

“I don’t think so choom” said the ganger shoving the shotgun towards Avery’s chest. Avery backed off seemingly intimidated. He turned to look at Holliday and shrugged. Then in one motion spun and shot the surprised ganger through the eye. The second ganger didn’t have a moment to react before the second shot splattered his brain across the corridor.

Hearing the gunshots, Klink exchanged a look with Jasmin and hurried to the foot of the stairwell just as a functionally beheaded body crashed into the ground. He looked up to see Holliday heave the second body over the railing. He considered joining the others up on the 4th floor but only briefly. He found his attention drawn to the two bodies and their installed cyberware. With a grin, he drew his knife. Both bodies had rippers installed and if there was a motto that Klink lived by, it was “waste, not want not.”

Solo - Affiliation Unknown
Derezzing the imp controlling the nodes in the system, Jasmin broke into the second camera control. 
“Fuck, there’s a solo up there she shouted. Taking a screenshot, she sent it to Avery.

An image flashed up onto Avery’s smartglasses. The picture showed a small open plan studio apartment. Two more boosters were in the process of leaping up from a ratty looking sofa. Behind them was a closed off door that Avery assumed led to a bathroom. To the left of that a kitchenette area and beyond that a terminal and a workstation. Through the windows he could vaguely make out a balcony outside.

Sitting at the terminal was a small man in a large bulky looking overcoat and leather pants. He had virtuality goggles perched on top of his bald head. This was presumably Spydar who looked very pale and nervous.

A larger man loomed over him. Avery considered him to be “islandy”, perhaps from the Pacifican region. His modern military style tactical clothing looked to be good quality and he appeared to have a long gun slung over his back on a strap but Avery couldn’t recognise what it was. He certainly wasn’t a booster ganger, but who was he?

Above the din, a deep and commanding voice rang out “You get the fuck down! You two get out there and see what’s going on!”

Two boosters crash out of the apartment door, one with an SMG and the other wielding a pistol. A third ran from the far end of the corridor where they had been covering the second stairwell. Holliday stepped out to meet them drawing his revolver as he went. 

Holliday's Very Heavy Revolver
As they closed he fired off a shot but dodging a burst of SMG fire upset his aim. With the reflexes of a viper, Holliday sprang back across the corridor evading the fire from the second booster. 
The ganger from the end of the corridor raised her pistol and fired ineffectually at Avery. His first return shot downed the SMG wielding ganger and the second cut down the other ganger bearing down on Holliday.

The door to the apartment crashed out of its frame and the enraged solo leant out with his assault rifle sighted down at Avery and spat hot death. With far less grace than Holliday, Avery leapt to the side rolling across the floor and back to his feet and finding that miraculously he hadn’t been hit.

Covering the distance to the last ganger, Holliday ripped the pistol out of her hand and shoved her away. She recoiled, eyes wide with fear and after a split second pause turned and ran for the stairs.
The solo took a shot at Holliday who threw himself out of the way once more giving Avery the time to line up an expertly placed headshot. The solo reeled back, his head ringing giving Holliday a brief window to close in.

'Klink' - Medtech
Improvised Cyberware Removal
Klink looked up at the sound of pounding feet on the staircase. A woman skidded to a halt in front of him, slipping on the pool of blood slowly seeping across the floor. She stared in horror at the severed arm he clutched nonchalantly in one hand and then vomited profusely. Klink smiled awkwardly and waved the severed hand at her as she fled away out of the building. At last, his curiosity overcame his fear. 
“Jasmin” he called, “I’m going to go see how it’s going up there”Stuffing the dismembered hands into his bag he hefted his shield and started up the stairs.

GM's Note - Yes, he got a humanity penalty for that

Back on the 4th floor, Holliday pummelled the solo knocking him back against the walls. Avery tried to get a shot in with his SMG but in a split second redirected his aim to avoid hitting Holliday. The solo, wounded and outnumbered dived away making a break for the stairs. Holliday tried to fire off a shot as he retreated but bloodied and battered as he was, years of combat awareness and a determination to survive gave him an uncanny ability to dodge out of incoming fire.

Exchanging a look with Avery, Holliday entered the apartment.

'Spyder' - Netrunner
"The Target"
Spydar sprang to his feet throwing his trench coat aside. Two cyberarms unfolded from around his torso revealing a pistol that he fired indiscriminately as he ran for the balcony. He leapt the railing and launched a grappling hook from one of his cyberarms, frantically trying to descend to street level.

Holliday reached the railing and looked down over the side. The drop was about 40 feet to the ground level. He took a deep breath and sighed to himself. Well fuck.” Then bracing himself, he leapt from the balcony launching himself towards the descending netrunner.

Spydar, dangling below, felt air pushed out of his lungs as the larger heavier nomad crashed bodily into him. Taken completely by surprise he was easily overpowered. Desperately he tried to fend off Holliday’s clutching hands, however, slowly but surely his strength faded and he felt his consciousness start to slip away.

Avery Hicks - Exec, Budget Arms
"Very Pissed Off..."
This guy has the luck of the devil” 
Avery he growled to himself as the retreating solo seemed to always move just out of the line of fire. Avery needed to know who this guy was and why he was there. He steadied his breath pausing for just a moment. He had one last chance to bring the man down. Just as the solo dashed for the stairwell, Avery fired, neatly taking him through the head.

Finally” he said to himself. Rifling through the pouches and pockets, Avery found an agent, handcuffs, some rope, a burner phone and an ID badge identifying the man as Jago “Reaver” Rulan, a solo in the employ of Constitution Arms, a manufacturer of heavy weapons in the city. Reaver’s body armour was untouched, so Avery stripped that thinking it might make a souvenir for Holliday.

He reached the balcony at the same time as the now oddly bloody Klink. Jasmin rang him on his agent. I’ve broken through to the bottom of the architecture. I’ve found the file on the system, made a copy and deleted it. I’ve also reactivated the elevator.

'Holliday', Nomad
"Why the Fuck not?!?!?"
Excellent work my dear. You have performed admirably today. Head back to the car, I’ll be down momentarily.” 
He turned to Klink I’m going to look out for the NCPD, we must be nearing our time limit now. Can you work out how to retrieve our comrade and the mark please?

Sure said Klink eyeing the grapple cable. He leant over the side Er Holliday, how would you feel about me cutting this rope?” he called down. Holliday looked down, the drop was about 6 metres or so, it was going to suck but he braced himself anyway. Yeah ok, I’ll aim for that SUV.

Avery reached the alleyway just as the rope snapped and Holliday and Spydar dropped to the roof of the SUV. “I can hear distant sirens” said Avery, we don’t have long.” He looked up to the balcony “Klink, you need to get down here ASAP, the cops are on the way” Between the two of them, Avery and Holliday bound Spydars arms and started to drag him back to the car. Back on the 4th floor, Klink manhandled one of the bodies over the balcony as a crash mat, then vaulted over the side using his own grapple arm to rappel down the building.

The drive back to Budget Arms was more leisurely and Klink and Jasmin took the time to sweep the unconscious netrunner for bugs before removing the memory chip from his socket. Here boss” said Jasmin, handing it over.

Kilo Shamir - Solo, Budget Arms
As they drove into the parking lot, Avery messaged Garvey to let him know that they had arrived with the “New Client.” They found themselves met at the elevator by Anya and Kilo
“Any complications?” Asked Anya. Nothing we couldn’t handle my dear Avery smiled casually, deciding to keep the identity of the solo to himself for the time being.

“Excellent, we will take Mr Tulcha from here gentlemen. Please head up to the office.” Holliday unceremoniously dumped the unconscious netrunner on the ground leaving the stern solo to drag him away.

Garvey waited for them in his office. He stood at the window with a glass of whisky. A job well done I hear. I will be having an interesting chat with Mr Tulcha over the next few days I’m sure. The data?” He waited expectantly. Deciding not to mention the copy Jasmin had made, Avery handed over the memory chip and Garvey plugged it into his terminal. “Yes, this is what I was after. Excellent. I will have your 500 eddies wired to you momentarily

“We bought him back, you said there would be a 200eb bonus” said AveryUnenthusiastically, Garvey said Indeed I did, and I am a man of my word. You will get the bonus of course.” He sighed. Now, don’t let me keep you.” As they turned to leave, Avery paused. “Could I have a moment in private?” Garvey glared at him in obvious irritation. “Very well.” He waited until Klink and Holliday had left. What is it?

Tulcha had a solo with him” Avery threw the ID badge onto Garvey’s desk “Constitutional Arms were behind him.” Garvey rolled his eyes “Yes, I was aware, of course I didn’t think they would have an operative on site.” He paused seemingly weighing up how much he wanted to say“The information Spydar stole wasn’t ours but it was too good an opportunity to pass up. You represented a third party. One that left no traces of its involvement I should hope” he added darkly.

“Indeed” said Avery “I’ll leave you to your evening.”

Meeting the others outside he pondered what it was that they had stolen. Making a pact to share the spoils and to stay in touch, the three of them walked out into the cooling evening air. All around them, the hubbub of the city carried on. Tomorrow was another day with new opportunities ripe for the taking. For now, as the setting sun turned the pale red to a bloody crimson there was time and the eddies for a drink.

GM's Round-up
Well that was quite a first adventure that the players handled with some truly cinematic style. I certainly didn't expect Holliday to go leaping of the balcony for one!

My aim for this session was to introduce the setting, tone and atmosphere of The Time Of The Red and judging by the players reactions I think I succeeded. In saying that, I think they brought life to the setting even more than I did. We had the gritty urban gangland skirmishing, elitist profiteering and yes, the macabre dismemberment of a corpse or two. It's fair to say they all committed whole to the task. I can see this is looking very promising!

I've used pictures of real people to represent some of the characters and art for others so in no particular order Avery Hicks is Tom Ellis, Jasmine is Dichen Lachman, 'Holliday' is Wes Chatham, 'Klink' is Mackenzie Crook, 'Boxer' is Tom Hardy, Harper Bascott is Robert Redford, Anya Metalik is Gillian Anderson, Preston Garvey is Jon Hamm, Jago 'Reaver' Rulan is Manu Bennett, 'Spyder' is Joe Pantoliano and Kilo Shamir is Jason Statham.

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Vampire the Masquerade - V5 - Session Eighty Four - 'The Unbound' (Part Three)

I'm currently running a Vampire the Masquerade chronicle using the 5th Edition rule-set for a small group of fellow role-players. These are the chronicles of their adventures.
Our chronicle is set in Los Angeles and features a small group of Camarilla agents sent into the 'Free States' to bring them back under Camarilla control. Over a year of plotting allowed the coterie to gain control of two North-Eastern Baronies and a large part of a third. Now they are moving on to the final stage of their campaign and have their eyes on taking over the entire city, either directly or by proxy.
The now obligatory warning bit - Unlike my other RPG write-ups this one will contain swearing, sexual references and other references that might offend. If you can't tell the difference between real             peoples opinions and grown-ups role-playing predators who crave blood then this probably won't be for you. I've also used actual photographs to represent some characters which I'll give acknowledgements to at the end if I've any idea who they are.
The introduction to this campaign, the first story and all the other parts can be found at the following links and are in chronological order. If you'd prefer a summary of each session rather than read everything then there's a more detailed link page HERE as well as links to the first episode of each story in the blog sidebar.
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The PC's
Michael Tomassio - Toreador, 'Baron of the North East'
Vincent 'Vin' Ghast - Brujah, 'Constable'
Dr Daniel Matthews - Banu Haqim, 'Fixer'
Hope Romero - Gangrel, 'Census Taker'
Mr Hertz - Nosferatu, 'Seneschal'

The player characters stats and backgrounds can be found HERE should any-one be interested, but be warned that the page is usually several stories ahead of the most recent write-up and may contain some spoilers. There's also some minor 'house-rules' HERE that have occurred as we went along.

As I have written out introductions and dialogue for certain NPC's and some location descriptions I'll post these more or less as I wrote them so they'll be in a 'reading to the group' style and they'll also be in blue so you can tell them apart from the more traditional write-up sections and occasionally an obscure Premonition will turn up in purple. If I think something needs a bit of out of character explanation then those will get a storytellers note that will helpfully be in red. Anything covered via player handouts will also be in blue as they're written in the same style as introductions and the like. Where particular NPC's have a mention in a faction profile you will be able to reach it by clicking on their name or faction beneath their picture.

The coteries investigations into the unbound ghoul biker gang known as The YoungBloods led them to a Toreador arts patron called Kingsley Barker whose own childe may well have been the gangs first kindred kidnap victim. They now have several more leads, and detailed information on the gangs methods. However their investigation is about to be put on hold as more troubling news has reached the Anarchs of Los Angeles.

Scene Five - An Invasion Begun
Vannevar Thomas - Ventrue
Prince of San Francisco
Prince Vannevar Thomas of San Francisco has taken San Jose. 

He struck in a two-pronged attack using specially trained teams of ghouls during the day and kindred as a second wave to mop up. His victory however was not quite absolute, as the de facto leader of San Jose's coterie of kindred was not numbered among the destroyed. Several of the more informal kindred inhabitants of the city may also have escaped as they were unlikely to be priority targets.

Before Michael can begin to evaluate this new development he is interrupted.

Michael's phone rings, it's Victoria's number.

"Is it possible that you could meet Marius in Griffith Park in an hour or so? He has someone he'd like you to meet. You might want to bring your acquaintances as I'm sure this will eventually concern them too..." 

Victoria - Ghoul of Marius
Psychotic Personal Assistant
Michael immediately phoned Daniel and briefed him on Victoria's rather vague meeting request, he also rather unusually, told Daniel to make sure he came armed. Daniel was always armed, but actually been told to be by Michael was a rarity. Obviously his Baron was erring on the side of caution.

Vin was then contacted and asked to make some of his people available to keep the coteries main base of operations secure. Once Vin, his assistant and followers arrived at the gallery, the rest of the coterie prepared themselves to pick up Hope on the way to the scheduled meeting. 

Vin had his usual compliment of effective but unsubtle weapons with him, though his own men were more covertly armed. He deployed them to strategic locations both inside and outside the gallery though before they left he patrolling the area briefly to ensure that his street people spies were also on the alert. Michael was sure that any kindred who tried to take advantage of their absence were in for a nasty surprise.

Before they left, Michael had a quiet word with Daniel. "If this meeting should do anything to test Vin's loyalty to our cause and he wants to walk away, let him go. Problems with him are likely to draw his sire into the situation and that is something we need to avoid. Especially considering how close she is to Fiorenza..." Daniel agreed that this was going to be the best approach.

Scene Six - Survivors
Marius Walker - Gangrel
Baron of Downtown
Marius, several groups of kindred you don't recognise and a few individuals who are also strangers to you are gathered in a clearing in Griffith Park. The only individuals you recognise, other than Marius, are Victoria and Yukio. An eclectic selection of vehicles are arranged in a semi-circle around them.

Daniel noted that the strangers were gathered in two groups. one of seven and another of nine. Vin was carrying his shotgun casually on a shoulder strap and making no effort to conceal it. Hope of course was permanently ready for action as after a particularly nasty frenzy, her claws had never withdrawn. Though occasionally inconvenient, at least she was never caught by surprise. Daniel had loosened his jacket to gain easy access to his pistol, but looked at ease to any casual observer.

"Michael. Glad you could join us." he gestures to a group of four kindred consisting of an imposing looking woman and a miserable looking, more slightly built man at her side. Slightly apart are two women who seem to have similar facial features and may be siblings. "This is what's left of the seventeen kindred who once called San Jose home."

Michael nodded in greeting but remained silent. He could sense that Marius had much to say and had no desire to irritate him with unnecessary interruptions.

Blanche Johnson - Gangrel, Pack Leader of 'The Butchers'

Marius then introduces the other kindred. "The others are 'The Butchers' and 'Ennoia's Hunters', two packs who have answered my call." It's easy to tell which are The Butchers. They look like something from a horror film, their clothing is blood-splattered and they are armed with a variety of brutal looking heavy bladed weapons. Cleavers, axes and the like. Their leader is an older looking woman, about five foot three, perhaps in her sixties when embraced. Some of her followers appear to be mortal, possibly ghouls, several are obviously wounded, one quite badly.

Meredith Lang - Gangrel
Pack Leader of Ennoia's Hunters
The others are polar opposite. Well dressed, equipped with modern, well maintained weaponry and led by a beautiful, dark-haired woman.

Daniel noted that they were mainly armed with Heckler & Koch MP7's, a weapon that Yukio favoured for Marius's security teams. Daniel therefore concluded that they had been armed by 'The Fixer' before this meeting. Their handguns were mostly manufactured by Glock, another common trait amongst Marius's security personnel.

Vin was more concerned that one was carrying a long military transport bag, he'd seen similar cases used to transport light machine guns in the past.

"The one sitting over there..." he waves roughly in the direction of a woman sitting on a tree stump, with a well maintained bolt-action rifle cradled in one arm. " Rebecca. A grande-childe of mine who only answers my summons when she thinks there's no way to avoid it...then sneaks off as soon as I stop paying attention...usually leaving me a mess to clean-up..." The woman introduced as Rebecca stands up, curtsey's mockingly and then sits down again as Marius scowls at her.

Rebecca - Autarkis Gangrel
Grandechilde of Marius
It was clear to Michael that Marius's indignation was entirely faked, he actually seemed to find her amusing. It was these sort of reactions that made Marius so difficult for Michael to predict. He'd quite literally allowed threats to the entire cities population, himself included, to wander around the city simply because they made things less boring. Of course he wasn't above exterminating them later on a whim if they stopped being interesting or seemingly forgetting about them entirely.

Vin nudged Daniel and pointed at the weapon in her hand. "Nice rifle..." he commentated. Vin rarely made idle conversation so Daniel had a closer look. He immediately realised why Vin was so interested. The rifle was a Mauser 98 Magnum, chambered for .450 rigby rounds. As there was certainly no 'big game' nearby, the weapon was almost certainly kept for hunting different prey. They both suspected that the prey in question was other kindred.

He then gestures once more to the apparent leader of the remnants of San Jose's kindred and then to yourselves. "Elspeth...this is Michael Tomassio, Baron of Pasadena, Glendale and a large chunk of San Fernando...and his coterie. Be nice because he is the kindred whose domain I told you to retreat to before you got most of your people destroyed by ignoring me..."

The exceptionally empathetic Michael could tell that the barb hit Elspeth hard though she seemed to react with anger, rather than shame. He got the impression that she blamed Marius for her fate, in some way.

Elspeth - Brujah
Former San Jose Anarch Leader
Hope meanwhile had been carefully watching the Pack Leaders of these new Gangrel arrivals to the city. Blanche seemed to be the most likely to engage in a full frontal assault, which suited Hope as there were few kindred of her own generation in the city who it concerned her to go 'toe to toe' with. Meredith on the other hand seemed like the sort of kindred who you wouldn't know you were in a fight with until you'd been shot in the back, probably from some distance away. This made her exponentially more dangerous to someone as direct as Hope was. She doubted that Meredith would engage in anything even approaching a 'fair' fight.

"You are welcome to make yourself a haven in my domain..." began Michael " long as you are willing to keep to the few rules that apply to all who reside there. None are too prohibitive I assure you. I simply require that the masquerade is upheld and that your feeding habits result in no preventable mortal deaths. My advisor Mr Hertz has a number of properties around the city that are used for...a variety of purposes...I'm sure several would make perfect havens for you."

Elspeth seems to be genuinely grateful "I appreciate the offer. If only other kindred would have been as generous with their assistance perhaps I wouldn't be in this position at all..." She looks pointedly in Marius's direction.

You've all seen Marius's various moods both faked and actual, it's easy to tell that he is genuinely angry at the insult. He steps forward, his eyes glow red, then turn black, claws extend on both hands. "Generous? I warned you that your havens had been located, scouted and their defences analysed. You did nothing, only the Gangrel were sensible enough to change where they slept. I warned you that Vannevar had teams of military trained ghouls, and Archon trained kindred ready to move, you told me you'd repelled his assaults before...."

Ghoul Military Units - Archon Trained

The rest of the coterie tensed. They knew it was very likely that Michael was going to interfere as they could all see that Elspeth was a hairs breadth away from destruction. As expected, Michael stepped between the advancing Marius and Elspeth, who had nowhere to retreat to, surrounded as she was by Marius's own followers.

"I thought that Vannevar was our enemy currently? I'm sure he'd be overjoyed to see us killing each other so he was spared the task." Marius paused for a moment and Michael knew that his use of Vannevars name had got him the Gangrel's attention. Marius's dislike for anyone with the title of Prince was well known to him. "One of these nights you're going to get between me and the subject of my ire..." stated Marius, an edge to his voice. "...and I'll tear your heart out on general principle, however..." he continued. "...not on this occasion. You make a valid point. Just be careful you don't push your luck once too often."

Marius then turned to Elspeth and addressed her once more. "Blanche lost one of her own childer buying enough time for Meredith's hunters to get you and your own childe to safety. One of her ghouls is also dead, two are wounded and another will probably never see dawn. Much as I'd love to finish what Vannevar started I would not make those sacrifices meaningless. Now get the fuck out of my sight before I change my mind."

The Butchers leader seemed relieved at this outcome, the Hunters leader however, was obviously slightly disappointed. Rebecca looked completely indifferent.

Daniel decided to offer his medical expertise to Blanche after hearing of the condition of her ghouls. Though initially reticent she allowed  him to approach after Marius vouched for his abilities.

Daniel Matthews - Banu Haqim
Surgeon and Assassin
One of the ghouls was severely injured and would certainly die soon if not treated. One of the others who at first glance appeared to be only lightly injured was actually in far worse condition than it initially appeared. Using the medical gear he kept in the coteries vehicles he was sure he could save them both. Daniel began to treat them while Marius finalised his dealings with Michael.

Marius holds his hand out to Victoria who hands him an envelope which he then passes to Michael. "This contains a false identity for Elspeth, and another for Jaskaran, spurious jobs at one of my companies which will keep her and him comfortably financed and the deed to a property in Sierra Madre on the Northern Border of Pasadena that I used to use to spy on your coterie. It's quite empty now. Use them to provide a haven for these pair, or burn them and shoot them in the fucking head instead...I'm done with her...The sisters have expressed their desire to join me instead of her, and I have accepted..." Elspeth looks unhappy at this last part but not surprised.

Lola and Layla Mae - Gangrel, Survivors of the San Jose Invasion

One of the two similar looking women steps forward and speaks to Elspeth "If you seek revenge against Vannevar then we'll join you in any plan of attack that has any chance of success, but for the sake of vengeance, not your leadership...." the other sister finishes the sentence. " got our friends and our sire killed, that we can never forgive..."

Marius and his people disperse, leaving you with Elspeth, and her childe whose name is apparently Jaskaren. It seems that their fate is now in your hands.

Scene Seven - Elspeth
Thomas Johnson - Gangrel
'The Butchers' Pack
"I presume your domains rules wont prohibit me from attempting to recruit sufficient kindred to take back my home?" asked Elspeth. Michael stated that he had no objections as long as she didn't plan on using his domain as a staging point. Should he decided to act against Vannevar he would do so on his own terms, not be forced to act based on the actions of another.

As they walked away, Vin noticed one of the Butchers Pack hadn't left with the others, he noted that he seemed to be focussed upon Daniel. "I think someone wants your attention..." pointed out Vin. "I saw..." replied Daniel. " keep an eye on our new recruit while I see what they want." Vin simply nodded in agreement.

"Thanks for your help with our wounded..." they began as Daniel drew near. "'ve been looking into the ghouls who call themselves the Young Bloods?" Daniel could tell it wasn't really a question. Enough kindred had been aware of his enquiries by now for rumours to have spread. Regardless, he confirmed that he was. The 'Butcher', who introduced himself as Thomas then shared some information with him.

The Young Bloods - Unbound Ghoul Gang

During Vannevar's assault on San Jose, the Young Bloods had also made an incursion into that domain. Taking advantage of the confusion they had grabbed a Brujah neonate from the outskirts of the area. "The timing was suspiciously lucky..." stated Thomas. "...considering Vannevars forces were conspicuously absent from that part of San Jose. It's almost like they knew the attack was coming and that there would be no-one to get in their way..." Daniel thanked them for the information. It confirmed a suspicion of his that the Young Bloods were being given support and assistance by a kindred patron. Whether they knew that this guiding hand was kindred was still debateable, but either way this made them even more dangerous. "One of the ghouls you saved was mine..." added Thomas. " I figured that the least I could do was pass this on to you." Thomas then left. Daniel watched for a moment as the figure quickly and quietly disappeared into the tree line. Despite their appearance, it seemed that 'The Butchers' were also capable of great stealth when necessary.

Some of Vin's 'Spare' weapons...

As he returned to the coterie and their guests, Michael was asking Elspeth if there was anything else they could do to help. "A couple of guns might come in handy." replied Jaskaran. Michael then turned to Vin. If anyone had spare guns with him then it would be him.

Vin reached into his bag and removed a pair of Sig Sauer p210's. One was an older but well maintained model, the other was newer with wider grips. Elspeth took both and hander the newer model to Jaskaran. Of the two, Elspeth was obviously the most familiar with firearms. This was apparent due to the ease with which she handled the gifted weapon. Jaskaran simply tucked his into his belt without checking it at all.

Michael then continued to brief the kindred on his domain. "I mainly operate out of this bar..." he handed them a card with the address on it. "...or you may contact me at the gallery if you prefer. Though it may be unfamiliar for you to have a 'Baron' to answer to I assure you that the dispossessed and downtrodden will always have a place within my domain. As long as they respect both it and me, of course.

North-Eastern Baronies (Glendale and Pasadena)
He then asked Daniel to take them to the haven that Marius had specified. Vin, he sent to ensure that the gallery was still secure.

Michael was sure that Vin was still having doubts about the political direction the coterie was currently heading in and had no desire for him to know the location of potential enemies of Vannevar, and by extension, the Camarilla. Vin was currently going along with Michael's assertion that an invasion of L.A. would fail and that political manipulation was the most effective way to neutralise the Anarch Free States as a threat. Michael was, however, still not taking any chances.

Storytellers Note - Most of the coterie has 'gone native' to a certain extent. Vin has not.

The house that Marius had apparently been using to spy on the coterie until recently was well located and secure. The windows were shuttered and could only be opened from within the property. A suitable haven for kindred had been set up in the basement, beyond a heavy security door. The rest of the house was completely empty. Whoever or whatever had been based there previously had removed all traces of themselves before vacating the property.

"I'll leave you to settle in." said Daniel, then left. he needed to return to the gallery and confer with the others as they had much to discuss.

Scene Eight - Matters of Trust
Desdemona Moore - Brujah, Sire of Vin
Praetor and Red Alastor
Once united at the gallery, the coterie adjourned to a secure meeting room to discuss their next move. Firstly though, Michael needed to tackle the issue of Vin potentially opposing their plans. Michael needed his strength but couldn't afford to have him as an enemy. Vin's close relationship with his sire, who was a devout Camarilla loyalist, meant that any action against the Camarilla, even to further their overall goal, could inspire him to oppose the rest of the coteries actions. 

"Vannevars invasion of San Jose wasn't unexpected, but the timeframe was certainly quicker than anyone suspected." Began Michael. "Even Marius thought it would be several weeks away." Interrupted Daniel.

"He was still ready and waiting to rescue the kindred he wanted out, though." pointed out Vin. "Maybe had more of an idea of Vannevar's timeframe than he cared to fucking share."

"Given how he apparently feels about Elspeth, I'm surprised he bothered to rescue her at all. It seems like a lot of effort just to recruit a couple more Gangrel. I mean, he could have just liberated them and let the rest meet their final deaths if he just wanted those sisters on side." added Daniel.

Lacroix - Former Prince of L.A..
"L.A. will be next..." continued Michael. "...and we all know that every previous attempt at Praxis by the Camarilla has failed. If the Anarch Free States are to truly be bought to heel then they need to be taken from within and guided by someone they trust, not hate." It was clear that he was addressing Vin. "Despite Vannevar being Camarilla, we need to oppose him. Both to ensure that the Anarchs believe us to be one with them and to prevent another embarrassing failure to take this city."

"So you're saying we aren't opposing the Camarilla, we're opposing a poorly thought out plan of Vannevar's that, based on recent history, is going to fail anyway so as to ensure that our own more subtle plan is more likely to succeed?" queried Vin.

"Exactly." replied Michael. He could see that Vin was almost convinced, despite not liking the idea that he could be forced to destroy kindred of the Camarilla in order to ensure the plan succeeded.

"I need an hour or so to consider what we've discussed." said Vin. It was a statement, not a request and then he promptly left. "What do we do now?" asked Hope.

Fiorenza Savona - Ventrue
Camarilla Power Broker
"We wait..." replied Michael. "...and prepare ourselves in case I wasn't as convincing as I hoped." he concluded.

Vin returned just over an hour later. "I have communicated with my sire. " he said, matter of factly, as he sat down.

"It seems that Desdemona was responsible for destroying Vannevars kindred sponsors on the directive of Fiorenza Savona. Neither of them believe that Vannevar's expenditure of Camarilla resources to repeat a strategy that has previously failed is a good idea. It looks like you were correct about the best way to continue."

"So, if Vannevar's Camarilla sponsors are destroyed. Does that mean that he will have to make do with the resources he currently has?" asked Daniel. Vin confirmed that this was the case though the resources funnelled to him had apparently been quite considerable.

"Then I have somewhat of a confession." Said Daniel. The others were obviously quite intrigued.

Daniel then proceeded to relay to them the circumstances by which he had destroyed a group of Vannevar's agents that had been mapping the San Gabriel mountains.

Storytellers Note - This was a solo session for Daniel's player and is detailed HERE.

"So where does that leave us now?" asked Hope. It was an excellent question.

In Conclusion
I like to do a round-up of how the session went in these features but if you couldn't give a shit what I think then feel free to skip this bit...

So the potential conflict between player characters has been temporarily averted and they're all now focussed on making sure that their own plans aren't eclipsed by others.

We've also moved into the more dangerous side of Camarilla politics with several notable power-brokers sticking their noses in. Ironically the coterie now has more Anarch allies than Camarilla ones and has to juggle the politics of two very different sects.

It'll be interesting to see if the players can keep all these balls in the air....especially if I was to suddenly make everything even more complicated...

Portions of the materials are the copyrights and trademarks of White Wolf Entertainment AB, and are used with permission. All rights reserved.

I've used pictures of real people to represent some of the characters and art for others so in no particular order Michael Tomassio is represented by Matt Bomer, 'Vin' is Scott Adkins, Dr Matthews is Mads Mikkelsen, Hope is Deborah Ann Woll, Mr Hertz is Charles Dance, Vannevar Thomas is Bryan Dechart, Victoria is Lilith May, Marius Walker is Tony Curran, Blanche Johnson is Kathy Bates, Meredith Lang is Jaime Murray, Rebecca is Amy Acker, Elspeth is Karen Sheperd, Lola Mae is Leighton Meester, Layla Mae is Minka Kelly, Thomas Johnson is Henry Rollins, Desdemona Moore is Amanda Donohoe and Fiorenza Savona is Jamie Lee Curtis.

Everything else is from vampire related folders and searches and is as far as I know is all of the 'fair use' variety. If there's something that you feel should be attributed to some-one then feel free to let me know and I'll happily add an acknowledgement.
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