Monday, 31 January 2011

Throne of Skulls - What's Left.

So here's a 'Big Dump*' of all the Misc. pictures I have left.

* If you pardon the expression...

Some of them should obviously have gone into particular peoples posts and others I've seemingly taken completely at random.

And that as they say is that ;-)

'Normal' Blog posting schedule will be resumed tomorrow.

I'll also most likely do a post asking people what they thought of this particular series of posts so I can ascertain whether it's worth going to another tournament/hobby event and doing it all over again.....

Throne of Skulls - Alex Y

The last of the pictures I have relating to anybody I actually know by name in the real world.....

Alex Y's Orks.

And Finally - Whatever I've got left.....

Throne of Skulls - Sam

Sam's Chaos Space Marines won 'Best Painted' so you can find a few more pictures of them amongst the other entries in this post here.

Sam's Chaos Space Marines.

Next Up - Alex Y's Orks.
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