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The Night Reapers Chapter - Origin

I had a couple of e-mails asking about my chapter background due to me mentioning it as part of my Deathwatch articles.

To be honest I have a tonne of stories, character background, Index Astartes style pieces all on my chapter but none of it was done for publication but rather so I had a consistent set of information for my own personal reference. However there now seems to be enough interest for me to compile it into some semblance of order so it at least can be read in some kind of approximation of coherency. It is however going to take a bit of effort to do so don't expect stuff to appear with anything approaching regularity, lol.

At an appropriate juncture in the future I'll publish the rules that I use to portray them as my custom Deathwatch Chapter as well.

Okay, lets get on with it then before I change my mind.....

The Night Reapers Space Marine Chapter.


During the Great Crusade the Ultramarines were the largest Legion of all, numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Amongst their many Commanders was a warrior named Repus who’s somewhat unorthodox tactics (though successful) resulted in any victories his warriors gained been given far less credit than those gained by other Ultramarine Chapters using more traditional methodology.

Been treated with little respect by other Ultramarines and almost completely ignored (except for the odd reprimand) by Primarch Gulliman, Repus’s 33rd Company quickly gained the dubious honour of receiving any mission that was considered unsavoury, distasteful or involved contact with Legions that the Ultramarines disapproved of. In particular they fought alongside warriors of the Night Lords, World Eaters and Iron Warriors as well as the Alpha Legion. All of which were looked down upon by the Ultramarines in general and (in the case of the Alpha Legion) by Gulliman in particular.

This reputation was further compounded by the fact that Marines from other companies that were deemed to have similar attitudes inevitably found themselves transferred to Repus’s Company which later due to this influx of men resulted in him effectively having command of the equivalent of companies worth of troops. On occasion Marines of varying ranks with no history of insubordination would also find themselves in the same position, leading many Captains to quietly whisper that Gulliman was purging the other Companies of men with some unknown flaw in their Gene-seed, though such rumours were never spoken of openly for fear of experiencing the same fate. If Captain Repus ever held any resentment for this reputation he never let it show. Rather he and his troops fought all the harder in order to prove themselves, resulting in several spectacular victories in campaigns considered to be close to ‘suicide’ missions by other more favoured commanders.
During the events of the Imperial civil war that later became known as ‘The Horus Heresy’ the 33rd’s close ties to several Legions that had turned traitor darkened their reputation even further to the point that other Ultramarine companies would actively avoid been required to serve with them. This effectively turned them into an independent force whose activities were rarely even cared about by the Ultramarines high command let alone monitored. As by this time the influx of ‘recruits’ from other units had swelled the company numbers to Chapter strength and beyond they rarely needed support and even on the few occasions it would have been useful they never asked for it from their own Legion knowing that the answer would invariably be no.
Despite this less than cordial relationship with their own Legion they fought alongside companies from other Legions without prejudice in a number of theatres of war. Fighting alongside representatives of the Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Salamanders and even the notoriously independent Raven Guard the 33rd picked up an increasingly variable set of combat doctrines that even greater distanced them from other Ultramarines. However, by this point Captain Repus own troops had little in the way of any ties to their brother Marines regardless.

The 2nd Founding.
When Gulliman’s decision to split the Legions into smaller Chapters was announced it barely made a difference to the 33rd who had to all intents and purposes been operating that way for decades. Returning to Ultramar just long enough for the refuelling of their fleet and the re-arming of their units with equipment and ammunition they were renamed the ‘The Night Reapers’ as they had been referred to by this name for years anyway at this point. Though some commanders queried the fact that ‘The Night Reapers’ were created oversized (though only marginally) by the guidelines in the new Codex Astartes it quickly became clear (though never spoken in their presence) that nobody would have been happy to have Marines from the ‘33rd’ inducted into their own forces anyway.

“I have no desire to have other Chapters corrupted by their methods. Give them what equipment they need and then send them as far from Ultramar as possible”
Attributed to Primarch Gulliman in reference to ‘The Night Reapers’ creation during the 2nd Founding.


Due to their haphazard and unpredictable ‘recruitment’ history the ‘Reapers’ would have had trouble organising their companies into the required format laid down in the Codex Astartes (even if they had wanted to), so altered those doctrines to suit themselves.

Marines with similar specialities were grouped together creating Companies that excelled in certain types of warfare and complimented each other’s abilities in those same areas. Those units with a preference for overwhelming firepower were grouped into the 2nd Company while those who had a greater inclination for brutal assaults were grouped together into the 3rd and those showing latent psychic abilities were grouped together as the 8th and so on until twelve distinct companies were created with the thirteenth to fifteenth being designated as Scout Companies in order to supply the others with appropriate recruits. Though traditionally the 1st company would receive the majority of the Terminator armed veterans many with particular skills were allocated to more appropriate companies. This particular method of organisation owed much to lessons learned fighting alongside the ‘Great Companies’ of the Space Wolves as Repus himself had a great admiration for their efficiency in warfare.

A Fortunate Alliance.
Moving further and further from the newly compliant systems the Reapers fought for the most part as a single immense force destroying any enemy that was weaker than them and simply ignoring any that may have had the ability to cause them significant harm, eventually reaching the far extreme of the eastern fringe.
It was in this sector of space that a distress call was received from an Adeptus Mechanicum Forge World thought destroyed many years previously. Though the distress calls time signature was several years old it was deemed worthy of investigation on the chance that there may be any survivors or (more critically) some useable supplies as resources in this sector were few and far between and certain essentials were reaching dangerously low quantities.

Long Range scanners detected what would turn out to be only the first of a number of significant threats. Several traitor warships were detected on the outskirts of the system apparently hidden from the Forge World by the energy output of a nearby star, who seemed to be waiting there for some nefarious reason of there own. Though a formidable enemy for a mid sized force they were little threat to an entire chapter of Space Marines who had the advantage of surprise. All four of the Chapters Battle Barges combined with the support of their Strike Cruisers opened fire and crippled 6 of the Chaos Vessels and destroyed several more before they had a chance to react with their own weapons. The targets of the Reapers weapons had been carefully chosen to cause the maximum disruption with the minimum structural damage as the need for valuable resources outweighed all other considerations. Boarding torpedoes were launched in order to capture the vessels as intact as possible. Unprepared for the swiftness and efficiency of the attack the Traitors stood no chance at all and were quickly captured or killed.

With the immediate threat neutralised the Reapers had a chance to evaluate the situation and decide on the next course of action. With data taken from the ships systems combined with information gained from interrogation of captured heretics a picture of the traitors intentions became clear. The main Forge World facility and space station had apparently been the victim of a number of attacks ranging from raids by Elder pirates up to their current siege by a large force of Xenos in the shape of an Ork Waaaargh. The traitors had intended to let the Orks weaken themselves destroying the last few defenders of the base and then fall upon them when they were most vulnerable and take what they wished from the now neutralised facility. In an ironic twist of fate they had fallen to exactly the same strategy that they themselves were about to utilise.
Immediately seeing the benefits that an alliance with the followers of the Mechanicum would bring (particularly when combined with the gratitude of being rescued) Chapter Master Repus began to plan the destruction of the Greenskin threat. Having grown weakened by the lack of capable opponents the Orks were ripe for destruction. The large but ramshackle Ork fleet was docked at what was left of the Star Fort and this was the primary target for 1st and 3rd Companies with support from elements of several others. While the Ork starships were destroyed by the fleet’s firepower, the aforementioned Marine companies would board the station and purge it of all opponents. Meanwhile the rest of the chapter would fall upon the Orks besieging the remnants of the Mechanicum forces planetside. Using tactics learned fighting alongside many Legions (some of which were now best not mentioned) The Night Reapers fell upon the Ork horde and broke it utterly. Having no way of escape and finally facing opponents they deemed worthy the Ork forces died to the last Greenskin Warrior…

What remained of the Mechanicum forces and their Astartes saviours immediately swore oaths of loyalty to one another and an alliance of mutual benefit was born in that instant. The Forge World and Star Fort (once repaired) would provide resources; equipment and docking facilities while the might of an entire chapter kept the facility defended from all Xenos and Traitor threats.

Even more useful was the fact that the human population of the systems largest world after intensive destruction testing were found to be compatible with the Gene-seed of the Astartes giving a supply of new recruits to ensure the future of the Chapter. As the Mechanicum used the population only as a source of biological material for their Servitors the arrangement was deemed perfect. Within only a decade the System and its facilities were bought back to full operational capability. The Night Reapers now had not only a purpose but a home as well…


Thoughts and Comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Forge World Newsletter 289

The Proteus is kinda cool but I'm not sure it's worth £85.....especially when I already have 6 Land Raiders.

Forge World Newsletter #289

Hi there,
            In this week’s newsletter we’re excited to unleash a new Land Raider variant, available to order now, and a fantastic video focussing on this iconic and venerable armoured vehicle. With December and the festive season looming, we’ve also got a reminder about our order deadlines for pre-Christmas delivery.
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Land Raider Armoured ProteusLand Raider Armoured ProteusThe ancient and venerable Land Raider has served the Adeptus Astartes since its earliest beginnings, and many variants and patterns are recorded in the data-stacks of Mars. Adepts of the hallowed Adeptus Mechanicus collectively refer to the oldest of these as the ‘Proteus’ patterns, and examples of these mighty armoured vehicles that survive into the dark days of the 41st Millennium are held in the highest regard, war-relics beyond compare to the Chapters that possess them.
Believed by certain war-savants to be an example of sacred machine-evolution, the Land Raider Armoured Proteus displays early features of the MkIIb Land Raider, enclosing its twin-linked lascannons in bulky armoured sponsons and adding to this formidable anti-armour firepower with a limited traverse twin-linked heavy bolter recessed into the forward hull armour.
The Land Raider Armoured Proteus, designed by Phil Stutcinskas, is a highly detailed full resin kit, linking the design of our various Land Raider kits together and providing an excellent centrepiece for any Space Marine force. The side sponsons feature blank doors, and in addition the side hatches from our Rhino Door Sets are fully compatible with this kit just as the side doors from our Land Raider Door Sets are with the standard Land Raider Proteus. This kit is available to order now for immediate despatch.
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Forge World Christmas Ordering Deadlines
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Ead Brown
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Tuesday 29 November 2011

House of Paincakes Article No.43ish

iHoP has slipped into a parallel dimension this week, personalities have been swapped, articles warped and several prominent authors have been replaced by evil clones*

* Or in one case a 'good' clone as they apparently couldn't manage to make the copy any more evil than the original.

One of the clones articles can be found here,

and in keeping with the 'Bizarro Week' theme, this Tuesdays Eye-Candy will also have a bit of a twist as well......

The Punisher.


Iron Man.


and for the Star Wars fans,

R2D2 and C3P0

Boba Fett.


and a few Miscellaneous others that caught my eye,

and yes.....I used the Pikachu girl picture again......

Sunday 27 November 2011

Forge Master Mortis - Character Model.

A while ago I did a post detailing what I wanted on my Deathwatch character model. The post can be found here if your interested.

So I got my Thunderhammer which was fine but after mocking up the model with it, I was struck by the idea that a 2nd Storm Bolter would be visually more appealing. It was there that I got the idea to make my character to all intents and purposes a 'tank'. He'd have a main gun (conversion beamer) and sponsons (represented by a bad-ass Storm Bolter in each hand) and possibly a Grenade Launcher of some kind also......

My GM isn't keen on the idea of me having a 2nd Storm Bolter even though from a rules point of view it's allowable so I'm hoping that I can sway him by virtue of the 'rule of cool'. If I can't have one 'in-game' then I'll still stick with the pair on the model because I prefer the way it looks and when your effectively making an 'Avatar' of yourself then the looks are pretty damn important.

Anyway, Here he is.....

Here's his Conversion Beamer. It's not exactly a major conversion but I like the way it turned out.

And where would a Techmarine be without a multitude of Mechadendrites?

Utility Mechadendrite
Optical Mechadendrite
Medicae Mechadendrite

Manipulator Mechadendrite 2
Manipulator Mechadendrite 1

and for those times when a standard 'breacher' just won't do the job you need to make sure that you have a Breaching Augur handy.....of course I ignored the actual definition of an augur as I didn't really want another drill looking thing so I decided that a fucking great chainsaw would be ideal instead ;-)

Breaching 'Augur'
I wanted the two ranged weapons from the Servo Harness to look similar so I converted a fine-cast 'Plasma' weapon into a 'Flamer' version and kept the Plasma one the same as a standard version.

Then he got a black undercoat followed by a base-coat of his Chapters metallic blue colouring.

I'll try and get the metal bits painted and maybe give the model it's first 'wash' over the next few days.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome but be warned I'm not bloody changing anything at this stage  lol.

Deathwatch - Forge Master Mortis : Mission Reports - Part 3

As both our GM's are away for the next three Deathwatch sessions I'm going to get my 'Fix' by doing the write-up for the next part of our mission to the Daemon World of the 'Daemon Prince who's name was so long and scary that I've forgotten it', lol.

Part 1 of this particular mission can be found here.

Forge Master Mortis - Personal Log - 45g6g7t6rgtg5

Somewhere in the distance a large figure had arrived presumably to reinforce the rapidly dwindling force of Rubric Marines we had engaged. The unmistakable energy signature of a recent teleportation surrounded the figure and he seemed to be larger even than a Terminator, blasts of energy came from weapons on both it's arms and tore through several of the un-engaged Forces at our disposal. 

The Sisters Repentia and their Mistress immediately moved to engage... 

Though normally considered a formidable assault force due to their zeal and formidable armament (though not armour) they failed to destroy the newcomer, who then proceeded to tear many of them to pieces with a variety of close combat weapons that it seemingly hadn't possessed a moment before. While my Servitor continued to engage the Rubric Marines alongside my Brothers of Kill-Team Epsilon I myself turned to engage this new (and far more interesting) foe.....

According to my data-banks, Sisters Repentia seek death in battle for some perceived failure in their service to the Imperium and as they were directly in my optimum firing path I prepared to help them along in this regard....after all if the Emperor wished to save them he needed only to tell them to disengage from my target.

I prepared to fire my Conversion Beamer at the enemy who was rather fortunately for me and unfortunately for him (and the surrounding sisters) within the optimum range for maximum damage output from the weapon. The beam increased in power as it travelled and finally detonated in a blast of energy fully four metres across....astonishingly the monstrosity was somehow still functional though all but one of the Sisters had been incinerated. Finding itself now disengaged from combat and able to act it raised an arm that had a moment ago been a Power Fist of some description but had now inexplicably become a weapon with remarkable similarity to a Lascannon and I evidently was (somewhat understandably from a logical point of view) now it's primary target. Judging the angle of the weapon in conjunction with my own position I was able to calculate it's most probable firing solution and remove myself from the beams path in the nick of was however less fortunate in this regard and my own counter-attack tore it to pieces or more correctly it tore itself to pieces in an explosion of Plasma a moment after my weapon hit it. One of my Battle Brothers evidently shared my suspicion about the true nature of this foe and promptly executed the remaining sister who had survived the engagement with it. The Sorcerer also chose this distraction as the ideal time to withdraw and teleported away with the shattered remnants of his own Rubric strike force.

Before moving on, I took several samples of this most interesting of opponents with my utility Mechadendrite for later examination.....this action was to create some issues for me later however.....

There being little else of interest we continued to our primary objective with the few surviving members of the militia accompanying us.

Editors Note - My character has an obsession with obtaining both ancient and xenos technologies which he scans and examines thoroughly before (for the most part) returning it to the Deathwatch armouries for further study. My GM knew full well that I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to examine an Obliterator and had also correctly assumed that I'd take samples of some kind. I had of course completely failed to take into account that the Obliterator Virus which apparently creates Obliterators required organic, machine and daemonic energy to infect a host and there I was a cyborg on a world full of daemonic energy.....Therefore the inevitable 'some-things happened to you and you'll probably want  to keep quiet about it' note was handed to me by the GM. It had written on it the following,

0110001001000 - Auspex = Fucked, Bionic Locomotion Upgrades = Fucked, Master of Arms ;-)

So on the bright side I had the distinction I wanted (Master of Arms) but also was apparently going to be spending a lot of time trying to stop the virus from rebuilding me into a form it found more suitable......

Forge Master Mortis - Personal Log - 45g6g7t6rgtg5

We 101010101 continued 0101 towards the 010101010101010101 primary structure with 01010101010101010 the 101 remaining 0101010101010101010 members 101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101 of

Pause Log

Run Diagnostic....
Autosanguine - 23% offline - Repair?

Log Off

Mortis deactivated the console and ran a full check of all his systems for the 3rd time within the last 24 hours. He had incorrectly presumed that the minor loss of function that occurred after his sampling of the destroyed Obliterator had been eliminated by his own self repair system and now that self same repair system seemed to be attempting to reconfigure his armoured form a sub-system at a time. Surprisingly this reconfiguring appeared to be targeting linkages to his organics rather than his mechanical systems.....There was no way around the issue he would have to requisition some medicae equipment in order to analyse the data for himself. He briefly considered asking his team Apothecary for assistance but immediately abandoned the idea as creating too many questions for which he had no desire to give answers.....

The area of the Watch Fortress dedicated to the servicing and storage of the vast stockpiles of equipment that an average kill-team needed to fulfil their duties was relatively quiet, though several dozen Servitors were operating under basic task subroutines. The increase in chaos activity in the sector meant that most teams were only in the station for long enough to replenish their ammunition and acquire mission specific ordnance before departing again. This situation was an undoubted blessing as it meant that Mortis could work relatively un-monitored and had the further advantage that he didn't need to mouth the pointless additional oaths and procedures that his own chapter knew were in no way a necessary requirement in order to complete most basic tasks. Unfortunately he still had to mouthe these pointless litanies when away from his own more enlightened chapter brothers......

Several hours (plus the time required to mind-wipe the Servitors who had assisted him) later and Forge Master Mortis had installed a Medicae Mechadendrite into his Cyber Mantle and had altered the bionic components of his hands with the edition of several retractable blades, probes and nerve induction tines that he would need to monitor his organic systems.....

Run Diagnostic....
Bionics - 79% of overall mass - function? efficiency 
95%......attempting repair.......
Organics - 16% of overall mass - function? efficiency 127%.....calculation error......recalculating......
Unknown - 5% - ErrorErrorErrorErrorErrorErrorError

Pause Diagnostic.

As he had suspected the unique configuration of his own biological and technological attributes combined with the high concentrations of warp energy on the planet had made him a fertile ground for the Virus to take hold.....He knew he now had two options a) purge the virus or b) see if he could bring it under control.....
.....and that Obliterator had had some......interesting.....abilities.....perhaps he'd best conduct a few more tests......purely for the purposes of research of course.....perhaps he should complete the mission reports as well......

Editors Note - I had some new bionics fitted once we were off the Daemon world and this was how I justified them to our GM ;-)

Brother Mortis - Personal Log - 345g67gtbdr7gv

What was presumably once an Imperial palace of some sort was now a bizarre construction of translucent blue pyramidal structures stretching out in shapes which seemed to shift in form the moment you looked away...The effect was having an obvious debilitating effect on both the teams Librarians and the handful of allies left remaining with them seemed constantly to be teetering on the edge of insanity.

The interior of the 'palace' changed from a gigantic entrance hall into a seemingly endless staircase almost seamlessly and the feeling of movement just outside of visual and sensor range returned but was this time joined by voices that seemed to be heard by only the individual. We encountered various daemonic enemies on the way as well as a number of traps that we either destroyed or avoided as applicable. The daemonic voices continued to attempt to guide us in different directions and tempt us with offers of power which I (of course) refused......

Editors Note - Well actually that's not strictly true ;-) I actually excepted everything that was offered to me which Is why I got a +1 attribute increase, +5 to Perception and now have Forbidden Lore : Tzeentch +20 on my character sheet, lol. It's REALLY important that I don't let out that little secret.....especially in a log that could potentially be read by somebody less 'flexible in their attitudes' as a member of the Night Reapers chapter......It was also at this point that I realised that even though the note I had been handed earlier said that my Auspex and Bionic Legs weren't working properly, it didn't say that I couldn't repair them. Some secretive passing of notes later and I had repaired all my malfunctioning systems and the idea about my systems and the Obliterator Virus being in competition for control of my body was now firmly implanted in my GM's mind.....

Encoded Section - Alpha Level A1+ - 345g67gtbdr7gv

It appears that our recently returned Chapter 'Brother' was speaking the truth about the potential for power in dealing with these entities of the warp. When I have access to a more secure method of communication I will send more of the knowledge I have obtained from one of these so called chaos 'gods'.

Editors Note - One of my 40K Chaos armies contains a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch known as 'Shibboleth' who's armour is suspiciously close in colour scheme to that of a member of my Night Reapers 2nd Company.....a coincidence perhaps......

Brother Mortis - Personal Log - h9hm57fn7rnf87ruuu

We finally reached what was undoubtedly the throne room of the daemonic ruler of this planet. Brother Panthro attempted kill the first of the enemies we encountered but I was required to cleanse the boot of his Power Armour with cleansing flame immediately afterwards in order to remove it's remains from his appendage.....

Editors Note - It's vitally important to consider the consequences before making statements like 'I kick the Deamon thingy out of the way' to a GM with a peculiar sense of humour...

Having separated himself from the remains of the strange Daemonic entity Brother Librarian Panthro utilised his highly effective psychic powers to clear all the lesser daemons from the Princes throne room. Apparently feeling the need for allies the Daemon Prince called upon what I can only guess are pacts with other creatures of his ilk to summon two Greater Daemons of Tzeentch to his aid.

Myself and Brother Marcus took up firing positions while the rest of the team advanced towards these most powerful of foes. Even taking into account our own not inconsiderable abilities the thought of fighting three Tzeentch Daemons of this level of power was daunting indeed.

Though I can do considerable damage in close combat my bulk makes manoeuvrability in combat situations difficult to achieve, I primarily rely upon my armour to resist damage for long enough to crush my opponents. As many more powerful daemons seem to have the ability to slice through armour as if it wasn't there I instead supported my team with fire from my Conversion Beamer rather than engage directly in combat with the enemy, a role that I leave to those with the speed and agility to avoid damage while simultaneously inflicting it on the enemy.

Brother Claton seems to have his own agenda during this battle, all his efforts seemed to be focussed towards inflicting the final blow in this combat rather than act in concert with the rest of Epsilon.....this behaviour may require further investigation.....

Editors Note - There's a running joke in our group about Brother Claton continually attempting to summon a Daemon Prince. The fact is that on THREE separate occasions Alex (Brother Clatons real life alter ego) has had to alter rolls with Fate points in order to prevent the 'You summon a Daemon Prince' result on the Perils of the Warp table from occurring. Apparently our GM had decided that the Daemon Prince of this world was the one that Alex kept 'almost' summoning and presumably that it's entry to this plane of existence was a direct result of Alex's actions. The upshot of all this was that Alex had a personal mission to be the one who killed the aforementioned Daemon and was going to get some pretty hefty Insanity and Corruption penalties if he failed. I'm not talking about a few points either.....were talking gibbering lunatic/corrupt beyond salvation levels here, lol. He was therefore very keen to deal the killing blow and the rest of us were in now way attempting to beat him to it just to be gits......okay.....maybe a little bit......

The speed and power of our daemonic foes was almost beyond compare. They absorbed hit after hit of ranged fire-power and blow after blow from our most potent assault weapons before they finally fell. I had no choice but to fire my Beamer at enemies already in combat with our own forces in order to speed their destruction though fortunately my own team had the foresight and luck to get out of the way having become used to my particular methods of warfare.....

Editors Note - When one of our most damaging weapons is my Conversion Beamer it's very important to save your 'Dodge' reaction for my shooting phase if you don't want to disappear in the same explosion as the enemy does ;-)

Finally with only the badly wounded Prince remaining, Brother Librarian Claton managed to deal the final blow that tore it from this plane of existence with his Blood Lance power. He seemed more pleased with the fact that he had been the one to deal that last blow than with the actually defeat of the enemy as a whole. With the Daemonic force at the spearhead of the invasion defeated the planet began to return to some semblance of normality though we had undoubtedly made several new enemies of inconceivable power...

Editors Note - So my character may have excepted some forbidden knowledge from a chaos god and contracted the Obliterator Virus all during the same mission. Amusingly enough I found out afterwards (a lot of the 'temptation' part of the mission was done on an individual basis) that all our Kill-team except one had accepted some part of the Daemons offers (though one had done so by accident because he didn't read his bit of paper properly, lol) though mine was the only character who excepted.....well.....everything.....

I'll probably cover the subsequent mission vs. some Dark Eldar next Saturday as I have some standard 40K stuff to fit in over the next week or so as well as my commitments to a certain Blog network which has a bit of a twist to it this week ;-)

Saturday 26 November 2011

Games Workshop Newsletter

From the point of view of value for money then these seem fairly good, however you couldn't make a decent army out of either of the 40K ones so the overall worth is somewhat debatable. I don't know enough about 8th Edition Fantasy to comment on the worth of those but maybe somebody will chip in with a comment about them one way or the other.....

Games Workshop
 The Games Workshop Newsletter26.11.2011
In this issue: Stocking-busters! New Megaforces and Army sets available to Advance Order now
Megaforce and Army sets - only available While Stocks Last
Whether you're new to the hobby or have been collecting for years, these new Megaforce and Army sets are amazing value for money and make the perfect Christmas gift. They're a great way to start a new Space Marines, Dark Eldar, Skaven or High Elf army. Make sure you place your orders today as they're only available While Stocks Last.
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