Friday, 21 November 2014

Forge World Newsletter #431

The 'Solar Auxilia' Medusa and Basilisk from Forge World don't look a lot different from a normal Medusa and Basilisk...maybe I'm missing something...

Many Solar Auxilia Cohorts maintain their own mobile artillery batteries, favouring a class ideally suited to their particular battle doctrines. Two of the most common types used by the Solar Auxilia are the Basilisk and Medusa, each of which is substantially different to those utilised in the wider Imperial Army and other fighting forces of the galaxy-spanning Imperium.
Firing from long distance, the Basilisk and Medusa can lay down a fearsome barrage ahead of the advancing ranks of the Solar Auxilia. Their hulls, derived from the Solar pattern Leman Russ, offer enhanced protection from enemy weapons and can equip a pintle-mounted weapon such as the ubiquitous multi-laser, adding a close quarters defence capability should enemy infantry advance too near.
The Solar Auxilia Medusa and Solar Auxilia Basilisk can be fielded in Artillery Batteries as part of a Solar Auxilia army in Horus Heresy games. The rules for both tanks and the full Solar Auxilia army list can be found in The Horus Heresy Book 4 – Conquest Special Edition.
These are complete multi-part resin and plastic kits. They are available to order now and will be despatched immediately.
"Vengeance, it is said, is the preserve of the gods; gods we in our folly denied ever existed."

Captain-General Orson Souzerin III,
Introit to the Last Cohort

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