Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Warzone Resurrection - Getting Organised

Due to my complete general lack of organisation skills my Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection models (both assembled and otherwise) were scattered all over my hobby room (and some of the rest of the house...much to my partners irritation) and I decided to get them all together so I could see what I had and what was required to expand my Dark Legion force...

It was also immediately obvious that I had a lot of painting to do and with that in mind I promptly leaped into action and...

...assembled a load more models, lol.

I also went into 'cork basing' auto-pilot mode which now means that I need to re-base about a dozen models done previously. The Legionnaires will just get sand basing though as the 'Rank and File' don't really need to look imposing or significant. I'm yet to arm the recently assembled Legionnaires and one of the Necromutants as at the time I hadn't organised my other Dark Legion models so wasn't sure exactly what to arm them with...I also now have ten Razides...not sure how that happened...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Love warzone just wish we had more people playing

    1. It's a really well balanced and fun game system. Some people are unfortunately set in their ways and trying to get them to try something different is tricky...


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