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Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some nice new additions to the Hasslefree Miniatures range...

The Move: There and Back Again
Ok, 'this' will be the last real newsletter from the Derbyshire office. If you've been following our FB you'll know the saga of the move is almost at an end, we finally have electricity which was (obviously) a major issue so we are now ready to move the final load from Derbyshire to Wales *whew*.
A bunch of new Resin Masters this week, a reminder about goodie bags and probably some other stuff. I don't have a Jenn this week to proof read as she's not well (altogether now, Awwwwww. What? It's nearly pantomime season!) so you will have to excuse the likely myriad of typos strewn throughout the below.
Talking of which...
Reshin Mashter - Jashun Shaw *hic*
As well as being one of the world's best spies and Maya's sometime partner 'Jason Shaw' is known for enjoying the odd tipple. Arguably part of his cover, Jason's tolerance for alcohol is legendary. Seen here somewhat worse for wear but still ready for action, armed with a suppressed Walther and carrying the remnants of an oversized bottle of whiskey.
Resin Master - Blanche
'Blanche' is a servant of the Dark Gods, a fearsome warrior with a magical power over men. Her face is so perfectly smooth and hair so bountiful that some argue her real persona is hidden beneath.  Bedecked in ribbed plate, accessorised with a horn and cloak from an exotic giant reptile and carrying a darksteel sword.
Resin Master - Il Cuoco
Il Cuoco has been working for the same family for generations. His job title has varied over the years but most people would settle on 'cleaner' and leave it at that. One thing that's definitely known for certain, he's the last person you want to come visit, as he probably will be.
(Il Cuoco is a variant of Il Capello with a differenthead complete with dark glasses and facial hair, a popular request. The mtal version will come with a choice of both heads, the resin versions are single piece)
Resin Master - Rogue Drax
Karl Drax is the go-to mercenary if you'd like to protect your shipment from Space Pirates. Next to nothing is known of Karl's history other than he's not human, despite his looks, and that if you ask him what race he actually is you'd better hope he's too drunk to care.
Rogue Drax is a variant figure of Karl from his Privateer days. Armed with a carbine version of the 'Shard', the gun carried by the DSE arm of the Galactic Navy (Don't ask where he got it) and a vibra-blade and wearing an impressive overcoat.
Resin Master - Taylor
Taylor is part of a small group of Zombocalypse survivors thrown together by circumstance. Separated from her family during the outbreak, she is unaware of how her parents or little sister Beth fared. Seen here in light clothing with a pistol.
Resin Master - Incubus (a)
This is where I normally get to stretch my creative old bones and add Kev's new creations into the fabric of one of our internal universes, waxing lyrical about the fantasy strongholds or squadrons of our galactic navy etc. Ok, let's give this one a go...
This is a masturbating Incubus.
There, job done. Damn I'm good sometimes!

(As always we censor nudity in these newsletters, beware though before clicking on the links that we do not censor our website)
Resin Master - Succubus (a)
Ok, that last one was a toughie, let's see if I can outdo myself...
This is a masturbating Succubus.
Boom! *drops the mic* Genius.
Resin Master - Incubus (b)
Yes, there's more of them, no, there no more terrible jokes :)
Much like their female counterparts, the Incubi of the HF world aren't always shy and demuring young demons either, sometimes, as the situation warrants, they can be quite... forthright :)
Resin Master - Succubus (b)
The Succubi of the HF world aren't always shy and demuring young daemonettes, this one is giving it a go though :)
Goody Bag Extension
(I can never decide if it's Goody Bag or Goodie Bag, Goodie Bag makes it sound like Bill Oddie is going to be involved somehow, I think i'll just veer wildy between the two depending on my mood)
The Goodie Bag (see) offer has been extended through our ongoing move. For those of you who have missed it somehow it's the following...
Anyone spending over £50 will get one of our Halloween 2014 Goody Bags!*
*"Contents of goodie bag may vary" - So if you get yellow sand or two apple tango candies you can't sue us! Also, we are aware Halloween is over, please don't email me to let me know :)
I admit it's not the most complicated offer but it's free stuff, what's not to love about free stuff?!
Have I Mentioned Kev's Page?
I'm not certain if I've mentioned that Kev has set up an artist's pageon Facebook or not in previous newsletters? Maybe once or twice?
Anyway he has, and he loves attention so go Like it and don't forget to let him know when he sculpts a button in the wrong place or why it would be far better for the mini that is clearly finished to have been left handed and a woman.
He recently put up a whole folder of half finished greens to gauge interest in what to finish, so now may be a very good time to go make your opinion known.
And Finally...
Please don't forget to read the front page of our website every now and again. I have been guilty of forgetting to update it as often as I should have over the past couple of years but we do tend to put the important stuff there. For example, mail is currently delayed by the move, this is because when Jenn and I are in Wales we are about 200 miles away from your order. We are in Wales at least half of the week right now so this will affect about 50% of orders. Nothing we can do about it sorry, hence the awesome free stuff up there :)

Also, we haven't forgotten or given up on metal miniatures. Again, they are delayed due to the move. We have a big launch of metal minis due in a couple of weeks for Christmas and then we will be back to not just a regular schedule but a boosted one thanks to the delays meaning we have a lot of minis in the queue awaiting metal moulding now and the run up to Salute will be packed with metal!

I'm putting this at the end, not our of any disrespect but I simply didn't want to be a daddy downer at the top of a newsletter and bum anyone out for it. This past week saw the loss of one of the HF Family, one of the White's dogs 'Smudge'. You can read about it here if you so wish. RIP the Smudgester!

'til next time

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