Friday, 28 November 2014

Raging Heroes Newsletter

This is the first newsletter I've posted today that isn't 'Black Friday' themed in some way, lol.

World Premiere! TGG public release on December 10!
Pre-order your minis starting on December 5.

We know that you guys were just waiting for this: we're finally releasing for public sale the 13 first Toughest Girls of the Galaxy models. We will reveal the names and models going for public release starting tomorrow, and every day after that. So stay tuned and be ready next week, as you'll be able to order some TGG for the first time in History on December 5!

If you ask our customer service and social media management what is the most frequent question we receive every day, it's simple: "When are the TGG going for public sale?". Just to give you an idea on how much warmongers around the world are restlessly waiting for this collection.

Meanwhile, we've already delivered a good chunk of TGG figurines to our awesome Kickstarter backers, and we've already received some pretty awesome feedback on them. To say we're excited is putting it mildly :D

What do Kickstarter backers say about the TGG minis?

"So I received mine today. The quality of the casts is amazing and the details are stunning" - Thalos, on Kickstarter
" The minis are some of the most gorgeous minis I have ever handled ever. Like Kingdom Death quality detail if not better." 
- Eric, on Kickstarter

" I got mine in the post this morning. The quality of the minis is outstanding" Andy Goodchild, on Kickstarter

"The details on the models are stunning, easily the best among all the minis that I have in my collection." - Garvin Ng, on Kickstarter

"I recieved my stuff and the miniatures are awesome! I choosed resin cast and the quality is much better than some of previous raging heroes minis. Really great job, keep going !
- Mathieu Loiseau, on Kickstarter

Some of the first TGG painted:

Next Kickstarter:

Dark Elves and Sisters Of Eternal Mercy

In case you missed it, we've been already working on our next project after the TGG. Here are some of the first concepts for the Dark Elves and the Sisters Of Eternal Mercy. Remember that the plan is to release 4 armies: 2 in SF, and 2 in Fantasy. We can't reveal the date of launch for the Kickstarter yet, but don't worry, we'll keep you posted.

Also available in our regular catalogue:

And hey, meanwhile, our regular catalogue and collections are still available in ourwebshop, you might want to browse around. We just re-stocked our famous Manticore, but we're almost out of Cyber-Wolves (check the new video unboxing review here).
The von Königsmark Sisters

The Fantasy version of The Kurganovas. A special Limited Edition box including the 3 sisters + Walter!
#BestSellers: The Kurganovas
Limited Edition Box

Still available, our famous Kurganova Sisters continue to seduce many wargamers, especially with this box featuring Olga, Malinka, Ivanka and Charlie the warbulldog.

For Dark Elves maniacs

While we're getting a lot of great feedback on the first previews of our upcoming Kickstarter The Dark Elves and The Sisters of Eternal Mercy, we're still getting a lot of interest from Dark Elves and other Chaos/Evil Armies players for our famous Fantasy Blood Vestals and theBlood Mistress Skaryaa.
The Blood Vestals Command Group (Fantasy)
The Science-Fiction Blood Vestals (Command Group shown here)
The Science-Fiction Blood Vestals (Troops)
Skaryaa, the Blood Mistress (Fantasy)
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to help you with anything. Even with learning French bad words ;)
" You know where you are? You're in the jungle baby.
The social media jungle. You gonna...find us! "
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