Friday, 28 November 2014

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Global Mongoose - 27th November

Last Few Days for Paranoia Kickstarter!

The Paranoia Kickstarter has been a real roller-coaster and we are thundering towards the end on Wednesday 3rd December, so you still have a few days to dive in. Lots of stretch goals have been unlocked, online play has been announced, and we are giving it everything we have got to make this the best edition of Paranoia ever, bar none!
If you are in USA Sector, enjoy your turkeys on Thanksgiving - we made sure you had a couple of days to recover from your festivities before the Kickstarter ends, so you will still have time to grab a Kickstarter-only Ultraviolet edition of the rebooted Paranoia!
Join the fun right HERE!

Minor Alien Module 1: Luriani

The first Minor Alien Module for Traveller has finally arrived in print!
This book, the first in the Minor Alien Module series, explores the Luriani, detailing their history, society, physiology and technology. Players will enjoy creating Luriani characters and flying Luriani ships, while referees will have access an entirely new civilisation for their games.

Supplement 16: Adventure Seeds

Joining Luriani in print for the first time is Supplement 16: Adventure Seeds.
The game session arrives. You have not had time to prepare the game this week and then the players announce they want to jump to a system you have not yet fully detailed.
You need an adventure, quick.
This book finishes the referee’s toolkit ‘trilogy’ that started with Supplement 13: Starport Encounters and continued with Supplement 15: Powers and Principalities. Supplement 16: Adventure Seeds rounds off your toolkit by providing a variety of methods to generate new ideas for adventures that can be sprung upon your players with very little preparation – just the thing for a busy referee!
The goal with Supplement 16: Adventure Seeds is to give the referee a multitude of jump-off points to launch new adventures with the minimum of preparation or forethought. Combined with the other books in this trilogy, and you will be able to create complex adventures that will keep your players entertained for hours, while filling them with realistic places, people, governments and corporations. Your players will think you a genius for creating such rich and varied universes!
We have lots more goodies on the way, so stay tuned. It is just left for me to say happy holidays to everyone in the USA, and we hope your turkeys are plump and succulent!

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