Tuesday, 18 November 2014

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Kings of War 2nd Edition Kickstarter, Deadzone and Dreadball news...

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2nd Edition Kings of War Rulebook
and Forces of the Abyss Army funded!

Thank you to everybody who has pledged on the Kings of War Kickstarter so far. Together we successfully funded the new 2nd Edition Rulebook in just 5 minutes, and since then have gone on to fund the core of the Forces of the Abyss Army with hard plastic Lower Abyssals and Succubi, plus an Abyssal Champion with variant components.

There are just 13 days remaining of the Kings of War Kickstarter, and our pledge levels are already looking chock full of great rewards, including a Counter Set, Army List Creator, Chess Clock App and a Kickstarter Exclusive Resin Tyrant King Blaine…
Kings of War lets you play big battles with big fantasy armies.

Living Legend ($50 approx. £30) will nab you everything in the graphic above, whilst God of War ($150 approx. £95) will get you all this PLUS your choice of either two great-value Starter Armies, or one incredible Mega-Starter Army – the best way to get yourself a Forces of the Abyss army.

Abyssal Succubi

Go here to get your new rulebook and army.

Tomorrow we will be introducing the first Add-on Wednesday, alongside a new $1 pledge level that will allow you to just pledge for the armies and add-ons if you want - including the new metal heroes and Exclusive resin Tyrant King Blaine!

The Forge Guard take to arms

The Forge Fathers are entering the Deadzone in December! The power-armoured Forge Guard are tough nuts to crack, and when supported by the Brokkrs, the Forge Fathers are a versatile faction with plenty of firepower to bring to bear.

The best place to begin your Forge Father strike team is the Faction Starter, which alongside the Brokkrs and hard plastic Forge Guard, you’ll also get the Mission, Battle and Stat cards. From there you could expand your force to include an Engineer with Frag-Ramm, a Valkyr bike or even the Urban Pattern Iron Ancestor!

Get your Forge Fathers here!

From the Red Planet...

Not only is Humanity Resists and all accompanying upgrade sets to Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game now up for pre-order, there’s also a Martian and Human deck for using these factions in games of Deadzone. These couple all the great characterful miniatures of Mars Attacks with the hardcore gameplay of Deadzone.

Mars Attacks themed DreadBall team will also be available in December - a great Christmas present for any gamer - signalling a renewed focus on the Galaxy’s Greatest Sport in the New Year.

This great new team manage to sneak weapons onto the battlefield, and come with some very characterful prone figures…

The rules for using them in DreadBall come in the box, so you’ll have all the stats and special abilities you need to play.

Finally, there will be some new additions to the Battlezones to tell you about soon. Until then,check out all of our latest goodies here!

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  1. its a shame (IMO) the Forces of the Abyss look so ugly/cute. Weird mixture, both missing the mark.


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