Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Mantic Games Newsletter

Another Mantic Games Kickstarter coming soon...very soon in fact...

Kings of War Kickstarter launches
Friday 14th November!

It’s the news you’ve all been waiting for… the Kings of War Kickstarter is launching on Friday 14th November at 1:30pm GMT!

There’s more on the blog today about what’s going on, so please check that out, and we hope to see you on the campaign in 2 days-time!

Last Shipping Dates
We’re quickly approaching the festive period and once again our postal services are expecting to be very very busy. Here are our recommended last shipping dates:

5th December – Australia
9th December – Canada, France and Poland
13th December – USA
14th December – Mainland Europe
18th December – UK

With these dates in mind, you’ve only got a couple of weeks to get your Mantic Christmas shopping done and dusted.

We’ve put together a section on our website for our recommended Stocking Fillers, Christmas Day treats and even some large special presents, like Battlezones scenery or the newDeadzone Christmas Collection – only available during the holiday period.

It features all six faction starters, the game and even some free bonus scenery – this is perfect if you’re looking to take up Deadzone in an easy one-click purchase, getting into the game with your mates or even going in with a few friends just to get some stuff to play with down the club.

Check out our recommended Christmas picks here.

Mantic Merch
Also new to the webstore, we’ve a range of high quality t-shirts, hoodies and the return of Mantic mugs!

Available in loads of different designs, these items have a selection of Deadzone, Kings of War and DreadBall art printed on to the high quality garments, making them great presents for any Mantic Fanatic this Christmas. You can check out the whole range here. This is just the start of the Mantic Print Shop - if you want more let us know!

Tarot of LOKA
And finally, we have the latest game from Alessio Cavatore, the Tarot of Loka!
Tarot of Loka is a four-player card game for the entire family, with easy, fast rules. You can play with these beautifully illustrated cards in the Tarot of Loka game, as traditional Tarot, or as a set of normal playing cards.

Tarot of Loka is now available to pick-up – check it out here!

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