Monday, 3 November 2014

Unboxing and Review - D&D Attack Wing Starter Set

This has been eagerly awaited locally and judging from the pile of them that rapidly disappeared I'm guessing that I wont be short of opponents, lol.

I purchase my D&D Attack Wing models from a local gaming store called Titan Games...remember to support your local game stores...they're the heart of our community after all.

The game itself uses the 'Flight-path' system that will be familiar to Star Wars : X-Wing and Star Trek : Attack Wing players amongst you and adds in rules for ground units, objects and campaigns. The game itself is soon to be expanded with additional Dragons, other flying units and some ground units that will be familiar to any-one who enjoys the fantasy genres in general and Dungeons and Dragons background material in particular...

...did I mention Dragons?

Editors Note - The pictures have been taken at a high enough resolution so you can copy them to your desktop and zoom in if you wish. This seemed more efficient than doing loads of close-ups.

The 'Starter Set' contains all the parts you need to play the game and includes three different Dragons to get you started.

You also get an instruction booklet with all the basic and advanced rules as well as a 'quick-start' sheet containing the very basics.

Instruction Booklet.
Here's a few sample pictures as I doubt Wizkids would be very happy if I showed you the complete rules...

Quick Start Guide.

The tokens, base inserts, 'Flight -path' bits and pieces and manoeuvre dials all come on thick, durable card stock that you'll need to push out. Most are double sided so I've shown pictures of both sides. Veterans of other similar systems will notice that the Dragons have two sets of manoeuvre dials and this is due to certain models being able to operate both in the air or on the ground and having varying levels of effectiveness depending on which environment they are operating in.

There's some other necessary bits and pieces separate in the box as well such as the longer 'Flight-Path' pieces, dice and the flight stands and the damage and stat/upgrade cards.

The dice come in two types (Green for avoiding attacks and Red for making them) and have symbols on them relating to various in game effects.

The basic mechanics will be familiar to players of other 'Flight-Path' systems though the wording on abilities and damage is obviously worded in a much more fantasy friendly manner.

Damage Cards.

Stat Cards.
Each model has it's own set of stats and an appropriate points cost and most come in both unique named and generic versions, Certain upgrades can only be applied to certain model types or particular named characters. Each model has symbols on it's card relating to which upgrades it can take and these match symbols on the cards...

 ...and there are a wide variety of upgrades available.

But what you're really interested in is the models I'm guessing...

This picture is a bit crappy but there are better ones coming...
Red Dragon.

Blue Dragon.

Copper Dragon.

The models are decent enough and the paint-job is adequate but I'm guessing most hobbyists will re-paint theirs. To be fair a layer of wash and a bit of touching up would be all they'd probably need unless you're particularly fussy.

Those of you who play Wizkids other 'Flight-Path' based system (Star Trek : Attack Wing) might be interested in a scale comparison. As you can see the Dragons are larger than the other systems ships but this is (I would imagine) due to the need to have the upcoming ground units scaled appropriately rather than having to make them stupidly small.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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