Monday, 10 November 2014

So Why the Hell Aren't You Blogging Then?

I'm not sure whether messages asking if I'm okay just because I haven't done a blog post for two and a half days are endearing or disturbing, lol.

Actually the reason is somewhat mundane in that I've been doing a lot of overtime during the week and on Saturdays and Sunday was allocated to watching my daughter marching with the Army Cadets as part of the Remembrance day activities which are a significant event as far as I'm concerned and trump an unboxing article or some pictures of some models I bought and will probably never get around to painting.

Effectively the only free time I had this weekend was Saturday evening which I spent playing the Malifaux Through the Breach RPG with a few friends and I'm probably going to spend this evening doing some basic housekeeping on the blog as the newsletter page is terribly out of date and I'm thinking of creating a tab containing links to all the unboxing articles of various systems (except for Malifaux that will keep it's own) as at the moment they're quite spread out...

I'll try and post something that passes for actual content tomorrow...until then here's a picture of an extremely happy wild mouse for no clearly definable reason...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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