Saturday, 2 July 2016

Harebrained Schemes Newsletter

Some new RPG related PC gaming news from Harebrained Schemes...

We’ve been busy little bunnies here at the studio and we thought that
this was a great time to tell you about all things Harebrained.

Oh! And between Harebrained Reports, you can always keep up with us our new and improved HBS website!

Shadowrun Complete Collection on Sale Now thru July 4!

In case you haven't heard, the Steam Summer Sale is on now - but only through July 4th! This is the best time EVER to get in on the action! If you don’t have all of our Shadowrun games yet, you can now receive an additional discount when you complete your collection on Steam. The Complete Collection bundle automatically knows which games you don't already own, then calculates all the stacked discounts to give you the rest at the best price possible!
And if you’re new to the series, this is the BEST time pick up the Complete Collection since everything is on sale! Already have it all? Be sure to tell your friends to go grab them so they can have as much fun running in the shadows as you did!

NECROPOLIS: A Diabolical Dungeon Delve

Arrives July 12th! Special Pre-Purchase Offer on Steam and GoG
NECROPOLIS comes out on PC in less than 2 weeks and it’s available for pre-purchase on Steam and GOG right now! Pre-purchase any time before July 12th and we’ll thank you with a digital copy of the NECROPOLIS Original Soundtrack when the game is released! Here's a sample of the score from composer Jon Everist.

Come one, come all to the NECROPOLIS CO-OP DEATH JAM!
The OFFICIAL livestream event!

To celebrate the PC release of NECROPOLIS on July 12th, we’re throwing our first ever CO-OP DEATH JAM featuring some of the biggest names on Twitch and YouTube including ManvsGame, Margaret Krohn, and Team Soulbrandt! They’ll team up for a twelve hour high energy co-op action livestream and dive into our procedurally generated rogue-lite dungeon to see how far they can get before death takes them. Teams will compete for a special Brazen Head trophy (created by our very own Mike Cech) and bragging rights!
We’ll have awesome giveaways for folks watching at home including Steam keys, bottles of Limited Edition NECROPOLIS branded Jones Soda, and copies of the awesome Iam8bit Special Collector's Edition (see below!) throughout the entire event!

The OFFICIAL livestream event for NECROPOLIS: A Diabolical Dungeon Delve will be Saturday, July 9 from 10am-10pm PT in partnership with Bandai Namco and hosted by our sister company, Hyper RPG. (Read more about them below!)
Be sure to save the date and join us for the fun!!


A Collector’s Edition You Can Hold in Your Hands!?!

We’re really excited to partner with Iam8Bit to create a special NECROPOLIS Collector’s Edition!
They’ve come up with a really fun package that includes a game key (Steam, PS4 or XBOX), the digital original soundtrack, a customizable Death Certificate, and a cool vinyl copy of the soundtrack with a jacket cover that doubles as a boardgame! We think it’s pretty awesome!


BATTLETECH Development Continues!
Since our last Harebrained Report, the BATTLETECH team has shared a ton of new information about the game across several Kickstarter updates. Learn more about the Customizable DropShip Home Base from Mike McCain, Prototyping Turn Order from Jordan, and last but not least, check out this meaty update about Campaign Setting Details from our Design Lead, Kevin Maginn.

All caught up with the Kickstarter updates? Join us for our monthly BATTLETECH Dev Q&A on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 2pm PST and bring any questions you might have. Save the date for our next Q&A on Wednesday, July 13 on

After the show, head over to Comstar: the Global Battletech Community Forum to chat with new and old Battletech fans to talk about all things Battletech. Mitch and members of the team are in our Ask the Dev sub-forum all the time answering questions and it’s been great seeing the amazing community forming there. We encourage you to head over to check it out.
Harebrained Schemes’  sister company, Hyper RPG is a hyperactive, interactive community-driven livestreaming channel on Twitch that features kickass RPGs, innovative tabletop & the latest video games. If you’re not familiar with Twitch, think of Hyper RPG as a live TV channel with daily programming that you get to participate in!
The channel has a variety of entertaining shows including RPGs, creative shows with VR and minis painting, geek and gaming news, trivia games, and an upcoming American-Gladiators-meets-Pathfinder show.

Not surprisingly, two of our favorite shows on the channel are Shadowrun: CorporateSINs (Wednesday at 6PM PT) and Death From Above (Fridays at 6PM PT).
Shadowrun: CorporateSINs follows the adventures of a rag-tag group of runners as they make their name in the 6th world.  As shadowrunners, Team MMFEC is, of course, subject to the whims of the corps and their employers, who rarely have their best intentions in mind. Known for their constructive-destruction approach to problem solving, MMFEC always gets the job done! Catch up on all the past episodes on Youtube but here’s an episode of CorpSINs that we love to get you started.
Death From Above is the first-ever BattleTech RPG featuring dramatic tabletop battles with 3D-printed ‘Mechs that take REAL damage during the game! The show stars our very own BATTLETECH designer, Tyler Carpenter, as gamemaster and Mitch, as the crusty commander of a lance of mercenary MechWarriors called Mason’s Marauders who traverse the Periphery making friends, foes, and C-Bills. Here’s a great episode of Death From Above to give you a taste! BTW, audience members who tune in live can influence the game and troll the players. You should really check it out.
Monday-Friday 10am-10pm Pacific

BTW, Matt says hi.

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