Saturday, 2 July 2016

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Some interesting Mars Attacks deals from Mantic Games...

Independence Day Invasion!
I don't why, but for some reason the American holiday on July 4th always reminds me of aliens with flying saucers and gung-ho marines. It's madness and that can mean only one thing - Mantic Mars Attacks Madness!
Mars Attacks Independence Day Invasion!
Mars Attacks is the fast-paced table top game of ray-guns and Martians, based on the Trading Cards and Comics. You and your opponent control small forces of either humans or Martians, on the day of the invasion. The rules are easy to pick up and provide hours of fun with everything from shrink-rays to giant mutant insects!

If you want to start an invasion of your own, or just demolish some famous monuments, we've put together some fantastic deals for you to celebrate the Independence Day weekend. Also, unlike alien invasions in most movies, these aren't limited to the U.S. - they're available all over the world!
Check out the Independence Day Invasion Deals here!
Each of these deals comes with the Mars Attacks Box - 39 Miniatures, Terrain, Dice and everything else your need to play - and the Extermination Expansion which adds more madness with insane scientists, mutant insects and alien mercenaries. There's even a Giant Martian Robot to stomp over your enemies in the Mega Deal!

The Independence Day Invasion Deal saves you over £30 verses buying the products separately, whilst the Mega Deal saves you a whopping £50!!

These deals will only be available to order until midnight (GMT) on Friday 4th July - so don't miss it.
These ancient undead are marching from the south of Mantica to take revenge upon the world of the living.

You'll be able to pre-order the full range from Monday. Check out our Facebook pages to see what's coming!
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