Friday, 2 December 2016

Anvil Industry Newsletter

A special offer from Anvil Industries...


The Great and Glorious Leader of the Peoples Republic of Anvil reminds you of your duty to not retreat in the face of the enemy, you must build your forces and crush your foes on the tabletop!

Surrender is not an option, but this free Special Edition Commissar is, so pre-order your Trench Fighters now and prepare for war!
Pre-Order Now

Don't Forget our Regiments 3D Interactive Designer

3D Regiments Designer

Last Order Dates for Christmas Delivery

Far East, Eastern Europe
Monday 5 December
Australia, New Zealand, Central & South America
Wednesday 7 December
USA, Canada & Western Europe
Tuesday 13 December
United Kingdom
Tuesday 22 December
Kind regards,
The Anvil Team
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