Thursday, 8 December 2016

Unboxing Aetherium - House Ikaru - Part Three

Some basic information about Aetherium and House Ikaru can be found in part one of this feature here and part two looking at one of their 'Avatars' and some 'Functions' can be found here.

Broadly speaking the units in Aetherium are divided up into Avatars, Functions and Sub-routines. In this feature we'll look at two of the House Ikaru Subroutines and one of their larger Functions together with some information about their roles in the game.

Functions are potent programs capable of accomplishing a variety tasks upon the battlefield. A Function will either focus its talent on a specific utility in the Aetherium, or a variety of simple abilities. These programs are usually the manifestation of users that lack the extraordinary talent, the hardware, or the drive of an Avatar, but resemble more closely an above average mind’s ability within the Aetherium. As such, Functions generally make up the processing core of programs in a Collective.

House Ikaru - Omni Program Type 16



Subroutines are the least demanding programs that an average user can manifest in the game. Some Subroutines are essentially programs that run autonomously without the intervention of a human consciousness. These usually fulfil a very basic role and excel at one task to the exclusion of most others. Subroutines appear in two basic forms: linked or segmented. Linked and segmented programs are Subroutines that are comprised of multiple models.

House Ikaru - Teppoudo

The unit consists of five models though there are only three different sculpts.



 House Ikaru - Ronin

The unit consists of four models though there are only three different sculpts.



Each faction has their own objective markers. These are those for House Ikaru.

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