Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games usual mid-week feature round-up...

Welcome to our Wednesday Newsletter, featuring all this week's hobby and wargaming news.

The Xilos Horizon or Kar'A Nine?

Which is right for you:
With the New Introductory set Strike On Kar’A Nine now available for pre-order the question arises… which set do I need to get?

The Antares Initiative: Noise Sector

The Antares Initiative Noise Sector!
The Antares Initiative continues this month with 3 posts from Noise Sector members: Mitch Thomas, Asher Longley and Mick Porter. 

The Holiday of a Lifetime Part 2

Anatres The Holiday of a Lifetime Part 2:
Tim Bancroft is back with Part 2 of The Holiday of a Lifetime for Antares! Enjoyed Part 1? You can now read the concluding part right now.

Crafting a Kätzchen!

Kätzchen Made From Scratch!:
The “Kätzchen” was a reconnaissance vehicle which was tested, but never produced. We follow Jakob Lotz in a conversion workshop step by step build for Bolt Action. 

Winter Camo Tutorial!

How To Paint WW2 Winter Camo:
Watch The War Gamer as he brings you another Boly Action Tutorial; how to paint a WW2 Winter Camo on the M18 Hellcat, perfect for the time of year!

Battlefield Terrain

Make Cinematic looking Smoke and Blast Markers:
Watch and learn with the TheTerrainTutor's Battlefield Basic Series!
Your Warlord Store is open!
Warlord HQ Nottingham NG7 2BY Mon-Fri 12-6pm, Saturday 10 till 4pm. Come in and have a go on our Bio-dome for Antares, Bolt Action Pegasus Bridge & the new winter board. Pick up New Releases in store like the Brood Mother, M18 Hellcat and the KF47 Siberian Terror Squad.
Crossword Time!:
Just a little challenge to exercise your brainmatter, remember it is just for fun!

Christmas Deals

Christmas Deals Special:
Getting you ready for your Christmas & New Year Battles come 4 new Bolt Action and 2 new Black Powder “Christmas Special” Army Starter Deals plus 4 Head to Head army deals. These sets offer fantastic savings of up to 40% on the separate individual components! A fantastic gift for yourself or loved ones this Christmas.
Plastic M18 Hellcat:
Mighty fast and packing a deadly punch the M18 Hellcat blasts its way onto your battlefields this week for World War II and beyond…
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