Tuesday, 6 December 2016

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Monday 05/12/2016

Team, we need more Labyrinths - Hit the button!

That's right, we have officially pushed the button and are reprinting the labyrinth board game due to an overwhelming response from fans across the world. This is great news for those of you who were unable to grab it on its first print run since this means stores will be able to get the game in stock next year.
For those of you who already have the Labyrinth board game the pre-order is coming soon for the Goblins! expansion, to be released in 2017 (you can take a look at them by clicking the link below)!
The Goblins! expansion will add 5 new stunningly detailed (unpainted) renditions of some of the most memorable goblins from the film we all love as well as new optional cards and rules to inject them into Jim Henson's: Labyrinth - The Board Game.

Learn about the exciting new adventure for Tails of Equestria coming next year!
Join us in our biggest December sale ever - all items 30% off, 30%!
Take a look at the new goblin figures lined up for the Goblins! expansion for the Labyrinth boardgame (released 2017)
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