Monday, 5 December 2016

Unboxing Aetherium - House Ikaru - Part One

Some of you may remember me creating some features on a game called Aetherium from Anvil Eight Games. It's a very interesting miniatures based board game with a unique mechanic that allows you to move the board tiles about giving the game another tactical layer that I found very's probably better if I just use the explanation from their website now I think about it...

Note - My articles on the original two factions can be found here and here.

Aetherium is a tabletop miniatures board game set in the virtual shadow of our own desperate future. Assemble your collective of hackers, agents, activists, or anarchists and lead them on hyper-fast runs into a dangerous virtual reality. Use your cunning and bloody-minded determination to carve your place in the Aetherium.

Aetherium offers:
 - Beautiful, evocative 32mm figures.
 - Dynamic game design on an ever-shifting landscape. Be careful where you tread.
 - Strong visual engagement makes gameplay simple but offers incredible strategic depth and complexity. Easy to learn. Challenging to Master.

This year they launched a second faction to the game to join the original two, namely House Ikaru...

House Ikaru is a global corporate behemoth. Its influence can be felt nearly everywhere in the material world and Aetherium alike. House Ikaru pioneered the AI programming that pushed deep into the Aetherium’s wildest frontiers. Built on feudal principles of dynasty and conquest, the House is immortal. And now, few could possibly realize the extent of its true ambition.

Ikaru For Everthing.

Ikaru For Ever.

...the new faction also came with a lot of new tiles and game pieces as well as stat cards and an instruction booklet for them. We'll have a look at the extra bits and pieces first and then we'll have a brief preview of the models before we give them their own detailed feature tomorrow.

House Ikaru - Instruction Booklet
Here's some sample pages from the rulebook.

House Ikaru - Board Tiles
The board tiles are double's pictures of both sides of them...

House Ikaru - Tokens and Stat Cards
Here's a look at the new game tokens and the stat cards you'll need...

House Ikaru - The Models - Preview
The Kickstarter set came with these mdf laser cut bases...
...and these amazing cyberpunk style models that require some minor assembly...'s a group picture...
...but we'll give them a proper look tomorrow.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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