Friday, 16 December 2016

Sarissa Precision Newsletter

The latest terrain and scenery releases from Sarissa Precision...
As 2016 draws to a close, a new release and the promise of a 2017 packed with some fabulous kits for your gaming tables in a variety of scales, including a couple which are new to us. January will see the first of these brand new scales on the webstore and also the first releases of some of the most awesome Si-Fi terrain to grace a gaming table. We're very excited and when you see what is to come so will you be.

Brand New Ruined Stanchion Settlement Set

Work with Warlord continues as we release this Ruined Stanchion Settlement set for their Beyond the Gates of Antares Sci-Fi skirmish game. Available NOW. Derelict buildings long abandoned or crumbled ruins from a conflict still raging.
© Copyright Warlord Games Ltd. 2016. Beyond the Gates of Antares, Beyond the Gates of Antares logo, Algoryn, Boromite, Lavamite, Isorian Shard, Concord, Ghar, NuHu and Freeborn are trademarks of Warlord Games Ltd. All rights reserved.
Released last month and proving quite the hit is our own System ∞ Sci-Fi ruined settlement bundle.
Also in our bundles is this ruined European building set, great value 5 building bundle.
Copyright © 2016 Sarissa Precision Ltd., All rights reserved. 

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