Friday, 16 December 2016

Anvil Industry Newsletter

Some bits and pieces from Anvil Industries...
In our last Conversion Corner of 2016, we turn the spotlight back to our resident conversion guru Adam!
He's used our one piece Pulse Mech bodies with Warden heads (and Tractor Missile launcher sensor dome!) to create these awesome robotic killing machines.

They could be used as an experimental unit in Afterlife, or in many other Sci-Fi game systems.
Firepower comes courtesy of the Warden arms with mounted CR-9 Cannons, and for a little extra spice the Lance Carbine Flame Thrower and Fusion cannons. In for a penny...

Want to try it yourself, or just grab a bargain? The kits and bits used are discounted 15% unitl 1 January!
Check it out!
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The Anvil Team
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